Saturday, July 23, 2011

Get in the Box, Ann!

 Hi Everyone!  I worked on Ann and her wardrobe yesterday.  I made felt boots with ladybug buttons and they fit!  Hooray!  I used the apron fabric for her bloomers.  They fit, too!  Miraculous!  Her pinafore is made from the fabric I used to make a skirt for my desk at school.  She's a bit mismatched but aren't rag dolls supposed to be a bit hap hazard? 
 When I went back to college ten years ago, I had this Raggedy Ann patch on my backpack.  Now Ann will wear it on her journey to Spokane, Washington. 

 She will need a good stretch when she finally arrives.  I'm always so proud of myself when I mail packages.  I procrastinate and procrastinate.  I'm not sure why.  After mailing this box and two other packages for friends, I thought to myself, "Self, you need to have more giveaways."  I love it when things are in the mail, traveling off to people that matter to me.  So, I'm thinking of a fun giveaway.  Stay tuned.
 Yesterday at dinnertime I was sitting at the kitchen table, drinking tea for my sore throat (still very OUCH!) and looking out at the bird feeder and then back at the pasta cooking on the stove.  I'm so thankful for my stove.  Again, a sturdy and functional little workhorse. 
Aren't these pretty? They are a cross between plums and apricots.  They are very red in the middle and extra tasty.  Summer fruits bless our taste buds, don't they? I might have a melon for breakfast. 
 I drew a summer bug for you.  Look quickly!  She's walking off the page!
 When I hunt around the "Interwebs" for more information about Gladys Taber, I find her Friends website.  I had been considering joining.  Twenty dollars per year buys fantastic newsletters featuring old articles Gladys wrote, recipes, and pictures.  After sending off my check, I heard back within a week.  I received three lovely photographs of Gladys and Stillmeadow first and then yesterday two copies of back newsletters arrived.  Delicious!  Susan Branch blogged about this and she is the one who got me curious about Gladys Taber quite some time ago.  You may want to become a Friend of Gladys Taber, too.  I wish there was a Gladys Taber around today.
Here is a flower for you.  This day lily is robust and bright.  She is pure sunshine in our July garden.  I have a fun idea for a "creative make" today and I will show you tomorrow.  Have a calm and happy day, please.  I am going to think about free stuff like bird song and fresh air.  I find contentment one of the most satisfying feelings.  When I look at my old stuff and still like it, I feel relieved and grateful.  I'm thankful for the ribs we'll have for dinner and the possibility of banana bread baking.  Summer is humming a very kind song to me. 


Lynn said...

I think we do have a Gladys Taber today - you, sweetie :)

wayside wanderer said...

Ann turned out SO CUTE! Her outfit is perfectly adorable and the patch is perfect. You do good work, Pom Pom.

Pom Pom said...

Oh, friends. I just read about the tragedy in Norway. I can't get my mind around the horror. I join you in prayer for all the brokenhearted families.

Farm Girl said...

I am so glad you might be feeling a tad better. You know I will scout around because I know nothing of Gladys Taber except what you have posted. I know if you like her I will too. I think Ann looks very pretty in her new duds and her new shoes, I love the buttons!
I also love your picture of the bug getting ready to walk off the page.
Your drawings make me happy.

I hope you have a lovely day and you can listen to birds and I hope it makes you 100 percent.

I am off to go watch the morning arrive.
I really love your posts, thank you.

Aura said...

Love, love Raggedy Ann's mismatched dress, pinafore and bloomers. I love mailing care packages as my loved ones are away from me. My son in the Air Force lives in Germany and my grand kids and daughter 4 hours away. I like the idea of a give away and I think one of your drawings would be lovely. Sure do like the walking lady bug you drew. I would like to send away one of my many knitted little owls to be loved far away. I have not heard about the tragedy in Norway yet. Joining in prayer as I write.

ann said...

Annie looks great. Some lucky person will love her. Your day lily is quite pretty. Mine are blooming too. Wish I could draw.

Left-Handed Housewife said...

So funny--I was reading my Gladys Tabor book just yesterday and thinking of you. Maybe I'll join her club!

Ann looks fabulous--I love her new duds, and I think matching is highly overrated!


April said...

Wish we could visit with you today. Miss you.:( Love Anne's clothes and shoes. So cute. You're bug looks like a bug on "Dirt Girl" on Sprout.

libbyquilter said...

Ann is looking pretty spiffed up for her journey. you did a wonderful job with her clothes and those little boots are frosting on the cake~!!~


Sara at Come Away With Me said...

It is always such an uplift to visit you! Love Raggedy Anne and her colorful outfit. Off to Spokane she goes! Spokane is a great place, I think she will be happy there.

Like you, I look at my old stuff all the time and am satisfied with it...and that is a peaceful, easy feeling, to quote Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young (or was it just Neil Young??) My old brain can't remember! ;)

Mrs Bok - The Bok Flock said...

Seems like you've found the zen I've been looking for :) Finding contentment and gratitude in our everyday lives is a blessing in itself. I've got to look Gladys up, I've never heard of her before visiting your blog. Raggedy Anne is lovely.

Thistle Cove Farm said...

Hello, saw your comment on Susan Branch blog and came by to visit. Your R. Annie is AAAdorable, so totally cute! I did a post about Gladys Tabor and Susan Branch a few weeks ago and that's how I found out about FOGT, joined and received my photos and newsletters. It's almost time to join again, time flies.
Right now, I'm not at home but traveling so will post of my travels. If you have time, come by for a visit to Thistle Cove Farm; you're always welcome.

Lisa Richards said...

Raggedy Ann is perfect! Your plumcots look delicious and I think I used to have that exact tablecloth! Isn't it cheerful?
Your summer bug reminds me of a box elder bug. They've gotten a bad reputation around here, but I transplant box elder trees into my yard on purpose, because they grow so fast and I really like them.

Learning to be content with the daily blessings around us is so important. It's something I've been learning about for a long time.

I have some gorgeous lilies, but our young goats got loose and snacked on the leaves, so they look a little less gorgeous than they would have otherwise! :D

Yes, I'm also praying for the people in Norway. We live in a broken world full of broken people who need to know Jesus. You are a ray of sunshine in that broken world. That's quite a ministry, my friend!

I too procrastinate about mailing things. I'm sifting through my drawing ideas and getting "drawing block"! But I'll keep trying. I look forward to seeing your giveaway idea! Neato! :D

Catherine said...

Hello Gladys...I mean Pom Pom..are you running a summer camp for waifs & stays by any chance? Those long arms & that big heart sure would stretch around. Lovely day lily..did you know that they are edible?..they taste like snow peas. What a wonderful vision of rejuvenation that Ann has become. Hope she's not going to get cramp in that box! Can you tell us a bit more about Gladys sometime is she a bit like Aunt Daisy? Still liking your own old stuff is a huge step on the way to contentment I reckon. I've been saying a lot lately that "more right now would NOT be more". Thank you for your sweet friendship. Hugs & healing, rejuvenating prayers Catherine x

Betty said...

Hi Pom Pom, I have been working some long shifts so only just catching up on blogland. Your dolly dresses are delightful, the more mismatched the better! You reminded me I haven't yet put Gladys Taber book on Book Crossings to pass on - no point in keeping a book once read I always think, as it will gather dust. The friends club sounds fun - I think you are a bit of a modern day Gladys. I like your sketches and hope you will lots more, they are fun and homely. Your cooker looks so clean and shiny - I am teaching my boys to cook for themselves so mine is constantly spattered - so far we have fried bacon, egg and bread on the 'do it yourself menu'.

Bonnie said...

I love your Ann, and what I love most of all is that she is "scrappy". It makes her so much more charming. Aren't pluots the most wonderful things. I can't get enough of the seasonal fruit right now. I bet you packed Ann with a lot of extra love.

Gigi said...

Annie is perfect -- love her new duds ;)! And don't you love Susan B.'s new blog?! Did you see the Peter Rabbit room? I want to move in!
Bright Blessings,

The dB family said...

I hope you are feeling better soon! Keeping drinking that tea, and don't forget to add some honey. Ann looks beautiful in her new clothes. I think her recipient will be very pleased with her! Wishing lots of summer breezes and honey bees!


M.K. said...

Lil Miss Raggety looks MAHvelous, dahling!! You're a great dolly doctor :)

Gumbo Lily said...

Hey! There's a boxelder bug on that piece of paper! I was going to swat it and then I saw her adorable face. (cute, cute, cute!)

I really like Gladys Taber too. I have several of her books and I am always picking one up every so often. I like that some of her Stillmeadow books can be read here & there during different months.