Friday, July 2, 2010

All Six Together

Lunchtime proved full and beautiful today. Look who came over! Baby Aria, Finn, CB, and Sam! And their mothers! I love it when all our grands are in the same place - with ME! Aria is adorable. She sports a fuzzy little head and she is chubby now. She smiles and her pretty dark eyes turn up at the edges like Jasmine's. (You know, Aladdin.) She is so fun to hug and kiss. Birdie said, "Granny really likes baby Aria!"

Miss Bug - not so sure about this little one.

Look at the pile of babies in front of crabby ol' Miss Bug. She actually wasn't all that crabby. Notice Sam's confused look in the background. She was speechless.

Cinderella X 2

Jenny and Sam. Oh, Sammers! Look at those rosy cheeks!

I remember when I was a full time mommy and lunch was pretty unappetizing. Tuna melts (burned - I can't multi-task) and mac and cheese. Grapes. Cheese puffs. Popsicles. Oh, my stomach hurts. I really need something greener. The mommies did not complain. Grandchildren did not complain. Every bite and crumb gone. Well, quite a bit of macaroni is still on the sun room floor.

Oh, little prince FINN! He is such a good boy and so nice about all the girl stuff. He found the trains right away. And the tools.

Look at this little chicken! She's scrumptious. I love the smell of her and the feel of her. She's such a . . . baby! I am so thankful that I have various sizes of baby bods to love and admire. I'm a blessed granny, for sure.

Thank you for all your support and lovely wishes and advice. I DID take a good nap today and I am heading off to the Uncle Fester bed now. Just kidding. It isn't that bad. I should have brought my own pillow. Kelli's pillows make my ear hurt. Tomorrow, Bill will take Miss Bug over to our house for lunch and a nap and Birdie and I will go somewhere in the car. We have a mild case of cabin fever. I am so sick of the clothes I brought over here and the shoes and my chipped toenail polish. Disgusting. My hair is hideous and my mouth tastes like fuzz.
Kelli is reading this so she can get a look at her babes. We missed her sing song voice today and her happy hospitality. However, she is getting a sweet massage at the moment and enjoying sun and sand. Yay!

Thank you for being such happy blog friends. I love your personal and warm comments and when I read them, I know I am very rich. VERY rich indeed.


wayside wanderer said...

Baby Aria has really filled out and looks so snuggly cute! I wouldn't know what to do with all that wonderful hair. My kids were bald forever. And I love Finn in the middle of all the pink girly stuff. Cabin fever indeed! Have a great outing tomorrow!!!

Mrs Yappy Dog said...

What a contrast to the day before! you definitely are someone who needs people around them - especially children! lovely pictures of complete family chaos and mess and fun, just the way it should be. I bet your daughter is lying back relaxing knowing everything is in very capable hands. Hope you get yourself those flowers, you deserve them. Betty xxx

Angela said...

They are such lovely day I shall be a Grandmother too, perhaps! glad your brood bring so much joy.
Summer Blessings xx

Heart Felt said...

Gorgeous little people everywhere! How divine....have fun. xx


Doesn't that just make it all WORTHWHILE

Happy Saturday xoxoxo

Gumbo Lily said...

Just look at all those smiling faces! I feel for Finn. I'll bet he's a good sport about all the loud, yakky, girly stuff.

I'll bet it was nice for you to have the moms there to encourage you and give you some adult conversation.

Have a fun day out today.

Mrs Yappy Dog said...

me again - can't find an email for you on your blog - we will be flying 26th July and staying 3 weeks, Country Living will be in my hand luggage if interested just email an address to post it to! Betty xxx

Pom Pom said...

Thank you! We did have a fun day out. We bought musical stick horses. I'll take a photo. The only bummer: I got a speeding ticket. Drat.
Bill saved the day and took Miss Bug over to our house so Birdie has been in her own little uninterrupted imaginary world this afternoon. We're off to my house to have dinner and back for our last night of Granny Camp.

The dB family said...

Such beautiful beautiful grandbabies! I'm glad you had a great day out! I hope you'll be able to get lots of sleep the rest of the weekend!


smellincoffee said...

Hey, Pom-Pom:

I just saw this interview Shane Claiborne and remembered your recommendation him to me -- figured you might want to check it out. :)

Kerri said...

Oh wow, you're a busy girl! Looking at your beautiful Aria's little chubby legs makes me want to pick her up and give her a squeeze! So cute! Must be almost time for your own holiday now!

Bradley Maston said...

What a wonderful, tender, joy. Great times at Granny camp. You are such a treasure!