Thursday, July 8, 2010


In an hour, Samantha Rose is coming over to spend the day with Granny. I think a stroll around the neighborhood is in order before her morning nap. This is a busy day. Bill and Jeff are off to Brazil this morning and our house guest is going to Missouri. Kelli and the girls are popping over so that Samantha doesn't have to ride to and from the airport. So after my airport run, I'll bring some grown up lunch back for Kelli and I and we'll hang around the three little lambs all afternoon. Guess what? Kelli found out that her baby due in December is . . . a girl! Am I not the most blessed granny? We shall have six princesses and one prince (oh, little Finnegan - he is such a good sport!)

Below is my fun friend, Ronda picking Reve's cherries. Reve has this gorgeous cherry tree in her front garden and she and her husband decided that they did not find it necessary to eat a cherry pie, so Ronda (who does find it necessary to eat a cherry pie) came over for a pick. Brad (our precious oldest son) stopped in because he came down to Denver to meet with his mentor and he picked, too. I actually planned to shoot photos but I helped pick. I've always been a bad picker of berries. I think it's my distracted nature. We found enough to fill the container and I've not yet heard if the pie is made.

Later, after coffee on the patio with Ronda, Brad, Bill, and I went out for a delicious hamburger lunch. It is so rare that we have the opportunity to enjoy a meal with just one of our children (the whole gang is so much fun!) and I felt so appreciative because I love my babies so much. All of our kids are in their 20's now. Time flies.

Okay, so on to the topic bouncing around in my mind today . . . shawls. This morning as Bill and I were having our coffee talk, I pulled the closest fleecy blanket around my shoulders. My mother often encouraged us to cover our shoulders, keep our necks warm, prevent chills and being a bouncy kid, I found this tedious. However, now I understand. We carry burdens on our shoulders. We often carry our stress in our necks and upper arms. Finally, I get it. The nurturing feeling of warm shoulders is a deep luxury. Women have used shawls for centuries, sweetly and wisely caring for themselves. A friend gave me the prayer veil below. It's very fancy, isn't it? I've put it on to pray. It's a little ritual that is pretty "beyond me" holy, for sure.

The same friend brought me this wrap from India. She also had a salwar kameez made for me there and it matches this shawl.

When I was participating in a spiritual direction group a few years ago, one of the ladies brought a shawl along (it was chilly in the room at church) and she said it was her security blanket. She slept with it. It was pretty and cuddly looking so I decided to make myself a shawl. I found some super soft yarn (thanks to a yarn store gift certificate) and knit the dishcloth-y shawl below. I've worn it to bed, wrapped Samantha in it, and used it to wrap around the shoulders of my big teddy bear simply because he looks cute in it. And it's a good thing. Shawls are important. I've read about shawl ministries and you can research that if you want to, but it's the simplicity of the shawl that I find most comforting.

Just yesterday, while watching episodes of Hazel, I decided to wind my huge skeins of New Zealand wool into balls. It took four episodes of Hazel to pull this off. This morning, I dug up my shawl book, my Knitting for Peace book, and placed them in a basket with the big balls of creamy wool, because I am going to THINK about making a larger shawl to warm my shoulders during the school year, when I need physical and emotional support. I'll let you know if THINKING leads to doing in the near future.

Do you have a shawl? Does someone you know or remember use a shawl? What comes to mind when you ponder shawls?

Thank you for popping in today to read and think about the same thing I'm thinking about. (BIG FAT HUG!)


Green thumb said...

Hi PomPom! Congratulations on your wonderful news! I'm off to read your older posts now!
P.S.Your new header made me laugh! You're so funny!

Gumbo Lily said...

Happy, happy Baby Girl News! And have a happy Granny Day today with that adorable Sam.

The cherries are so bright and cheery and I, like you, love a sour cherry pie. We have friends who always let us pick their sour cherry trees and then I pit and freeze the cherries for pies later in the year. Is the pie made yet? If you helped pick, you ought to have earned a slice, I think.

Shawls....I do not have one, but I really like the idea of them. A young friend (who is my daughter's best buddy) crochets beautiful shawls and I have always thought I might commission her to make me one. In winter, I think I would love a soft, warm shawl about my shoulders and neck.

I hope your thinking leads to doing.


Mrs Yappy Dog said...

How lovely - another little girl in the house soon - what a blessing for you Pom Pom. Shawls - well you could make one for the new arrival? I have no shawl, never had one, but I have a very wide scottish mohair scarf in dark green and deep red tartan pattern, the kind of mohair that is all course and hairy feeling! I love it in the winter and sometimes wear it as a wrap with a kilt pin but also snuggle in it when sitting up late. By the way, I emailed you and yes received yours, will be posting to you early August xxx you are a dear friend Pom Pom (with typical English reserve it has taken me a while to say so!) Betty

Elizabethd said...

I dont have a shawl as such, but my daughter knoitted me a GIANT scarf one winter, very lightweight. I wrap it round my shoulders when its cold.
Not now as we have 33 degrees of heat and a drought!

wayside wanderer said...

Congratulations on another beautiful granddaughter! That is exciting news.

I am not sure I have ever seen a cherry tree in real life! Do you have to shoo away the birds? It is really cheery covered with all those delicious looking red orbs. I bet your arms get sore after a little while. I hope you get a taste of that pie! :)

SusanB-knits said...

Congratulations! another granddaughter!
I love shawls but don't have any for myself I've given them all away. The two I'm working on for my self have be waiting their turn hoping I'll loose interest in socks and then finish them(shawls) up! lol!

Anonymous said...

I'm a shawl girl! Cosy for sitting around in or walking, but I just can't do anything practical in them as they fall off my shoulders or choke me to death if I pin them on! :)

Love yours...sooo pretty! Is that a denim sofa you have?? How cool is that?!

Hugs, xxx

Anonymous said...

I forgot to congratulate you!! Another sweet girl...lovely!! :) :)

Bradley Maston said...

thank you for the lovely lunch and tea yesterday. You are always such a ministry and encouragement to me. xoxo brad

Pom Pom said...

Oh, thank you so much all of you, for your sweet words of encouragement and affirmation! Your comments are so specific, so warm and real. What a blessing blogging is. Don't you think? I'm still pondering the shawl today and thinking about (smile) finding the perfect pattern that isn't too hard, too hard to follow, and just right. And no, I have not yet heard if the pie is baked. Again, thank you for taking the time to visit. I appreciate you so much.

Vicki said...

Hi, Pompom, and congratulations on new baby girl on the way!! I loved seeing your shawls, each one unique and so pretty. I haven't worn a shawl in a long time, and I really don't know why because they are so warm and comforting. I always carry along a sweater when we go out to eat because I don't like to be freezing in a restaurant when I am trying to enjoy my meal. Maybe I need to get a shawl!! Enjoy your time with family, dear friend. Sending love and hugs your way~ Vicki

MamaF said...

You're so blessed indeed !
Shawls, I love them ! I have two crotcheted ones i made couple of years ago, and another one i did for my mother when i was just 8 or 9 years old and now she has given it to me since she knows i love them.Now i'm knitting a 'Tasha Tudor' one in blue cotton for the summer ...
Dear friend yesterday i got your parcel ... it has been such a blessing ... I not even have words to say how much I'm happy about it ...thak you so much :)

åslaug abigail said...

Happy for your upcoming December-princess, she's in for a lot of fun times with her fairy queen grandmother, I know =)

Didn't get your letter yet, but today's mail has yet to come. I'll definitely be quick with an answer, busy-keeping is my lifesaver at the moment =) =)

åslaug abigail

Charlotte, Cottontails said...

"I've always been a bad picker of berries" - somehow that line reminds me of Jemima Puddleduck who had "always been a bad sitter"!

And isn't it ALWAYS necessary to eat a cherry pie? :-)

If you decide you fancy a milk jug (they're v small - but plenty big enough for milk for tea or something) let me know, I don't usually send them overseas because of the weight fragility stuff, but I would for you of course.

Have sold a couple today actually. Think the sale is helping ... which is the idea!

Love Charlotte

magsmcc said...

I always come too late to you! There's not enough time to savour you, and think it all through and tell you everything you make me think! And now I have to tidy the kitchen and go to bed and I HAVE to sleep tonight because in two sleeps we'll be driving the length of Scotland and ENgland in two hour shifts,and I still haven't sent you the long email I want to write with a photo of me carrying my birthday cake and wearing your beads, and.... Maybe I'll just go to bed with my wrap!

magsmcc said...

And congratulations- lots and lots and lots and lots and...........

Kerri said...

Yay for girls! Just think how wise Finn will be about women! He'll be streets ahead of the other boys! And New Zealand wool? How fabulous. The sheep here are all about to have their babies. I already saw two lambs last week. Can't wait till the paddocks are full of bouncy joyful lambs! It's one of my favourite times of year.

melanie said...

wonderful news! Congratulations :) xxx

A Write Life said...

Congratulations! I love shawls too, and that yarn looks wonderful. Can't wait to see your work of art completed.

The dB family said...

I've never thought about shawls that way. I love what you said. It's making me ponder a bit more.

Congratulations on another sweet gran on the way. Prayers for all!