Sunday, April 25, 2010


Hi Everyone! We have so many nice birds around here. I was at Birdie and Miss Bug's today while their mom and dad went to the baseball game and out to dinner. I spied an old bird house on the side of their house. Don't you love birdhouses? When we moved to Seattle we lived by a lake while our house was being built and there were so many birdhouses in the trees. I find bird houses such an important gesture of hospitality. However, the best example nature gives us of bedtime brilliance: the nest.
The nest above is in Sydney. I do not know what it is for.

Have you read The Wheel on the School? It tells of sweet children in Holland who try to lure storks back to their village. Jeff and I read it when he was little. He still has a nice hardcover copy.

While watching the little girls, I knit my i-cord lanyard. It's not quite finished, but I think I'll knit a nest next. Garden Mama featured a sweet nest with knitted eggs on her beautiful blog. The nest above was pictured on a bird rescue site.

Cats are good nesters, aren't they? Before I was a teacher, I cleaned houses. One lady I cleaned for made cozy little nests for her cats. They were all around the house.

There are so many kind robins in our yard this spring. They hop around hunting for worms and let me get very close to them. I found these robin eggs on the web. Isn't that the softest, most inviting shade of blue?
Is your house your nest? Your bed? I think it's wonderful that teenagers never want to get out of their beds. I have only felt that way when I was nursing babies or sick. I get up because I get stiff and sore if I stay in bed too long. Do you ever have those divine sleeps when your whole body is relaxed and calm? Why don't we have those every night? I think there is something secret about sleeping that we haven't discovered yet. Your mind sorts out details while you sleep, but what else happens? I remember trying to outsmart sleep when I was a child. I thought that if I just kept thinking about being awake, I wouldn't drift off. Of course that didn't ever work. Sleep IS necessary. duh. How do you make your bedroom all dreamy and cushy? I'd like to know.
Granny told a lot of stories today, folded clothes, washed dishes, bathed babies, combed hair, and smooched soft little necks and Granny's ready for sleep. Sorry for the rambles.
Oh, Gwen said that gnomes give her the creeps. Do they give you the creeps? I like their little red hats, but I'll give the gnomes a rest.
Thank you for coming by. I hope you had a happy, nesting weekend.


Mrs Yappy Dog said...

I have a fascionation with birds nests - you might have seen my post earlier in the year when I found one on the ground on a walk, in India I saw vultures' nests high high up which were a buriel place for a religious sect who put their dead up there for nature and the birds to deal with. I heard the first cuckoo at the weekend - do you have those in the USA? they don't build their own nest but place their eggs in the nests of other birds and then the newborn pushes all it's foster brothers' out?

Mrs Yappy Dog said...

on the subject of gnomes, they have always made me feel uneasy but I couldn't say why.

melanie said...

Ohhh, we used to have a radiator basket like that for our dear cat Jagger, who sadly passed away unexpectedly when he was only 3 years old, he loved his cosy nest. The knitted bird nest is wonderful, the chicks will be lovely and warm in there. :) xxxx

CollectIn Texas Gal said...

Yes, you know I AM A NESTER! I build a nest where ever I go...even for a short visit or ride in the car. You reminded me of my very first post on SuKnitWitty and the 'RoseBush Babies' first picture. Poor SuKnitWitty...she has been soooo neglected this month. I've missed smooching BabyBubba's sweet cheeks...gotta go do that TODAY! Love your ramblings and you!....Sue

Jessica said...

Hi Pom Pom, I love your new layout. You are very much like Mary Poppins aren't you. Practically in everyway ;-) Yes, I am a nester too with a long term attraction to them. We have a couple of little faux nests that hold ceramic birds or faux eggs decorating tables around the house. Last spring, the kids and I found a duck nest with the most beautiful hatched duck eggs. The duck eggs were the most delightful color. A sort of pale blue/green. We were enchanted. Your beautiful page, peaceful music, and thoughtful musings are enchanting too. Thank you for sharing your beautiful spirit!

xx Jess

P.S. Still no camera.

Firefly said...

Love your new header too, and yes, you are (as Little said) practically perfect in every way Missie -- just like Miss Mary P.!
And what interesting nest photos. I think I'd like to curl up in that great big one -- or maybe not -- looks a little precarious, doesn't it ;-)?
Angels & Blessings,

Bradley Maston said...

Gnomes are wonderful, I hope Gwen doesn't realize that gnomes live under every single bed in the world. They really are very productive and would offended if they knew that she didn't like them.

Sara said...

I wanted to thank you for being a part of my first year of blogging! What a wonderful year it has been. I'm throwing a little party and as an honored guest, I would love for you to stop by and share a highlight of your year with all of us.

Cactus Happy,

Kari of Writing Up A Storm said...

I have always thought of gnomes as friendly little creatures, a little larger than elves. It's the trolls I'm not so sure about! And I love nests, too. My little boxroom where I spend my days might be becoming a little too much of a nest, what with all the twigs, leaves, and cobwebs that seem to be accumulating. I blame my little cat, but maybe it is the gnomes who are responsible?? I read The Wheel on the School when I first started teaching, and I think I have my copy somewhere. I must try to find it. And I hope your cut finger is healing! xo Kari

libbyquilter said...

i LOVE nests~!!~ and have a nests and little birds theme going on in my outer front entryway . . . that includes a large flat rock with the words "a little bird told me" chalked onto it . . .

Pom, i've had intermittant internet problems for the past week with a total outage over the weekend and so i'm a bit behind on this follow-up but i have a small surprise that i would like to send you as a thank you for participating in my blogaversary give-away. i tried to pick a few simple items for everyone according to what i know about them and i have something special that i think will be just right for you. if you would e-mail me your mailing address i will get that in the mail within the next few days for you.


Barbara said...

Love the birds nests. We have so many different birds in the garden now that it is Spring. Could watch them for hours.

Sleep - to have tht kind of sleep every night would be heaven.

Kerri said...

Oh I loved all your bird and nest pictures! I especially loved the baby birds in the knitted nest, so cute! I think my house is my nest. I like it to fit me and all the things I love. Thanks so much for your comments on my harmony and mary oliver post. I left you another message under your second comment but was unsure if you were notified as someone else's comment crept in between your comment and mine. Have a great day, and no -gnomes do not give me the creeps!

Heart Felt said...

Love the cat nest, our cat has a nest in a tree ~ his hiding place from the kids. xx

GretchenJoanna said...

The Wheel on the School is just wonderful. It might be the first DeJong book the children and I read. I love them all.

Robin said...

I LOVE nests!! So far, I've counted 4 Red-Winged Blackbird nests, 1 Robin's nest, and two Tree Swallow nests in the boxes. I think that nest and huge egg would look good in my yard! Of course, since I'm named Robin, I'd have to paint the egg blue!

The dB family said...

I love all the nests you found! That great big egg in the nest cracks me up (no pun intended :oD). My favorite nest is my bed. It's almost May and I still haven't taken off the flannel sheets. I love their soft coziness. I can't sleep in anymore like the teenagers do though.