Friday, April 23, 2010


We are enjoying delightful April showers. I'm going to need my smiley face umbrella today. We get downpours so rarely in Denver. Yesterday it was so stormy that there was a tornado warning out near my school. We spent an hour "duck and covering" and waiting out the storm. Because I grew up in Washington State, I love rain.

When our kids were young, we spent almost every summer at Young Life camp. This is Malibu Club on a rare sunny day, but most days I juggled the stroller, a big umbrella, raincoat clad preschoolers, and walked up the boardwalks to meals and then back again to stoke the wood stove in our deliciously damp smelling cabin. As teenagers heard about their Savior, I busied myself in the background. Our kids have epic memories of their rainy summer days in British Columbia, privileged guests in a remote wooden camp in the Princess Louisa Inlet. It's rare for a rainy day to come and go without my heart revisiting Malibu Club.

This is my golf course. When I was four years old, our family of seven moved from a cute little cottage in town to a modern five bedroom home across the street from this golf course. None of us ever mastered the game of golf, but we spend days and days of our childhood looking out the window at hole # 9. Gumbo Lily reminded me of this today because she posted about her prairie yard. Rain or shine, dedicated golf enthusiasts played. Big golf umbrellas spotted the landscape and roads winding around our neighborhood offered views of sand traps and water obstacles. I don't enjoy a rainy day without my mind floating back to my memories of that glorious green view and even the smell of the club house.

Here's Mary, one of my literary heroines. Remember what the sudden London downpour did to the chalk pavement pictures Bert drew?

Yes, tut-tut the rain is pouring down and spattering on our smooth driveway. The neighbor's crab apple tree that greets us this spring morning, well . . . it's just about ready to come into glory. I can't wait.
Rain is so cleansing, so nourishing. It reminds me of a song I like:
Rain Lord oh rain Lord
Rain Master Jesus, rain
Rain your Spirit in my heart
Rain Master Jesus rain.
I'm so glad He does.


The Artful Paper Doll said...

Hi Pom Pom,

I still live in Washington sate and I must say, I love the rain. I love listening to it when I'm falling asleep. There is just something so soothing about it.

Thank you for the cute comment on my fairy story. They certainly can be self centered little creatures can't they? (tee hee :)

Wishing you a beautiful rainy day. Thanks for the giggle with the smiley face umbrella today. :)

Hugs! =D

Sherry from Alabama said...

What beautiful memories and beautiful settings for your memories. I enjoyed your post this morning.

Sherry @ A Happy Valentine

SusanB-knits said...

We had tornado watch last night! I'm glad nothing came of it just a bad thunder storm that woke me up. All this rain will bring beautiful May flowers!

Mrs Yappy Dog said...

Gosh a Tornado warning! keep yourself safe. Being in England we are used to rain. I have experienced the odd monsoon in Indonesia and Kenya on holidays so know how damaging heavy rain can be! but I love the rain and I love getting my hair wet. My grandmother washed her face in rain water and had lovely soft skin. It must be so good for us. I love the smell of rain early in the morning too.

Firefly said...

Love love rain! Think I've probably said this before (a lot?), but I could so very easily live in the Northwest or Wales or Ireland -- somewhere -- anywhere with lots of cool, gentle, gray, rainy days and no "dreadful hot weather that keeps me in a continual state of inelegance" (j. austen)

Vicki said...

Hello, Pom Pom,
My son and his family visited Washington state recently, and he thought it was such a beautiful place. He has always loved rainy days and so this was a great place for him. Enjoy your rains there in Colorado and your wonderful memories of growing up days. Vicki

Andrea said...

I love the lovely images! Thank you for sharing them!

And, yes, dear Lord send your cleansing rain to refresh our hearts and renew our thirsty souls!

Beautiful, dear friend!



wayside wanderer said...

We are expecting rain and storms, too, and my Boy Scout is off on a climb/camping trip. We've been watching the weather and praying for him.

melanie said...

We are enjoying absolutely gorgeous weather here, though I do wish, that when we are all in bed, it would rain, to give the gardens a good drink. :) xxx

Kari of Writing Up A Storm said...

Oh, I love this peek into your childhood and your young motherhood, in the rain and under umbrellas! But how does Australia fit into your life story, and are you and Kerri related? I am trying to fit all the puzzle pieces together! And I loved your comment to me about feeling as if you had been given the keys to the city when you learned to read and write. Such a perfect way of describing the power of words. All of your wonderful posts reflect your love of reading and writing. I really love how you incorporate all the books you loved as a child into your writing your thoughts down now as an adult. You have such a wonderful ability to hold onto the very best of childhood, and such a deep and abiding spiritual love. xo Kari


A lovely post. Rain is so refreshing. It is a blessing for the growth of the trees, flowers , birds and bees.
Have a great weekend.

Kari of Writing Up A Storm said...

Pom Pom, thank you for enlightening me! I've been "reading between the lines" and seeing the warmth of auntie-niece or cousins or longtime friends, but it is "only" your amazing love shining through. I, too, feel as if I have known you all my life ~ how do you do that?? You have a way of making each one of us feel so special. Visiting your blog is like "coming home" for a few minutes. You are magic! xo Kari

Gumbo Lily said...

DD and I bought umbrellas on Friday as we shopped in the big city. I usually have one in the trunk, but not today.

We had a nice shower of rain on Saturday at the ranch and the grass just shot up, nice and green and clean. The cows love that tender,new grass.

The lovely green of hole #9 must have been so nice to look at every day. My youngest would be in heaven to live next to a golf course.

Thanks for the bloggy link.


Michela said...

Unfortunately I hate rain, it makes my sinusitis getting worse..anyway your smiling umbrella is so funny and pretty!

Bradley Maston said...

Malibu is a magic place. My mind still uses any excuse it can get to go back there for a few moments. The wood stove was so beautiful, and the endless days of rain were such a treasure. That's where I first heard you read "the Fantastic Mr. Fox" and more than a small number of other wonderful children's chestnuts. Wonderful!

The dB family said...

You always leave me so inspired!! Spring rains are so wonderful -- especially if it's warm enough out to walk in a gentle downpour.