Monday, June 20, 2011

Rainy Cake Day

Hello friends!  I am having a VERY cozy morning!  I woke up to thunder and rain, so I hopped out of bed and padded downstairs to sit in front of the open window.  Rain.  Smile.

The "ballet pink" peony looks like a tutu, doesn't it?  Just a reminder, you might want to read the shoe books this summer.  I'm thinking about reading a little Ballet Shoes to myself on this fine Monday morning!

My sweetie pie neighbor gave me the sunflower angel the other day.  Doesn't she look cute with the other angel she gave me?  She is an angel giver.  I'm glad.

The day lilies LOVE rain.  Look how big they are growing!  If I venture out in the rain today, I shall buy many more geraniums.  I can't get enough red!

Like these red tomatoes for example!  SO PRETTY!

Thursday is the first day of GRANNY CAMP!  Our Ft. Collins munchkins are coming to stay for a few days.  I must go buy a little swimming pool, make some more fairy furniture, clean up our hideout (the basement!) and plan the food.  I can't wait!   Oh, I have a quick question.  I made a pound cake this morning (because I plan on eating some as soon as it cools!) and it got me thinking and wondering.  What exactly is a Victoria's Sponge?  UK friends?  Help?  If you could stop by and visit, I would like to give you a big HUG and pour you a cup of tea (I'll be Mother!)  I'll share my pound cake.  Today is a sewing day, a knitting day, a paper play day, a GOOD day.  I wish you a very good day, too.  Thank you for coming by!


Gigi said...

You have so many enjoyable & fun things planned. Can't wait to see your apron. Beautiful flowers & yes, they do look just like a tutu. I love "The Ballet Shoes" -- both the book & the movie.
I know you & your littles will have a super fun time at Granny Camp. You're such a good granny. Did you find a butterfly in a jar?

Gigi said...

P.s. Forgot to ask -- where did you find those adorable slippers -- if you don't mind telling your secret sources ;)?

Denise said...

I love visiting you,you're so much fun.Denise

Betty said...

Hi PomPom a victoria sponge cake is a light golden coloured texture - you make two in 'sandwich' cake tins, when they cool down you spread one with strawberry jam and the other with thick whipped cream, you squish them together, filling in the middle - like a sandwich! then you dust with icing sugar and eat it with a lovely cup of tea!

Lynn said...

Hiya Pom Pom - this link gives you a really good history & a piccy.

Nowadays people put lemon curd or jam or cream or strawberries and cream or anything they like! You can drizzle lemon icing on top or dust icing sugar on top. Substitute an ounce of flour for one ounce of cocoa powder add a chocolate filling or nutella. I use the basic victoria mix and add fruit and make little cup cakes.

Basic Victoria mix is same number oz of self raising flour, sugar, butter (though I use low fat spread) to half that number of eggs. So 8oz flour, butter, sugar and 4 eggs
Cream butter and sugar together add eggs - beat together and then fold in flour - if it curdles add a bit more flour.

The mix is put into two "sandwich tins" (round shallow baking tins, baked and then cooled and put your filling as above in the middle - yum :)

Much love,

Angela said...

Hi PP - Victoria Sponge was named after the 19th Century Queen Of England. The full history is here

VS are incredibly popular at Church Teas, they are lighter than your 'pound cakes'- and always split and filled.

Mine usually turn out as rubbery as bath sponges!!!

blessings x

wayside wanderer said...

I just dug up a red geranium to take with me on our move. It is just so cheery and I couldn't bear to leave it behind.

Granny Camp sounds like a blast!

Kristi Burns said...

Oh love deeply. You love the simple and beautiful things about life. You have an ever emerging creative part of your soul that should be nurtured and encouraged. I am thankful to be your sister in Christ and sister in the family of our origin. You bless my life!

Pom Pom said...

Wow! Betty, Lynn, and Angela! You gave fantastic information about Victoria Sponge. Yum. Your descriptions of creamy/fruity/sponginess make my pound cake pale in comparison! I am going to try a Victoria Sponge and I shall take lovely photographs if it doesn't turn out all sideways!
Oh, I love it when my sis comes to visit! Hi, Kristi!
Hello to Denise! I've been praying for your granddaughter.
Leslie, I've been praying for your move and WAY TO GO digging up that lovely geranium!
Oh, G! I hope you get some bunny slippers!

Anonymous said...

Looks like I'm too late to tell you about victoria sponge cakes...everyone has said all there is to say! :) Have a fab time with your little poppets! I bet they enjoy the cake too! xxx

Catherine said...

It is such a cosy feeling sitting inside in PJs looking out at the rain! Hope your Victoria Sponge works out well.

April said...

Woo-hoo Granny Camp! Can't wait!

CollectIn Texas Gal said...

PomPom....thank-you so much for stopping by and commenting on my Picket Fence Garden Shots. I've been away so much lately and missed so many of your FUN Posts, but hope to be back for more visits soon. Looks like your summer is off to a great start with 'Granny Camp' that!!! Love your blog look and photos!!!! Thanks for popping in so often...I've missed you!

The Provincial Homemaker said...

Sounds like a lovely way to start the day. I too love ballet shoes. As I have got older I have also collected some of her adult fiction.

no spring chicken said...

I want to come to granny camp!! I'll wiggle my toes in the little pool while drinking tea and eating pound cake in that beautiful yard of yours. If I get to feeling adventurous I may even take a little cruise on the inchworm... Yea, I wanna come to granny camp!

Blessings, Debbie

Brad M said...

The munchkins are so very excited! They have a paper chain counting down to granny camp!
xoxo brad

Gumbo Lily said...

I love a morning rain and drinking coffee as it pours.

Hooray for Granny Camp! Your littles are going to have such a wonderful time with you. I hope you get lots of rest before the get there. Will Bill be there to help you?

Please slice me a piece of pound cake. And tea with one sugar cube please.


Catherine said...

What gorgeous fluffy tutu peonies Pom Pom! ; ) I hope you didn't drip any gazpacho on those green canvas pristine WALKING shoes! How's the Victoria sponge experiment coming along? Amazing what a good dose of jam & cream can pull together. The icing sugar can be dusted over a paper doily for a pretty pattern on the top..quite impressive. Cute, cute slippers. When does Bill get back?..better save him some sponge or maybe pound cake. Much love Catherine x

Gigi said...

Hi Pom! I found the slippers -- thanks so much for revealing your sources ;).
I've never made a Victoria Sponge either. I've eyed the one in Nigella's cookbook, but just never gotten around to it, so I'm looking forward to seeing how you like yours. If you don't love that one, you might try the hot milk cake. It's so moist and yummy and has such a nice dense texture.
And I don't have my email addy on my blog, but it's
-- --
Feel free to email me any time ;).


libbyquilter said...

there's always something good to eat on your posts . . . i suppose i'm too late for that pound cake too . . .
maybe it's time for a snack~!?!~


Lisa Richards said...

Rainy days, reading, tea and baking. What a great combo! Have a great time with the kiddos and thanks for another happy post!

debbie bailey said...

I had a post about making a Victoria Sponge Cake here It was pretty fabulous although next time I'll make some changes. Good luck on making yours!

Shey said...

hahaha I love your bunny slippers!