Monday, April 19, 2010

Creative Materials

Let's rejoice at happy things like strawberries - four containers for five dollars. This means generous portions for strawberry lovers. Grateful.

I'm moving stuff. One of Jeff's friends is coming to stay with us (live with us) and the basement (aka Pom Pom's creative mess) must be straightened. I'm moving all my creative materials up to the guest room. Now the guest room shall be my "creative materials and books" room. This doesn't sound like a big deal, does it? I wore clunky clogs to school today and my feet are KILLING me, so each time I came upon something interesting (every two minutes) I sat down to look at it. I opened old journals and found funny artwork.

I found some of my old school stuff. It reminded me of those blissful years just a short time ago when I sat in the college classroom with all the youngsters (smile) and drank deep from the fount of knowledge. Going back to school at 42 was challenging in many ways, but because I found the content so engaging, I loved it. Look at my notes! If you were a 19 year old sitting by me and you just happened to look over at my notebook, well let's just say you'd probably roll your eyes. What can I say? I'm a doodler.

Even though it is going to be exhausting and sweaty work, I will move my books and bookcases upstairs to my newly established little work room because I love to gaze in adoration at my books.

I had all my yarn, needles, cross stitch stuff, patterns, and sewing notions in a dresser. It is taking me forever to get it all relocated, especially when I have to touch it all, fondle all the different sizes of needles I forgot that I had and make some wishes . . . I wish I could fiddle around with all this pretty stuff. I wish I could take a day off (not possible - the kids start their research tomorrow!) I wish I had just a tiny bit more energy.

I'm not anywhere near finished, but I wanted to dash outside before the day disappeared completely. I know you all love forsythia.

Look at this sassy-faced girl! She's so resilient, so perky! I wanted to give her a little round of applause, but of course I had my camera in my hands.

I went through the house to the back. Worm eating robins were waiting for me there. They are growing fat.

Good night moon.

Here's another illustration by Jane Dyer. I wish I was this princess because I think I'd be okay with a fairy and two bugs administering a nice little foot bath just for me. Tomorrow, it's back to comfortable shoes. I know better.
Don't you feel romanced by spring (or autumn, my NZ friends) and aren't you thankful for all the real things? The true stuff. The sweet little gifts of life.


Mrs Yappy Dog said...

I love the princess with the bugs.
Now your craft things are close to hand you will probably use them more. What fun to have someone to stay long term too - in the UK houses are very small. when my brother came to stay they all crammed into one bedroom on the floor (but party by choice as he is married to a Thai and the family sleep like that at home as they are afraid of ghosts in their culture and many families do sleep together!).

Southern Charm said...

oh my dear pom pom friend! i love your notes! (LOVE the goodnight moon photo!)
yes...did you see that i took your suggestion and changed my blog color?
having a great time in san grateful for my wonderful friends and family..
including YOU!

Southern Charm said...

oh my dear pom pom friend! i love your notes! (LOVE the goodnight moon photo!)
yes...did you see that i took your suggestion and changed my blog color?
having a great time in san grateful for my wonderful friends and family..
including YOU!

Heart Felt said...

That sounds like hard work ~ good luck with it all. So happy you are enjoying spring. We have been very lucky with our autumn weather so far ~ cool mornings that turn into glorious sunny days. xxx

Green thumb said...

Your "Pansy on the rock" is such a lovely metaphor!
Happy Tuesday and thank you for your sweet comment! xxxx

melanie said...

I bet you will absolutley love your room once it is complete, sitting there with all your books and crafty things around you, , a perfect haven. :) xxx

Aisling said...

I think your pansy's cousin lives here in my front garden. I have one that looks just like her!

It is a lot of work to change things around at home, but you will love your new creative space, I believe. It will all seem fresh and new in a new location.

Just a few more weeks of the school year. Hang in there! Summer beckons! :)

Kari of Writing Up A Storm said...

I love your notebooks with all your doodles! I wish, in some kind of time-warp, that you and I could have gone back to school together in our forties, with all those 19-year-olds. I have always loved being a student in a class. You are making me think (again) that I should audit some classes. I can so easily take the university shuttle bus to campus, I don't know why I don't do it. Your notebook is making me want to!! I love your little angel ~ it quite rivals Jane Dyer's. And I think moving to a new space is probably a wonderful way to get really organized. I need to redo my whole workspace. If only I would!! xo Kari

CollectIn Texas Gal said...

My feet hurt just thinking about you moving all your Treasures and the stairs, steps and trips. Gosh I wish I was there to help...I love lookin and organizin OPS...other peoples stuff!! And your stuff is right up my they say...why alley? Anyway, here's a tip...get it all moved then take time to groove!

Left-Handed Housewife said...

My college notebooks look just like yours. I still doodle all the time. At the quilt guild meeting last night I doodled stars, then drew a rectangle around them and called it a quilt!


Gumbo Lily said...

I loved looking at your doodle journals. They're really wonderful, Pommy.

It must have been fun to go through and touch all your special books and yarns and things. I hope you'll enjoy your new crafty-booky space as you make room for your new house guest.

Enjoy your foot bath.


April said...

I've seen your basement and reading about moving all that stuff out of there up to the guest room sounds exhausting. I'm tired just reading your entry.

debbie bailey said...

Ah, a room of one's we women love our own place. It's so much fun going through familiar stuff and rediscovering things we left unfinished or things accomplished.

So you got your degree after the children left home? At 42, I was having another baby!

Tell me about that book Writing to Change the World. That's a book I might need.

Wear comfy shoes and enjoy your new space. Have fun!


Hello dearest, so sorry it's been so long, too much to explain and it's all boring and horrible. Came over here for some light relief and a pink hug :o) You make me smile

I've been doing a lot of moving of stuff also. Very tiring and very distracting, I know the feeling. I want to get up in my attic and lose myself amongst all the old photos and books and stash :o) but no such luxury of time right now, I have guests arriving next week too and so much to get through

Enjoy your strawberries and THANK YOU FOR BEING YOU!


libbyquilter said...

your old notebooks are absolute treasures~!!~ and i LOVE looking at your doodles~!~

forsythia is a spring favorite of mine but i never see it growing around here . . . maybe our altitude is too high . . . ? hhhmmmm . . . anyway, your night time photo of it is lovely.

we had a few days of bright sunny weather and then a couple of rainy ones and i thought it might really be spring . . . but have woken up to several inches of snow this a.m.
sigh, this season really stretches my patience~!!~


wayside wanderer said...

I love seeing your creative doodles!!! And you kept them! I remember being in my college Elem. Ed. classes with older women. They LOVED being there, and yes, sometimes it was trying because it was them that was always making class last longer. But now I know I would be the exact same way if I were to go back! Ideas are just so much interesting once there is a little experience under our belts, isn't it.

Kerri said...

I am romanced by autumn dear Pom Pom. But I'm rather romanced by your beautiful spring too!

Bradley Maston said...

Lovely Growth! Beautiful spring pictures. It's here at last!

Jessica said...

You are such an inspiring woman in so many ways! I love the way that you blog. It's sort of unconventional {in the best sort of way} and truly feels like getting a glimpse into your creative and beautiful soul!

Strawberries.... mmmmmmm ;-)

The dB family said...

Your notebooks are wonderful!! They would make studying such a pleasure!