Thursday, June 9, 2011

Sweet Dreams, Fairy

This morning the time was right to make a fairy bed from my collection of twigs. Do you like it?

I hope she doesn't mind the bright wool blanket. It is a little loud.

I made her pillow and sheets from a soft old hankie.

When she comes to slip under the covers, I hope she appreciates the flute music. (enlarge the picture and you might see a little musician)

Picnic blanket on the clothesline!

A tiny basket waits for a hummingbird

A solar orb hangs on the patio. It soaks up light all day and shines like a tiny planet all night long.
Thank you for your anniversary wishes. Bill and I are going out after all. Jeff gave us a very generous gift card and we can't pass up such a celebratory occasion, can we?
It's cool here today. The birds are singing extra sweetly and I am feeling the happy buzz of contentment.


Gumbo Lily said...

Cute fairy bed and fairy nook. I saw the flutist. Your grandchildren must love visiting Granny and all her special little places. Love that orb. That would be fun for nighttime sits on the porch.

Happy Day!

libbyquilter said...

ooooohh ~ i LOVE the little fairy bed and i happen to know that they are partial to bright flower-like colors so it will be perfect~!!!~
and that bee on the post is the cherry on top~!


Anonymous said...

Oh so cute! LOVE it! Wishing you and Mr PP a wonderful anniversary! xxx

Lynn said...

Happy Anniversaryyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!

wayside wanderer said...

Happy Anniversary! I hope you guys have a fun time going out. All of your outdoor spaces look festive and ready for whatever bird or fairy might light upon them!

M.K. said...

Ahhhh - my heart constricted when I saw that ADORABLE fairy room!! You are SO creative! My daughter loved it too. I think she wishes you were her teacher next year :) Have a lovely break, and a lovely outing with your hubby :)

Anonymous said...

That fairy bed is beautiful!

Angela said...

Happy Anniversary, dearest PP!!! many, many blessings and many more years of happiness together xx

April said...

Did you see "The Great Fairy Rescue"? You are like that little girl, building things for fairies. Very cute.

Anonymous said...

Oh, your fairy bed is adorable. I'm going to show my Abbie ~ I think she might like to make one too.

Happy Anniversary to you!

Sharon Lovejoy said...

OH DEAR!!!! This is beyond fantastic. I am so tickled that you alerted me. I've been lax about blogging because of schedule and illness.

I love this! You are magical. Don't lose it~

All joys,

Sharon Lovejoy Writes from Sunflower House and a Little Green Island

laruelapalooza said...

I do adore your little fairy bed! And the bright wool blanket is perfect!

Sara at Come Away With Me said...

It is a lovely resting place for the fairy lady...and such a charming flute player too. I want to come play with you and create more beautiful little rooms like this!

Happy anniversary! And happy summer too, now that school's out.

Betty said...

It's a beautiful fairy bed and I think your fairy will sprinkle fairy dust so you will know she has visited. Your grandchildren must find this little corner of the garden a very magical place! my granny thought she could see fairies and would talk to them - they live in flowers so we never brought them indoors incase they got trapped. Fairies talk to birds too and sometimes sleep in their nests. Maybe your fairy will bring some birds to the nut feeder. Bettyx

Catherine said...

Oh happy, happy anniversary! How perfect a big sunny wonderful sunflower. Hope you have a lovely evening together. I was just on my way over when I saw your message. Yes indeed the sweetest fairy bed : ) & then what should I come across but a whole board of fairy gardens here: thought you might like to take a peek. I was just thinking yesterday that one of my fav things to do at my Nan's in the school hols was to make fairy gardens..I loved the moss & all the tinyness! Much love Catherine xx

Gigi said...

Cute, sweet, charming & enchanting! What fairy could resist? In fact, I might just fly right over and take a little rest ;).
I've had a fairy door sitting on 'desk' for . . . oh, about 3 years now. I haven't painted it yet b/c I can't decide on the colors -- how lame is that!? Anyhoo, you've inspired me -- I will do it right away (or sometime this year ;).
I'm so happy to see you're already enjoying your summer break and able to do some of the fun things you've been looking forward to. . . and rest ;).
Oh, ps, for long walks, have you ever tried Privo sandals. Sooooo comfy, and the toe thong thingie never ever bothered me or gave me blisters. I could (and have) walk for miles in my 3+ year old pair . . . just a thought . . . if you're still looking ;).

Kari of Writing Up A Storm said...

Oh, I love your fairy bed! And I am so glad your vacation has well and truly begun. Oh, and happy anniversary, too. I'm late, I'm late, I know. Sending you much love! xoxo Kari

Kerri said...

I LOVE the fairy bed! I want to climb in it so bad and sleep amongst the flowers and perfumed breezes. I think you would have been a great early childhood teacher too!

Shey said...

Oh this is amazing! Wish you'd been my other grandma!(the paternal one I never knew) we would have definitely had a blast, I loved playing outside at my granny's garden, and make little funiture out of twigs and leaves, and we would make dolls out of old corn husks. It was amazing! =D You have brought very fond memories of my childhood with this post. God bless you dear PomPom. =)