Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Background Music

Hello.  This morning I am listening to Chris Rice's The Living Room Sessions and reading Gladys Taber's Stillmeadow Daybook.  Peaceful.  
Do you like the bird embroidery?  A nice young girl stitched the birds for my mother and father-in-law many years ago.  Handmade gifts.  The best gifts.   

 Yesterday I accomplished a little "deknitting" while watching Lark Rise to Candleford (I know, AGAIN!)  A yellow sweater I had been working on for a few years (gasp!) was not quite right.  I knew all along the pattern and the stitches were not leaning toward sweater success.  It took an hour to unravel the back, the fronts, one sleeve.  I'm not sorry.  Fresh start.

 Here's a little line-up of hospitality.  The granddaughters are drawn to tea cups.  We've experienced a little breakage, thus the mismatched collection. 
 The birds are singing outside.  It's misty.  We've had a lot more rain than we're used to and the earth is thriving.  Yesterday, I walked the trail with a friend and it is so green!  Bill got up in the night to watch a huge thunderstorm.  Nature is so romantic.  Right now, Chris Rice's rendition of "Great is Thy Faithfulness" makes my soul respond, "Yes. Yes. Yes." 
 I have piles of books to read, but I keep popping back into the pages of Anne.  Isn't this a pretty copy?  What an inspiring character Anne is.  She likes beauty, friendship, imaginative freedom, and she embraces all the potential of happiness.  

I believe people are rather starved for attention.  Sometimes we don't believe our story is quite entertaining enough.  Isn't it a gift when we allow those around us to talk and talk and talk as we listen to the cadence of their voice, the chosen words they use to tell their tale?  How long has it been since we've said to someone, "I love to hear you talk."?  I've been thinking about this.  What do you think?
 I made a little collage on a blank page of the Bible I'm doodling in. 

Here's a little Gladys Taber July "talk" for you:
"Summer is so brief, so packed with living, I hate to see each day end.  The long twilights are like separate amethysts strung on a silver chain."
"And the moon is right over my apple tree, and this is July in New England.  The mind makes many journeys, but the heart stays home."
May your heart be comfortable at home.  May someone sit before you today, so you can listen to their voice, hear their story.  May you reap the silent invisible offerings of joy that lodge in your soul-home, girding you up for forever.  Now is good.  Forever is better. 


Left-Handed Housewife said...

What a lovely post, Pom Pom! I love the Gladys Tabor quotes, and all the marvelous pictures. If I collected something other than postcards, I think I might collect tea cups. There is something very satisfying about a row of tea cups.


Gigi said...

Such sweet bird cross stitches - love them! And I'm so envious of your rain (as always). We're still in an awful drought here - dragging the water hose around as much as I can but it's not the same as a good rain, is it? Oh well, at least I'm keeping my few little flowers and roses alive -- barely. I might be heading to CO in a few weeks (happy dance). I'm thinking about the Creed area for a couple of weeks in August (but who will water the yard - worry, worry, worry ;).
Good luck on the sweater re-do. I bet this time it turns out just perfectly! Is it for you or a little? I can't seem to knit anything but socks lately?

GretchenJoanna said...

"Nature is so romantic." YES, it's true. Very soon I intend to sit with my Special Someone in the midst of nature and tell him, "I love to hear you talk." Thank you, Pom Pom!

Gumbo Lily said...

I love to hear you talk.....and show us the little things around you that bring you good cheer and joy. I like to hear Gladys Taber talk too.

Misty-moisty here today, but I must mow, so I must go.....


Lynn said...

Brilliant post as usual and I lovw to hear YOU talk.
I think you are right that people are starved for attention. I always say that everyone wants to feel special - and a smile and a word doesn't take much. I wish the world was full of Pom Pom joy :)
Much love as always to you , special friend.

MW said...

Thanks for listening to me tell my tale yesterday!!!! <3

Farm Girl said...

I will apologize right up front, I always talk too much in your comment section. You just spur my thoughts. I really loved the part in your quote, " The long twilight's are like separate amethysts strung on a silver chain." That is just the kind of words that make me shiver. The twilight is always made up of such plummy purples.
I love to hear what you have been thinking about. I am sure if I could sit and listen I would love to hear your voice and your thoughts.
When my Mom was so sick with cancer and I would call to check on her she would say, " phooey
I don't want to talk about me." Tell me about you. She always cared more about whoever she was talking to than herself.
We do need to listen more.
Thanks for the reminder.
Kim xx

~*~ saskia ~*~ said...

I like your homy pictures a lot, sweet friend.
Have a happy midweek xxxx

Brad M said...

Lovely post filled with wonderful thoughts! Here's hoping for more beautiful days and pleasantly peaceful pauses. (I went fishing to day for just such an experience!)


no spring chicken said...

Reading your posts is like reading a collage. Little gems all cropped together to make a delightful whole. Thank you again for your creativity and cheerful presentation. It warms my soul...

Blessings, Debbie

The Provincial Homemaker said...

What a happy sunny colour that wool is. I am sure it will knit up beautifully in a new project.

I love Anne too - reading of Marilla's high standards in housekeeping always puts a smile on my lips and new energy in my step.

M.K. said...

I love your itty-bitty tea cups! :) So adorable, all lined up like soldiers, waiting to serve. We are doing a big cleaning out before we move, and my 19 year old daughter gave away her tea set (a cheap one from Walmart, but dearly used). She's going off to college, and her 12 year old sister didn't really want it either. I guess I'll have to wait until granddaughters, and get myself a few odds and ends like yours then!

Lisa Richards said...

Oh man! I'm with Bill! There's nothing as grand as a thunderstorm, and I especially love the fresh, rain scented wind that comes right before. I love to stand outside (or by a window) and listen to the wind in the trees and feel the cool gush of wind as it blows the curtains around. The lightning show is icing on the cake!
By the way, mismatched teacups are the best kind! That way we can get one of each of our favorites!
I also love Anne Shirley's outlook on life and the way she expresses herself. I love to listen to people and they do seem to appreciate that. People are starved for attention, so we can bless people by giving them the attention they need.
Enjoy knitting that reborn sweater! And yes, today is good, but forever is better. When we reach that "forever time" we'll have all of our loved ones together to love and enjoy...forever! :)

ann said...

We have had a lot of rain. I am still smiling.

libbyquilter said...

love listening to your 'voice' Pom Pom~!
that little shelf full of sweetly mismatched teacups is adoreable~!


wayside wanderer said...

Your posts are always full of energy! I really love the sweet bird stitches. I agree, handmade gifts are best!

The dB family said...

Now is good. Forever is better. That is so beautiful and filled with meaning. I love Chris Rice's Living Room Sessions. It makes beautiful background music. Thank you for blessing me with such a beautiful and calming post!


Heart Felt said...

I LOVE the little teacup line-up! How adorable. J.xx

melanie said...

Such cosy pictures :) xxx

Kari of Writing Up A Storm said...

Mismatched teacups are the very best kind. And I love to hear YOU talk on your blog. I think you must be channeling Anne of Green Gables!! xoxo Kari

Kerri said...

I don't know how many times I've read Anne of Green Gables but she always makes me so happy!