Sunday, July 4, 2010

Little Fire Crackers

Bird and I had fun on our outing yesterday, but Granny got a $75 speeding ticket. Sad. We ate dinner at our house and headed back here in separate cars, staggered times, so I could bathe the girls one at a time and tuck them into their cozy beds. Bill's got lots of helpful ideas! He came early this morning to take Birdie over to our house so she can play with Kelli and Jenny's old Barbie box - in peace. Miss Bug is stirring upstairs. She's happy to bop around from toy pile to toy pile and I'm going to show her her new stick horse! Birdie took hers with her. If you haven't guessed, they are having a hard time getting along. Smile. Sibling love.

And right now, Kelli is saying goodbye to Hawaii! They fly all day (bummer, since it's July 4th!) and will arrive tonight just in time for bed.

With the humidifiers, fans, and air conditioning going as well as the baby monitors, I can't hear a thing. Herbie, the scary looking German Shepherd, nosed me a few times in the night but I honestly wouldn't hear fifty fire trucks outside. Isn't this a cute illustration by Chris Van Allsburg?

I've been feeling like blueberry girl, so I'm re-reading Overcoming Overeating. It really is a fantastic book with such good thinking having to do with body acceptance and dieting ridiculousness. Have you heard of it?

Last night I had a good talk with the Lord about all my silly behaviors. I'm so easily distracted from my Shepherd. Who cares if I'm extra woolly? Who cares if I look like a 51 year old woman? I am one! I certainly love being a grandmother. I've always loved old ladies and old men. Bill is a pretty handsome 54 year old, I must say. He seems to be pretty crazy about this old lady, too. Thank you, good Shepherd.

Which sheep are you? Isn't this one sweet looking?

I leave you with this soft painting of a woman doing a worthy task by lamplight. She is serene in her soul, I think.
If you view a fireworks show, enjoy looking up and feeling small and precious. If you are reading this from another country (and I DO adore and love my international friends - LOVE them!) I hope you know just how unique your heart is. Everything about you that is eternal resides inside and your sweet sheepness is pretty darn cute, too!


Gumbo Lily said...

I always thought they let Grannies off for speeding. You blew my theory!

Double-teaming the girls! Good idea. Aren't you glad you have your dear Hubs there to help?

All sheep have wool, some more than others, but all woolly. God made them that way. And if we are the Sheep of His Hands, then we are loved and cherished by Him. You are loved, Pom Pom.


CollectIn Texas Gal said...

I'm feeling so much better about ME after reading this thoughtful post. I'm also admiring your Faith and ability to express your innerself. I love being a Nana...but...I'm glad they get to go home to their beds, toys and Parents! Like your BubblyBlog Look, music and header!

All things bright and beautiful... said...

When you had a chat with our good Lord I hope he told you that this week dear Pom Pom you really helped me along - lol! I tried to email you my thanks but couldn't so I say a thankful prayer for you instead :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Pom Pom, I just ordered that book from Amazon after your recommendation...can't wait to read it! Hugs to ya! xxx

wayside wanderer said...

I love the title of this post. You have been such a blessing this week and you have been encouragement in the process. That is a rare gift. Hugs from Tx.

Patricia Torres said...

Oh.. I simply loved this post.. My mom was rather strict & serious... but now that she is a gran.. she is sooooooooooo different with my kids... They are allowed to do.. what we couldnt even think of..

Kerri said...

Oh these sheep are adorable! I was just thinking about sheep portraits today because my paddock has about 500 sheep in it at the moment! They have such sweet faces. I watch them in the morning while I sit on the couch with my coffee and try and wake up. P.S I love you too my international friend x x

Sherry from Alabama said...

Bummer! What a way to spend $75! Think of how much chocolate you could have bought with that.

Sherry @ A Happy Valentine

Bradley Maston said...

Wonderful conclusion to granny camp! Sorry for the speeding ticket, that's no fun. I have to be honest, it's hard to tell one sheep from the next, that's why I'm glad to be one of them! I'm just thankful we have such a distinct Shepherd! I love you loads! ~brad

The dB family said...

Pom Pom, you make me smile! You truly are a blessing to this mama!


Heart Felt said...

You are so thoughtful Karen.....those look like NZ sheep to me! xx