Friday, July 15, 2011

I Picked These For You

 "To stand by the beds and see the flowers awake is a heavenly delight."  Celia Thaxter
 "Art must take reality by surprise."  ~ Francoise Sagan

 Our washing machine died.  She was a good old girl.  Twenty years ago, I bought the cheapest and simplest washing machine I could find, carted it home in the family mini-van, and resumed the loads of laundry produced by a family of six.  I like bare bones appliances, so now we have a simple youngster in our laundry room, already chugging away.  It reminds me of a passage in one of my all-time favorite novels:
"At the back of the kitchen an archway led into what had probably been  a small scullery.  This too was stone-floored, and here stood a number of shining white electrical appliances.  A dishwasher, a clothes washer, a tall refrigerator, and a huge chest deep-freeze.  At the far end, a half-glassed door led directly out into the little garden.   By the door, in country fashion, stood a pair of rubber boots and a wooden tub of gardening tools.  An ancient raincoat and a battered felt hat hung from the hook."  September by Rosamunde Pilcher

I'll have to grow accustomed to this machine's sounds.  Our old one sounded like a NASA launch.  Bill and I both like to peg out the wash.  This day, with robust sunshine, will dry our sheets in no time.  
I've been reading Winston Churchill, A Life.  Fascinating.  I woke up in the wee hours to read more.  I like reading about man's restructuring of government, vision that helps the greater good, negotiations and rhetoric.  Two fascinating films about Churchill are The Gathering Storm and Into the StormGigi at Firefly Cottage told me about The Gathering Storm.  She also featured A Shine of Rainbows.  I love the color and the sea in this film.  Gigi has great taste in movies!  
I am keeping myself quite busy with knitting and reading.  In a few days, I am going to Kelli's house to stay with the three princesses, so she and Bryan can go to Cancun.  Bill will help.  I'll be tired.  I am looking forward to cuddling with Millie Rose.  She likes me.  We'll have a picnic at the park, catch up the laundry, eat macaroni and cheese and play with dolls.  Fun!
Thank you for stopping by and looking in on me.  
"When we write from experience we harvest our lives."
                                                    ~ Bonnie Goldberg


Angela said...

My new washing machine is amazingly quiet. And when it has finished, it plays a little tune. More importantly, the motor has a ten year guarantee.
Enjoy your summer PP

Bonnie said...

I replaced my old maytag a few years ago. It was 25 years old and I was seduced by a newer front loader. I miss my old machine. The new one is quieter (but I can't hear when it's finished). The new one doesn't felt nearly as well. And it's computer board never went out (because it didn't have one). The handle was broken...but thankfully a needy neighbor asked for it and he is taking good care of it. I still miss it.

Farm Girl said...

Well of course, you writing and your prose that you love from your books always appeals to my heart. I feel like I just sat down and had a cup of tea and visited with a old friend.
It is hard giving up appliances that have been through a big part of life.
When I had to replace mine, I was so sad, my washer had washed baby clothes, and lots of vacation clothes from when little ones fell in a stream,ocean, mud puddle, take your pick. It washed horse blankets and sleeping bags. It even washed the clothes my daughter was going to wear on her honeymoon.
A life of joy.
I can understand the bitter sweet, though I have to admit the new one I bought is so much bigger. :)
I think it sounds like a great time taking care of your little ones.
It is hard work. :)
Have a great weekend and thank you for the nice break.

Gumbo Lily said...

Thank you for picking those cosmos for me (us). I can't wait for mine to begin blooming.

Your new washer looks just right. I think I've been through 3-4 washers due to our horrid water (back then). The washer I have now has seen a lot of action through the years and is still chugging along. All I care about in a washer is that our clothes get CLEAN. We live a dirty life on the ranch, and it demands a lot of my washing machine. I wish you many years of clean clothes, sheets, blankets and towels.


Aura said...

How nice of you to pick flowers for your readers. Those are beautiful! In my 30 years for marriage I have gone through 3 washing yours sure was a good old girl. I also have a regular top loader and I have to say it is noisy which is not good since our laundry room is right next to the kitchen. Fortunately there is a door I can shut. I do miss my clothes line outside and would like someday to be able to dry clothes outside. Tonight I will be grating soap to make laundry detergent. Have a great weekend...Aura

Brad M said...

Loverly stuff. What a wonderful summer to be having, eh? I'd say it's the best summer this year!

Sara at Come Away With Me said...

Lovely flowers - thank you!

Congrats on your new washing machine. Pegging out the wash...gosh...I remember those days in my girlhood when my mother did the laundry for our family of 7 in the wringer washer (remember those?) and then hung it out to dry on the line. About four years ago we had to buy a new washer and dryer...front loaders both, with all sorts of controls. The hubby can't figure them out, says it looks like controls for a space ship or something. (It really isn't that complicated!). They are housed in a corner of the garage, necessitating trips down the driveway as our garage is not attached. But they do their job very stalwartly and well and I'm not complaining!

Love all your quotes...the movies sound intriguing...and I think perhaps it's time I read September again.

Enjoy your princess-watching adventure!

Betty said...

My experience of washers in the USA is they are all top loaders - something we don't get in the UK. I have always wondered why you don't have the glass door front loaders of the UK - your machines are also ginormous compared to ours, if only we could make them bigger here! My machine is quite agressive and walks across the floor when it spins, but washdays have become really delicious since I discovered a value brand laundry liquid (Daisy for whites) that smells of sherbet, yummy!

Elizabethd said...

Cosmos, one of our favourite Summer flowers. If you leave the seedheads on you may find that the Goldfinches come in little flocks.

Glad you have your new machine, what did we do before they were invented?

Michela said...

Ha ha ha, LOL at the NASA launch! You're so funny! Thank you for my virtual bunch of flowers!
Happy weekend sweet lady!

wayside wanderer said...

You crack me up. Love the pretty posies and hope you have fun using your new washer. My new washer has some Issues that need resolving, but thankfully it works. My poor husband has a very long To Do List and the washer is no where near the top.

wendz said...

Hello. I came to visit after reading your comment on my blog. Thanks for that.

I so very much like Rosamunde Pilcher too and have most of her books and have also read them many many times. They are the books I turn to when I feel all gloomy and melancholic - they're utterly good at cheering me up. Her writing has such a nostalgic feel.

I've also read back through some of your recent posts and came across your attempt to make a Victoria sponge. Well I don't know if you've tried it again but anyway, I am going to point you to the recipe and method by the queen of British cooking and baking, Delia Smith.

I used to make dreadful sponges until I used her recipe. Now my cakes are light and fluffy and delicious.

You can double those quantities for a lovely big cake.

Have a good Sunday.

Gigi said...

Oooo, a shiny new appliance -- what fun ;)!? And I love the Rosamund quote. Isn't she just the best ever at describing interiors -- I want to live in every house in her books -- especially Penelope's in "The Shell Seekers".
Love that boy Winston (as you know ;)! Wasn't he an old war horse. Wonder where would we be now without him?


The Provincial Homemaker said...

Thank you for the flowers! What a great quote - love the idea of gumboots by the backdoor. Enjoy your mac n cheese with grandkiddies.

Joy Hall said...

Love your writing style an love the Bonie Goldberg quote. Thanks for sharing your day!

Sherry from Alabama said...

I love simple machinery too! The simpler the better. I like to feel I'm a little smarter than my washer and dryer. :) I've enjoyed visiting your beautiful blog today.

Sherry @ A Happy Valentine

no spring chicken said...

I too love to read a great historical biography. I haven't seen either of these movies so will look into them. Everyone in our house would be intrigued. We all are fascinated by Winston Churchill at different levels!

Blessings, Debbie

ann said...

I love the cosmos. Thank you. Very thoughtful. I have to admire your writing, for you write with a certain flare about of all things, a dead washing machine--a faithful machine. Your children are quite lucky to have a mother who look after the little ones while they vacation. But then, you are probably the lucky one getting that special time with the little ones, or perhaps they are lucky. Yes, a lovely, lucky family.

Farm Girl said...

I would say, rest every chance you get but I know how that is imposable when you are watching your grands.
I am so tired when I watch them.
When I kept my grand kids because my daughter had had a baby and It took be two weeks to recover. :)
I will be praying for you.

The dB family said...

Ohhh, I do miss planting cosmos in my garden this year. There were/are things I like and don't like about my old and my new washing machines. Line drying it hands down the best though! At least you don't have to worry about it breaking down ;o). Will you show us your knitting progress?