Thursday, April 15, 2010

Can I Stay Home?

I can tell it's going to be hard to leave home this morning. Bill and our Australian house guest left early, Jeff is still sleeping and the minutes are ticking away as I sit in my favorite spot. Can I stay home and play with my crochet hook today? Please?

Look at my little bird! She is no match for this giant polar bear. Last night she was here for a visit and she likes to sit up on Grampy and Gran's bed and watch Scooby. She finds things. She found my basket of "stuff" and a cup of beads. Who doesn't love beads? We slept with all different sizes last night. Birdie likes to dump things.

I'm just wondering if you've purchased your summer hat yet. Have you? I have not. I love Sam's hat. Do any of you know what she might be thinking about? Feel free to smooch her chubby cheeks.

Jeff and I are longing for leaves. It's just sticks here. Aren't these red sticks pretty? It takes a while for the trees to leaf up here in Colorado, but when they do, the soft green leaves create a magnificent canopy.

The kids at school are so smart. They had so much to say about heroes and archetypes yesterday. We sat in a circle and they astounded me with their insight. We went outside fifth period (the struggling readers and writers) and we played a funny game of chase. They feel pressure to be cool but who can be cool when you must hitch up your pants or kick off your flip flops because you are being chased? It's FUN! We went back in and had Otter Pops.
This week has contained minute by minute busyness and I'm feeling it. I'm hoping for a bit of quiet in the near future.
Time to lift off my chair before I'm stuck here. Thank you for stopping in and saying hello. I love it when you do.


magsmcc said...

Gosh it's the end of the school day here, and our paths are invisibly crossing! I'm blowing a kiss as we pass in opposite directions at the front door! Strawberries are at snack in the tree house stage and Thursday is generally a light homework day- so I'm taking your FUN advice! Bonne journee, Pom!

CollectIn Texas Gal said...

I smooched Sam and she said she thought someone left beads in her seat or was it something else in the seat of her pants...anyway she said she loves her GrandPomPom! And so do I...Sue

Susie said...

Baby Sam is SO beautiful! Thanks for stopping by PomPom :)

Heart Felt said...

Sam looks adorable her summer hat ` what beautiful eyes she has. xx

Vicki said...

Hi, PomPom,
I know well the feeling of just wanting to sit and relax instead of rushing off to school. It sounds like you and your school kiddos are having a lot of fun. Thank you for all you do for them. Your grandbabies are precious. I hope you have the loveliest of weekends, sweet friend! Blessings and love! Vicki

wayside wanderer said...

Adorable, kissable baby in a bonnet! I feel certain you went to school. You sound like the most awesome teacher. I thank God for you and the work you do! Tomorrow is Friday! Whooo hoooo!

Mrs Yappy Dog said...

Hope you had your day of quiet. little one's hat is cute. I usually have a straw wide brim hat but they never seem to last - I lose them, I once had one posted to me from Sri Lanka afer leaving behind and still managed to lose it again!

melanie said...

Your granchildren are just adorable, how gorgeous!
Thank you so so much for your lovely comment Pom Pom, it made me so very happy. :) I am so excited for you, about to watch Lark Rise, you'll love it. Have you considered giving the book a go, it is my favourite book, it is wonderful, so gentle, cosy, happy and peaceful. xxxx

SusanB-knits said...

I'd let you stay home and play with your crochet!!
Smooches to Sam's cute and chubby checks. She's adorable. And why no, I haven't bought my summer hat yet, lol.

Gumbo Lily said...

I wish you time for crochet and for being still and for rest. As I sat down to mend some jeans on the sewing machine, I noticed my stitches larger than ever. Upon further examination, the tension was all goofed up......guess who was here the other day? My lil grandgirl, Hazel Peach. She likes buttons and knobs.

Kiss Sam's sweet cheeks for me.
Jody (who will wear her old sun hat as soon as the wind quits blowing)

Firefly said...

Oh yes, home, lovely lovely home. I'd probably never leave if I wasn't pushed out of my nest.
Your little is the cutest thing ever (well, except for my littles ;-)!
Lots of Hugs,

libbyquilter said...

oh my~!~ i wish i looked as good in a summer hat as Sam does~!~ she's adoreable with those blue blue eyes and creamy skin~!~