Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Pleasing Pictures

Thank you for your sweet wishes for Jeff.  He enjoyed a lot of fun family love today.  We ate a huge dinner out and I am still recovering.  
I hope you like the images above.  Doesn't everyone love Ramona?  She personifies all the angst and worries of childhood in a hilarious way.  I remember when I met her.  My mother read Ramona the Pest to my sister and I.  We laughed so hard!  I have read all the Ramona books over and over again.  Beverly Cleary is a heroine of mine.
Next to her is Margalo the bird from Stuart Little.  Garth Williams is a magical illustrator.  I wish I could draw like that. I'd entertain myself for hours!  Notice Stuart, too.  E.B. White was an absolute genius.
The book jacket on my all time favorite juvenile book (Harriet the Spy) is what drew me to this masterpiece.  Something about Harriet made me want to know her, to be her, to think like she thought.  
Didn't you LOVE The Jolly Postman and Each Peach Pear Plum?  The images are rare and wonderful.  I never tire of them.
The mice around the table are also Garth Williams.  
The rest:  Susan Branch.  She's a self taught artist and full of love and inspiration.  I have loved her work from the moment someone so sweetly shared it with me.  I think it was Reve, my sweetie pie neighbor next door.  Susan Branch's voice sounds just like you'd want it to.  She knows how to spread love.
So, that's all today.  I've already said my prayers.  I am ready for my long day tomorrow . . . newspaper club after school.
Didn't this week go by fast?  
I hope your week has been rollicking along in a joyful fashion.  I hope you've found some time to tuck your nose into a good book, written by a smart and thoughtful writer.  I hope you have enjoyed the steam of a full cup of coffee or tea and I hope your week has given you some good "only I could think of something like this" ideas.  Smile.  Thank you for reading.  I know how many delicious blogs there are out there so I feel quite honored when you stop in and read my posts.  (BIG HUG!)


Pom Pom said...

Hi Everyone! If you can only see Ramona, click on the post title and for some reason the other pictures will appear. I'll figure it out. I switched to the new editor.

MamaF said...

Pics are lovely ! Thanks for sharing them. I forgot yesterday to come back and wish Jeff a very happy birthday, but i'm sure he had one with such loving and caring family around him, anyways here my very late wishes :)
(forgive me i get lost in the boxes nowadays lol )

Michela said...

Hi PomPom! the moment my nose is tuck..into lots of tissues, as I got a very bad cold at Easter.
Have a good day!

Gumbo Lily said...

Sweet pictures and memorable books. Wishing you a happy day.


wayside wanderer said...

I hope your day goes by quickly! Love the wonderful pictures.

Firefly said...

Love these -- especially the little bird hopping up the stairs -- cute!
Love Susan Branch too - her illustrations are utterly enchanting, aren't they?
Brightest blessings,

Kari of Writing Up A Storm said...

Pom Pom, I have never read Harriet the Spy. I just put it on my library list! Thanks for all the illustration memories. Hope you have a really lovely spring weekend. I don't think we have ever had as flowery a spring as we are having here! xo Kari

Vicki said...

Hi, dear PomPom,
I love all of these books, too, and the illustrations! Never a year went by that I did not read Charlotte's Web to my class, and I adore the illustrations for it. I can tell you love children's literature, and I am so grateful for that. We need teachers who love books and who will read to their students each day. We must encourage a love for reading in our kiddoes. Have a beautiful weekend, sweet friend! Vicki

Aisling said...

I love all of these illustrations. So many of them are familiar friends. :)

I don't know whether I am coming or going, with only 3 weeks (of projects, papers, exams, etc.) in this current semester. One thing I do know; visiting you here is a moment of quiet relaxation in the whirlwind of my days. Thank you so much!

Bradley Maston said...

I LOVE the Pipe smoking mouse. Just precious!