Friday, June 17, 2011

Veggie Wow!

Our son Jeff LOVES gazpacho, so I bought all the fixings so he could make himself a big bucket of it!

Gumbo Lily is exactly right.  Short walks before long walks!

Apron making has begun!

Do you like the fabric?

The fire department said we can't have curtains at school so I brought them home.  Would it be weird to make a skirt out of vintage tablecloth?

I thought you might like a bluebird of happiness.

What I spent my flower money on.

I am still trying to figure out crochet.  I'm making progress.

The swimsuit

My favorite food

And here's me, hanging out with the bears!  I don't mean to overwhelm you with post after post.  I just like pictures so much!  I read the directions for my apron and for heaven's sake!  It's so easy!  I don't know why I had "sewer's block" for so long!  By the way, I use the term "art journal" loosely.  I think it might be more fitting to say "doodle journal" instead.  Just saying.  The house smells like gazpacho and it rained and rained today.  The air smells nice.  How about a little walk? Can you believe it is already the weekend?  Thank you for looking in on me.  (LOVE!)


GretchenJoanna said...

Wow, Pom, that is a wild swimsuit, which with all the energetic colors should help you to swim really fast!
I just bought a bag full of cherries that look very much like yours. My B. said, Happy Summer! when I brought them out.

Anonymous said...

Great pics! And oh my goodness, your apron fabric is GORGEOUS! Can't wait to see the finished loveliness! I made a skirt from old curtains once, it looked ok but wasn't very drapey. I felt like Maria though. :) xxx

magsmcc said...

Pom Pom WOW! I LOVE that swimsuit- it has to be so very you! I'm going to buy a big bag of cherries when we ever get into Belfast this morning- I'm going to buy it in Sawyers'. Tiny speciality food shop in my favourite tiny speciality street. We'll both buy cherries there one day! This should be a cherry eating day in Blogland! Isn't the smell of fab food wafting all over the house the best antidote to rainy days? xxx

Carolyn Phillips said...

I can't see anything wrong with making a skirt from a vintage tablecloth. A good way to repurpose it I would have thought.
I must post the apron I made recently. It was a pattern I found online and wasn't as fancy as yours looks to be, but it was simple enough for me to make and fit for purpose.

hip-chick said...

I love vintage table clothes and think a skirt would be a very nice thing to make out of them. Your gazpacho looks delish...but your bowl of cherries...ooh la la!

Gumbo Lily said...

Short walks -- good for you-- and cute shoes too. The gazpacho looks yummy. Your son is blessed.

I wondered when you'd show us the new suit. Very snazzy!

I do like the apron fabric and I've also seen aprons made out of the vintage table cloths that look so cute. Would one of the table cloths look pretty on your new table, I wonder?

Have a happy, summery, cherry day.


M.K. said...

There are SO many fun things in the post, Pom -- you really cram them in!! :) That gazpacho looks so yummy. I want a bowl! Y'know I love vintage table cloths. I have a few, but I rarely use them. I never thought of sewing with them. I don't get around to sewing much, and I ought to. About once or twice a year, I do lots of mending. I made an apron last winter.

Isn't it odd how the days of the school year, and the weeks, drag on, but when summer hits, the weeks clip by at an alarming rate? A whole, gone by! Do take those short walks. Who needs long walks, unless you really want one? I think long walks are best unplanned. You just put one foot in front of the other, and before you know it, you've been gone an afternoon :)

wayside wanderer said...

We didn't get our walk in yesterday, but hopefully we will today. I am trying not to think of the 102 degree heat. Your swimsuit....well, if you had put it in a line up and made us guess which one you bought I would have known immediately which one you picked! It is PomPom perfect.

Gigi said...

LOVE the apron fabric -- so sweet! And the curtain/tablecloth (silly fire dept. - don't they understand the importance of interior design ;)?) fabric would be so cute as a skirt or dress or anything - it's wonderful too!
Also love your cute walking shoes --- socks too.
Can't wait to see what you're crocheting with those pretty happy colors -- could it be a blankie perchance ;)?


Jeannette said...

I briefly visited a little fabric shop in town yesterday. It was very calming...all the beautiful little vintage ribbons and delightful displays of buttons and unusual findings. Using vintage embroidered pieces someone had made little girl coats...except for one that was too over the top for me, they were really cute.

I make dish towels out of old know the white table cloths that really have seen their day but the corners are all great.

Pictures are so fun, aren't they? That is a most dear Raggedy Ann face.

I think it is lovely that you have the desire and sometimes the time to dabble in the bright colors and the artfulness of it all. Thanks for sharing it.

Betty said...

It would be fun to have a sewing lesson for your class and all make a bookbag each from those curtains! a skirt can be made from anything you like can't it? curtains included! I like your apron material - I think this is going to be a mummy bear apron.

info said...

Here I am...great photos is right! I'm making gazpacho for tomorrow night myself! Too bad I can't just make a grab for all your gorgeous produce! xoxo Susan Branch

Michela said...

PomPom, thank you for yuor tip about how uploading pictures, now it's working, Blogger is so weird sometimes, isn't it?!
Hope you have a great Sunday, thank you for another cheerful and happy post!

Jil Casey said...

I love Rainier cherries too! What a lovely photograph of them, do you mind if I use it sometime?

The dB family said...

Hello Dear Pom Pom!

I'm finally beginning to catch up on my favorite blogging friends. As always, I am loving your photos and all the fun and interesting things you are doing. I can't wait to get back into some sewing again!

Thank you for your love and prayers on the big long journey of ours!

Love and hugs!

Shey said...

Pompom I think a skirt out of a vintage tablecloth would be beautiful! =D

ann said...

I am quite entertained. Keep practicing your crochet. It is quite easy once you get the hang of it--coming from one who can crochet only one thing: a ripple afghan. Youtube has really good instructions, too.

Aura said...

Hello Pom Pom I love the name of your blog. Your blog offers plenty of inspiration and that little pom pom blue bird did make me smile. Like you I work full time at a Library but love feathering my nest and creating. Thanks so much for visiting my blog and leaving me a comment. Please come back again. I know I will be coming back to yours. Oh...and I love the tomato pictures. I have a small garden and look forward making recipes with my tomatoes, parsley, etc...

libbyquilter said...

that gazpacho looks really really REALLY GOOD but i suppose i'm way too late to the party for that . . .

a skirt from a vintage tablecloth might be quite lovely . . .


Bonnie said...

I am so covetous of your vintage curtains. If they were mine, I'd make a skirt, a pillow, a jumper for a granddaughter, a table runner, a bag, an APRON (oh wait, you don't need an apron), hmmm. so many possibilites.