Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Fancy Visitor

Hello! Look what came knocking on our door! What kind of a fancy moth is it? Do you know?

Sprites were running through the grass here. It's fun to chase cousins.

Granny is pooped.


Heart Felt said...

What an amazing looking moth...gorgeous. You had better put your feet up with a cup of tea. xx

CollectIn Texas Gal said...

I've never seen a moth quite like that. It's wings look curled. Nice that it was so still for you to take it's pictures....unlike those sweet sprites on your lawn. Gosh, I've been jumping through loops with Grands as well. Also, working on setting up a website for my High School Class. It's coming along and of course I'm overSuedoing. Can you believe how fast the summer is going? When does school start for you? My Grands start August 24th and they were ready to go back last week.
Enjoy seeing you blog changes...pretty pink roses and fun stars.

Mrs Yappy Dog said...

that is the most intersting moth I have ever seen, no idea what he is. We get lots of moths from the woods here but nothing like yours. What a lovely visitor - I wonder if he eats bark of trees? (or off your front door!)

♥ Tina, the quiet homemaker said...

Ooh, fancy moth! Never seen one like that before! Like your new bloggy background too, very sparkly and doodley! xxx

libbyquilter said...

beautiful moth~!
is it a type of hummingbird moth i wonder . . . ?


Elizabethd said...

Pretty moth, but I dont know what he is. Maybe one of the Hawk moth family?

Firefly said...

Hi Missy!
Love your new starry blog layout!
Handsome moth visitor you have there, but I hope he's not the kind that eats your woolly things!
Your yard looks so green and pretty, and those littles look like they're having a grand time at Granny's house.
I am a pooped granny too -- lots of commotion (as my mom used to say ;-) over the last two weeks! I actually slept until nearly 10:00 this morning. I don't think I've done that since I was a teenager!
Hugs to you Friend,

Green thumb said...

Hi Pom Pom! What a lucky granny you're to have such lovely and joyful grandchildren!
Make the most if your time with them!

Aisling said...

Pom Pom, I'm pretty sure that is a Pandorus Sphinx Moth. I had the caterpillar in my garden several years ago, and actually mentioned that moth in my very first blog post ever. Look here if you want to read it: http://quietcountryhouse.blogspot.com/search?q=pandorus

Google images will give you some good photos of both moth and caterpillar if you search using the name of the moth.

Enjoy the weekend!

Gumbo Lily said...

I knew that moth too! We call it Pandora (as in Pandora's box) Spinx moth. One year there were the caterpillars all over my woodbine and they ate the whole thing up. I had the kids picking those fat caterpillars off by hand and tossing them into a bucket of water to drown. Pretty moth, but pretty destructive.


Bradley Maston said...

Great fun! The kids had a wonderful time! Thank you so much! Lovelovelove

The dB family said...

Your yard is beautiful and the grands look like they're quite enjoying it! I hope you were able to just relax and watch :o).