Saturday, July 9, 2011

July Warbles

 Don't you love this quote?  I told Libby Q over at Paper Napkin Poetry (see sidebar) that I'm going to remember this when I pass the flowers at the grocery store.  Medicine. 

 Our oldest son, Pastor Brad, came to visit Wednesday morning.  I love him!  He's such a good son.  He looks young, doesn't he?  He's 30.  Not a boy anymore.  My baby.
 Blogger friend, Gretchen Joanna, mentioned this book.  I am nosy and enjoy reading other peoples' mail.  O'Connor was feisty and a bit hard-edged for my marshmallow Pom Pom-ish liking, but I love the way she was vulnerable about her chronic illness and the way she passionately pursued her friends, working hard at caring for them and building relationships.  In keeping with the long walks and poetry (long walks are sort of a bust at this point) I'm ordering this magazine.  I like it. Have you heard of it?

I found some of my drawings in that closet I mentioned.  My mom saved the "artwork" below.
 I drew chickens!  I guess I was a brave artist then.
 I'm not sure why the "sisters" are floating above ground here.
 I still like drawing houses.
I'm glad my mother put crayons in my hands at age two and a half!  I'm pretty sure this is a self portrait!
This morning, Bill and I were talking about what we remember.  He says he doesn't remember a lot of childhood details, but I do.  It dawned on me that we don't control what goes in the memory banks.  I was nosy/a busybody even then and asked so many questions in  one-on-one conversations and then I found myself so entertained by the answers, fascinated really.  I have so many characters bouncing around in my brain, all based on a lifetime of remembered encounters.  Interesting.
I looked at my class list for next year.  I have several siblings of precious former students.  Yippee!  I looked at some of their photos.  Don't eleven year old boys in scout uniforms melt your heart?  I'm going to squeeze out every ounce of the lazy days of summer, but I do look forward to meeting my fleet of sixth graders.  Oh, July.  You are such a lullaby sort of month. 
I hope the July atmosphere soothes you today.  Popsicles all around!  Don't you love Samantha Rose's hold on her blue ice pop?  Thank you for stopping in! 


ann said...

I am glad I read your post this morning. You make smile. Really smile. 6th grade? Before I went back to get my masters, I worked asa sub, k-12. My favorites were the 4 th graders. I remember being in 6th grade. Thought I was all grown up. I get the idea that you are an amazing teacher. We shall count down the days together. I go back to UNC Aug. 22. Another thing we have in common: our CSU grads (I assume he is a CSU grad). Daughter, 2000 School of Ag, horticulture. Your son is so young to be a pastor. You must be proud. Happy Saturday.

Gigi said...

What a handsome son and adorable Samantha Rose too! I love the flower quote, and I do believe it's true! I've been buying flowers for myself once a week for at least 20 years (my one weakness ;), and I don't feel like it's ever been an extravagance but more of a necessity (medicine). If I was a decent gardnener, I'd have a cutting garden I suppose . . . I'm trying but this Texas heat isn't very cooperative ;(.
Hearts & flowers,

libbyquilter said...

oh my~! if you put a scout uniform on him he'd look about 11 ~!!~lol~

your childhood drawings are fun to look at. i like the chickien and the castle/house.

have you been busy at the poetry?
i have heard of the magazine and have picked up a copy on occasion at the book store. enjoy~!


p.s. flowers in the summer garden are good medicine too.

Farm Girl said...

You son does not look thirty. My daughter will be 30 in October. How is it we can have kids that old?
Your grand daughter looks so cute with her Popsicle. I love reading your thoughts. I also like your pictures, you were a good artist even then.
I tried to read Flannery O'Conner, like you I am not comfortable with her words. I find they make me want to shut my eyes and not look into her world anymore.
I like authors like L.M.Montgomery who tackled hard subjects but did it with grace. I always need more grace in my books.
I like that no matter what we can find beauty if we look, in the smallest thing.
Have a great weekend.

åslaug abigail said...

Sisters ALWAYS float above ground, it's one of the things that just happens when they're together. Togetherness. Though usually it's not quite that obvious..

April said...

You were a good little artist at age 2. Very impressive! I think Pastor Brad is a handsome fellow.:)

Gumbo Lily said...

I love the title of this post -- July Warbles. I like warblers and bird song. That's why I hardly ever have my windows closed in the warm months. I enjoyed hearing your warbles too.

Brad is a handsome son and yes, young looking. Samantha is a peach!

Childhood memories -- I have a few, quite a few. Your childhood drawings are sweet. Like many I have seen in the past. I like your drawings now too and I think you should write and illustrate a book. Children's books or something like Susan Branch does.


Sara at Come Away With Me said...

Pretty amazing self portrait for the wee age of two! Flannery O'Connor and Annie Dillard....I see them quoted and praised and have given them a look-see, but they are both too 'hard-edged' for me! I join you on the marshmallow shelf!

Aura said...

You made me smile too...Pom Pom...and thanks so much for coming back to my blog and leaving me comments. I do not have many readers and commentators. I loved seeing your drawings from the past. What a treasure. I have some I kept from my 2 kids childhood years. I will post soon about my Dear Photographs pictures...a trip down memory lane. I just love to reminisce. Hey your son sure does look young for 30. Great genes run in your family. Have a wonderful Sunday!

Betty-thewoodfairy said...

Ah yes PomPom, you're a smiley person - when I scan my google reader I always smile and feel cosy when I see you have a post waiting for me, I like the way you ask questions and encourage your followers to respond, must try that myself. For small children drawing is such a great way of expressing themselves, it's lovely to encourage - these days I think young mums feel they have to buy lots of fancy pens and books to draw in, all they need is a pot of pencils and some scrap paper and the kids are happy. My childminder friend always has these out and the children gravitate without fail. Your son is a lovely boy and certainly looks young - does he record his sermons? would be fun to hear him preach. Bettyx

Michela said...

Love the quote!!!
How sweet the little miss!
Happy Sunday PomPom!

Bonnie said...

I think God made flowers to give us joy and make us smile. What a joy your son must be to you. I am relieved that my daughters have grown into wonderful people. It's a blessing!

Left-Handed Housewife said...

I love your childhood drawings! And I am so, so excited about you teaching sixth grade! Can I send you some books signed to The Students of Mrs. Pom Pom? Email me and we can discuss.

I love The Habit of Being. Flannery's hardcore, but she's very serious about God in a way I appreciate.


no spring chicken said...

So, always the artist, the conversationalist, and the recorder of memories (how wonderful that you were banking them at a young age).

Does Brad live close enough to visit often?

I was delighted with the quote. Apparently I'm growing a medicine garden. I think I'll find someone who is in need of a dose today... thanks for sharing that one. :)

Blessings, Debbie

GretchenJoanna said...

It was good of your mother to save those drawings!

From now on I will call you Marshmallow for short -- oops, that's longer than Pom Pom. :-)

Your cosmos remind me of the place we lived when our kids were small, and I often had a large spread of those flowers in the back yard. I agree with Burbank about's part of why I try to have a pot of them right by my front door.

Kelli said...

Holy cow! You seriously drew that at age 2? I need to get my kids some art lessons from their Granny! Art has clearly always been a gift of yours. <3

The dB family said...

Are you sure he is 30? He does look very young! I am impressed that your mom kept some of your artwork. It makes me happy to know that I've been keeping some of my children's work too. Miss Samantha Rose is such a beautiful little girl!

Enjoy these July days!


Kerri said...

I love your childhood drawings! That portrait is amazing and you were only two! I worked with two year olds for many years and never saw anything as detailed as that! You are a genius x