Thursday, July 21, 2011

Some Love

 Debbie at Artful Aspirations gave me permission to print one of her photographs.  You may have seen the smaller picture of what I did with it, on my sidebar.  The light coming through the church windows reminded me of a post I wrote a couple of years ago. I'd thought I'd share the words again.

I welcome you to this little church in the country. Wear your favorite casual clothes, plan on finding someone here who looks at you with love and motions you to come sit by them. Smell the coffee brewing and be assured that someone made your favorite ginger snaps and filled the creamer with real half and half. Be prepared when someone who loves you comes up behind you and rubs your shoulders, humanly trying to soothe your cares away. Look within the tattered song book and find that your favorite joyful songs are marked and if you want to, you are welcome to remain seated while we sing, finding your holy moment as you hear the songs of praise. Look around you and notice accepting hearts and spirits. Collect smiles. Do you see Grandma Eloise to the left, knitting on her lap, blissful expression of thankfulness on her soft, lined face? She prayed for you on Tuesday when the Lord brought you to mind. In front of her is Tom. He was up with the birds, fishing in the creek, when the Holy Spirit visited his heart and drew him here, where people try to love. And the pastor, he's got a scruffy beard and wears a soft flannel shirt. His eyes crinkle as he lifts a child up to light a candle. He prayed for you, too. He prayed for you on his morning walk as he fingered his tattered Moleskine notebook, always in his pocket, at the ready to document his thoughts and concerns for this diverse little group of Jesus followers. Jane, the mother of five children and wife of the country doctor, slides in next to you. "Can you join us for lunch after the service? The children have been asking after you. We're having tuna sandwiches, fruit salad and brownies. Does that sound good?" She reaches for your hand, gives it a soft and welcoming squeeze, and quietly returns to her row of well-loved offspring. The gentle tinkle of the old piano fills the air, everyone in attendance scoots together, closer to the aisle, faces expectantly looking at the cross on the wall, knowing and feeling the mercy bestowed upon them, recognizing that they are home. YOU are one of them.
Isn't that just as the Body of Christ can be?  People leaning in.  People bravely giving the most vulnerable pieces of their souls to each other.  Amen.

 I am home from my delightful time with three of my precious ones.  I have a really sore throat so I am going to stay quiet today.  I have a lot of teacher thinking and reading I should do.
 I've been knitting with New Zealand yarn, using this book.  It's rhythmic and soothing; circular needles (wooden) click, click, clicking with good wool from my favorite animal.  Oh, I do love sheep.

 My Kelli is a gift giver.  She found this lovely Mexican pottery and brought it home in her suitcase.  Isn't it warm, bright, and inviting?

 Poor Ann.  She's waiting around for her apron and her bloomers.  She is looking forward to meeting Johanna, her new little girl.  I'll take pictures when Ann is decked out in her new outfit and ready to fly to Washington. 
 Yesterday after dinner, we were sitting outside on Kelli's porch, waiting for Uncle Joe to bring Mommy and Daddy home.  As I held Millie Rose, she kept looking up at me, smiling  and nuzzling.  Isn't that what we do?  We look up and express our desire to be loved.  And we are greatly loved.  Oh, that we would unabashedly seek love instead of approval.  Babies do it.  Babies are smart.
Peace to you, friend.


Farm Girl said...

You are a very dear Grandma, but yes, babies do that and of course no greater joy at all. I hope you feel better and your sore throat goes away. You must have got really tired. I really like the things you got from Mexico, I like the bright colors.
I think Ann is longing for her little girl. I just thought I could see that in her eyes in the picture.
Your picture is very pretty too.
Have a lovely day, I love the sound of the gentle clicking of knitting needles.
Hugs, from me to you,

libbyquilter said...

good morning Pom Pom. i hope that you feel better after your day of rest and thought.

"People bravely giving the most vulnerable pieces of their souls to each other." these are words to remember. my hope is that we all learn to do it once past those church doors and while living our life.
this piece that you've written is lovely as is the photo. dare i say they're a match made in heaven~!?!~

that sweater is gorgeous and you have a great start on it. maybe you'll find a bit of time to work on that today too.


wayside wanderer said...

Pretty pottery! So bright and cheery. I hope you feel better soon. Take care!

Brad M said...

lovely, lovely, well done granny.

CollectIn Texas Gal said...

I'm feeling so loved after this sweet thoughtful sharing of your lovelyness! I needed that today....thankyou! I've been knitting, too. I do love that! Stop by CITexas Gal....explanation there. Hope you are having a wonderful summer vacation.

no spring chicken said...

I just can't even think about anything else that you posted about your letter touched me so. We've belonged to a fellowship that is as close to what you described as humanly possible, and I never stop being amazed at the love of Christ expressed in His Body... Who am I that I should deserve such grace and mercy? Thank you for such a beautifully written expression of His church!

Blessings, Debbie

M.K. said...

Beautiful post, Pom (as usual). I really love your description of the country church. It reminds me so much of how Jan Karon writes, of how she describes her people. You might want to turn that into a little short story, and see what the characters do. Would they lure you into a whole book about them? I could certainly see it happening. Already they feel like they want to stretch, speak, and be real!

Glad you're home safe. Rest well before the school year.

ann said...

Ah, you inspire me. You are a very good writer, you know. Oh please do not mention school reading--yet. We have only weeks left. Classes at UNC begin Aug. 22. I am having too much fun. You always make me smile.

Sonja said...

Beautiful pictures, and beautiful words. I so enjoyed scrolling down and seeing some of your postings. You are a busy and blessed Granny!!

Enjoyed my visit.


Gumbo Lily said...

I really like your story of the church and all those dear people there. Thank you for sharing that.

You've been a busy granny. God bless you for giving your kids a break and for giving the grandgirls some fun!

God bless,

Gumbo Lily said...

Fun pottery too.

The dB family said...

Such pretty pottery! That yarn looks delicious! Poor Miss Ann, still awaiting her clothes.


The dB family said...

I forgot to say how much I love what wrote about church. So beautiful! I would love to be a part of that congregation!


Catherine said...

Hello dear Pom Pom, ouch about the throat. I have been finding propolis really helpful this winter for the throat department. I have put some tincture in a spray bottle in water & use it whenever I feel a scratchy bit coming far no colds or coughs. I have bathed in the warm bath of your words & feel enfolded..thank you. have you ever read the Joshua book? My favourite is Joshua & the Children. they kind of have the same feel to them..very precious. Yay you're using New Zealand wool! : ) Take care of yourSELF Much love Catherine x0x0x

The Provincial Homemaker said...

No wonder you wanted a copy of that picture it is just beautiful. So glad you are knitting with NZ wool - the NZ in me is so proud. Hope you feel better soon. Coddle yourself while you are under the weather.

melanie said...

Such a beautiful post Pom Pom :) xxx

Anonymous said...

Always such sweetness here! And I LOVE what you wrote about the church! Enjoy some rest after your blessed time with the littles.


Left-Handed Housewife said...

I'm sorry about your sore throat, but it makes me happy that you're having some quiet time knitting. I love your piece about the little church--it sounds like one of those places where the kingdom of God breaks in.


Aura said...

You indeed have a special gift of encouraging others through your beautiful writing. Thanks for sharing this again along with the country church picture. The piece of pottery is special. Love the bright colors.

debbie bailey said...

I agree with all of the above comments. I feel honored that you wanted one of my photos. The mexican mug is lovely in all it's bright colors.

Michela said...

Sorry to hear you've been unwell, I have a sore throat too and it's just awful to wear scarves in Summer!
Take care xxx