Sunday, April 11, 2010

Spring Samples

Spring IS showing her stuff around here. The daffodils are strong and as yellow as can be. The forsythia is blooming this year, recovered from Bill's over zealous trimming two years ago. I do not know what the pink blossomed tree is. I think it spread itself over here from my flowery neighbor's garden. I'm delighted. The birds are at the feeder, enjoying thistle seeds. A fat squirrel is busy on the stone wall, stuffing his cheeks with leftover sunflower seeds from the last feeder fill up. I think the view out our living room window is glorious, because it's a view we've enjoyed for almost twenty years.

Yesterday one of the only things I got accomplished (besides reading a good book and making split pea soup) was a grocery store run. I got sort of hung up in the "spring" aisle. For some reason (maybe my Norwegian blood) I'm always drawn to gnomes. I love them. This particular gnome was on sale and so was the toad stool! Score! So, now they wait by the fairy door Jeff gave me for Christmas and soon they'll be tucked in among the flowers. Weeeeeeeeeeeeee!

I dug up these flowers (they were in the basement closet, leftover from Jenny's wedding at home almost two years ago) and tied them on the posts. Do you see the hand made bunny hanging on the heart wall? She's just hanging by a nail, watching the front door open and close, open and close.

Last night Jeff and I went to the book store. I couldn't find British Country Living (sadness) or Living Crafts, so I wandered around the knitting and crochet books, the poetry section, the juvenile section, the writing stacks, and left with nothing, but Jeff (bless his literary heart) left with this. He loves classics.

I'm glad I had a quiet morning with music, reading and writing, a pot of tea - Kelli just called and we are off to the zoo this morning.

So, thank you God for a your provisional ways. Thank you for eggs to eat, purple grapes (this morning I had an image of Jesus, stomping around in my heart, turning the grapes into fine wine!)

And I'm ever so grateful for "marked down" Easter candy. My favorite. I had many handfuls with my tea this morning.

The same little corners of our home continue to soothe my heart. A garland (70% off!) and some beads (another fabric store bargain) and this precious heart of love that hangs on the blue wall, making such a powerful statement, reminding me of HIS big rescue.

I wish you peace. Granny's going to the zoo. Yes, I'm sure you remember that I don't like zoos. I DO love little girls in strollers and sweet and lovely daughters - so, the grading waits, the preparation for our house guest tomorrow will get done somehow, the planning for the Socratic seminar on Tuesday at school . . . yikes. xoxoxox


Mrs Yappy Dog said...

I feel the same as you about zoos, but they do excellent work to keep the breeding of endangered specious going on and it is of course educational for our children. The candy looks like English smarties - multicoloured sugar coated chocolate - ever had them?

Kari of Writing Up A Storm said...

I hope you have a wonderful spring Sunday! We've been having the most glorious spring in Austin ~ I've never seen so many flowering things out and about in my life. And today it just happens to be a tad bit misty, just my kind of day, because I feel I can curl up with a book without feeling guilty. And I feel the same way about zoos, all those animals in cages, but I know you will love being with your kids! xo Kari

CollectIn Texas Gal said...

As always a visit to PomPom'sPonderings lifted my spirts! Thank-you sweet friend for thinking of me. Yes, I am tending to those important things for my Mother and Brother. I will be here for weeks, months ??? I'll email you soon. Keep us in your prayers....Much Love, Sue

Michela said...

Thank you for another great post filled with love,joy and many prettiness!
Have a great week!

Anonymous said...

Hi PomPom, I love your
Forsythia, Daffs, and the gnome and toadstoal. Happy Spring~

Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Good Morning Sweetie...
I hope you have a beautiful time at the zoo on this gorgeous Sunday morning. I love the zoo, especially with the grandkids, they see things through eyes that I have not, and it makes for a wonderful time.

Love your rabbit that is so cute. Oh the garland is just down right special and sure does brighten the wall.

I wish my store had a fairy door, a gnome and toadstool. Those are just stikin darn cute. I love them, and thank you for sharing with me.

Have a great day sweetie. Country hugs and much love...Sherry

Elizabethd said...

Dafodilas and forsythia...perfect Spring flowers. I have them too!

black eyed susans kitchen said...

I found gnome happiness here today! Very cute....the yellows of the daffodils are gorgeous!

Gumbo Lily said...

What beautiful blossoms you have there, Pom Pom! We are still awaiting flowers, but they are coming. Your gnomes and fairy door will look sweet tucked into the flower beds.

I thought of you when I bought some half price Hershey's bunnies!

Happy Sunday with the grandangels.


Pom Pom said...

HI Everyone! We had FUN at the zoo! I hadn't been to the Denver Zoo in ten years and it's much improved. My favorite sight to see was a big fat goose with her nose tucked under her wing. Oh, and the peacock was strutting around. Pictures to come. Thank you for your kind comments and sweet and friendly wishes!

wayside wanderer said...

We will be headed to the Dallas Zoo tomorrow. It is homeschool day. I don't mind the zoo but my kids are teens now so I was thinking it would be lovely if I could get a pedicure in the Aviary and perhaps a chair massage while they traipse around.
Glad you had FUN!!! I am off to charge my camera batteries. :D

jeanne said...

Hello Pom Pom,(love that name) your post is full of pretty flowers and sweet things. I especially love PEACE.

Wish our world could achieve that. Smiling.

Happy days, Hugs, Jeanen

melanie said...

What beautiful blooms. xxx

Bradley Maston said...

You keep such a lovely home. What a wonderful ministry, my wonderful mama!

Anonymous said...

i love this chatty post :o) you have such a beautiful homely home and a gorgeous garden. i have some forsythia too, but it's just a baby one at the moment with only a few blossoms, still looks lovely though, that yellow shade just epitomizes spring for me.
i like the peace sign with the little birds :o)
i also love the gnome, it's a real character that one. my paternal great grandmother was norwegian, so now i know why i love all those kinds of things :o)



Kerri said...

Oh the flowers are lovely! I'm jealous of your forsythia! So pretty! But mostly I really want a squirrel to visit my garden, he sounds adorable!