Thursday, June 16, 2011

Pom Pom Watchband

I had my first dip in the pool today.  We had fun floating around until the lifeguard blew his whistle and said, "Thunder and lightning." 

One of my students gave me a book titled The Doll People.  I can't put it down.  This farmer's wife was under the sofa and the farmer was on Bill's dresser.  Reunited.  Oh, by the way, the story is about dolls in a doll house and what happens when they decide to find one of the "missing" originals.  My farmer and his wife are named Jody and Tom.

 Calling all peony lovers!  Come pick some!  I only have so many vases!
Yum!  My bowl of porridge is JUST RIGHT!

 I was going to make a felt cuff into a watch band (mine was itchy) but while I was looking over my embroidery, I noticed there were some wacky buttons in the bag, too.  Do you like it?
You know, I really appreciate all the sweet comments about my "I'm not sure what to do now" feelings.  You are all very smart and very kind.
I've been working in my art journal and I'd like to show you some photos soon.  I checked out some lovely poetry books when I stopped at the library yesterday.  I am going to sew up a skirt I cut out a while back.  I'm thinking about making an apron (!) (smile.  smile. smile.) Gigi over at Firefly Cottage hung some cute bunting on her patio and then put twinkle lights outside, too.  I have paper flags all ready to become bunting.  Tonight, I'm going to watch Upstairs, Downstairs.  Oh, listen to me, going on and on about what I'm doing.  Who cares?  I'm glad you do and I certainly care about what you are up to.  I'm nosy like that.  Even if you pop by and never leave a comment, I think it is a real show of fortitude that you like to read blogs.  It's such a good sign, the interest in life and how people choose to live it.  Sometimes we may just want to hide in an old hole and not worry about others.  We wouldn't last long that way, would we?  No, we like watching people because we have big squishy hearts that can't help caring.  I find that encouraging!
Bill's in Rwanda and I miss him.  I miss praying with him, eating dinner with him, talking to him about everyday doings.  Sigh.
Oh, remember how I said that this is The Summer of the Long Walk?  Not happening.  Maybe after dinner.
Ramble. Ramble. Ramble.  Thanks for listening.


M.K. said...

I think you sound very busy and productive :) And I can't help but wonder, if you feel a bit lost with school's being out, it might also have to do with your hubby being gone. The house feels different, you know?

I love popping in and out of people's fun lives, on their blogs. This is really something we couldn't do 20 years ago, isn't it? It's fascinating, b/c I imagine I'll never get to travel to some of the places I get to read about, on blogs.

magsmcc said...

You have no idea how much I love your rambles! I wish I could ramble with you out there! You do sound busy busy in your head, and you're certainly busy busy with all these lovely things. But do breathe too! Bill will be home, and all will be right with your world, dear fabulous invaluable wonderful Pom!

I never got around to commenting on the hobbit doors, but there's such a story for us there! I was reading that post with the boys and they were ENTRANCED by these doors! So I didn't get close to commenting because it was scroll down scroll up scroll back scroll down, Mummy!! So now we have to make hobbit doors for our trees and Jo has a tiny little street of cut-out houses all ready to go!

But the best thing for me is how much they have loved our bedtime book of the last while- Enid Blyton's Magic Faraway Tree, and that post of yours was just all the front doors of Moonface, Silky, Saucepan, Angry Pixie, Dame Washalot! We had a very exciting and excited fifteen minutes with you that day!!

Lisa Richards said...

LOL! Jody and Tom...I get it! :D
My mother tricked us into thinking that oatmeal was a dessert by putting a little extra sugar in it. I still like it that way, with raisins. Yours looks luscious!
I'm excited about seeing your art journal. Drawing is an intense thing, I'm finding. Though I love it, it takes a lot of concentration, so should be done in small bits (at least for me).
My long walks haven't materialized either. I'm on my feet so much at work, I think it's wiser to have a rest on working days. I do try to get outside for some sunshine and activity.
Thanks for YOUR kind remarks about those of us who read blogs. I'm a bit on the introverted side, so it's nice to know I might have a soft squishy heart that cares about others, hee, hee!

ann said...

Your rambles are amusing, your peonies just gorgeous, and your crafts amazing. You have entertained me for a moment. thanks.

Gumbo Lily said...

Look at those bathing beauties! And those peonies! Please fill up my vase, my peonies are still in bud form.

Your porridge looks just right indeed. I like mine with craisins and nuts too.

And there's your groovy watchband. I'm impressed.

I think we all like to connect with people and their everyday lives. Squishy hearts -- ok. Short walks first, then long walks.


GretchenJoanna said...

Wish I could get over there and say, "O.k., put on your shoes, we're going for a long walk right now!" because then we would get it done...and a hundred things have been preventing me, too....

Carolyn Phillips said...

I love to ramble along with you. Always so much to look at and listen to. Looking forward to seeing your art journal, and the photos you take on your walks.

Lynn said...

Oh I just love visiting here - you seem so busy :)
Much love.

Anonymous said...

I love you Pom Pom, your "ramblings" are like listening to a dear friend chatting to me over a cup of tea. And you are a very wise you know how much I've learned about loving others from you? HEAPS!! xxxxxx

wayside wanderer said...

Love those cootie patootie bathing beauties! I was at the pool the other day and sunburned the top of my head like you wouldn't believe. It is still killing me.

I hope Bill will be home soon. Cute watch band! You are so creative. Can't wait to see your pictures.

April said...

That is one crazy watch band!

Pom Pom said...

Thanks everyone for all the sweet and encouraging words. You guys create beautiful sentences! I love April's comment because that's just what our son Jeff said, "That is a very Pom Pom watchband!" Speaking of Jeff, he's listening to Spanish music and making gazpacho in the kitchen. I took a photo of all the veggies and I'll show it to you tomorrow! Again, thank you so much for reaching out in such REAL ways. Blogs = blessing galore!

Nana Go-Go said...

Hi PomPom - I wandered over from Betty`s place(Mrs Yappy Dog,aka The Wood Fairy)and hopefully I`ll be your 100th follower!Keep on rambling - makes very interesting reading - and I`m so glad you love your porridge!Happy Weekend to you.