Sunday, August 12, 2012

The Girl in the Middle

Let's see, who was right?  Gumbo Lily, Farm Girl, and MK!  As I think about my new students, this photo is a good reminder of the depth and girth of the individual.  All these years later, I can see how much I missed back then!  I wish I had kept a Harriet the Spy notebook of observations of my classmates.  I may have loved them more.  As I recall, I kept pretty tight with my good friends (Bubs was my best friend and she's on top, on the far left).  As a teacher, it's my privilege  to observe and love each student.  I look at the names on my class lists and I can't begin to imagine them, but I will.  Yahoo!
Without photos, I wouldn't be a blogger.  I'd simply stick with my own journal.  Using images to describe what I like is helpful and defining and you're nice enough to take an interest.  Miraculous!  Anyway, I find my Knitting Workshop videos comforting.  Elizabeth Zimmermann was a soothing knitting instructor and listening to her voice in the background as I knit stripes of bright color delivers surprising peace and tranquility.  
I spent yesterday at Kelli's house (a baby shower and some girl-sitting) and this is one of my favorite scenes over there.  I remember when she chose her wedding dishes.  That was a fun mom-day for me.  
Here's another cool photo. I will hold our trip to Maine in my heart forever.  I remember the surge of HUGE love I felt for my great God as I rode on the whale watching boat.  The water.  The smell of the salt air.  The islands around me.  The dolphins!
When Bill and I walked around Bar Harbor, I felt like the luckiest person alive.  It was so accessible, so welcoming, so PERFECT.  We probably won't go back because there are many places we haven't seen, but we will use our "getaway" opportunities to visit the sea.  That is firmly established.
Lobster rolls.  I can't describe the yumminess.  
As I prepare to meet my eleven year old students, I'm glad I've been rereading Harriet the Spy.  Louise Fitzhugh wrote an astonishing story, all those years ago.  Each time I read the book, I love Harriet even more.  Have you read it?  I like the movie, too.  It doesn't come close to matching the richness of the story (of course!) but I still love it.
Speaking of movies, Bill and I are going to the movies at lunch time!  I can't wait.  Popcorn for lunch and a rare for me Coca-Cola (LOVE!)
Tomorrow is my last day of vacation.  I'm trying to plan what I will do to make it special and memorable.  Any ideas?


Betty said...

Last day of vacation? I think I would take a room and move everything round in it so it felt new, fill it with books I haven't read, paper and paints I haven't used and music I have never heard, cushions and a blanket, candles too. I would enjoy the moment and promise myself that at least once a week I would use that room for some spiritual time, maybe prayer or creativity, or just plain old chilling out. Your 11 year olds are very blessed to have you for their teacher, although they won't know it yet. Bettyx

Charlotte said...

I hope your new school year is fun and exciting. Glad it's you and not me :-) I don't want to relive those days!

Nancy McCarroll - Arts, Crafts and Favorites said...

Dang it that you need to go back to work tomorrow, but hope you had a great time at the movie and a COKE!! Love your pictures, especially that one of the gate in Bar Harbor. Might try to paint that one???

Happy new school year!

Nana Go-Go said...

Make the most of every minute of your last holiday day...personally, I would crochet the day away if I could get away with it....but that's just me!Lovely memories you've gathered, especially the dolphins and I live by the sea,modestly,but you're more than welcome anytime!

Pom Pom said...

Oh, Betty! You are so sweet and say the nicest things. I will take your dear comment to heart as I go back into the school house!
Charlotte, I know what you mean! School days are NOT easy on kids. I don't want to relive mine either!
Nancy! Yes, paint the gate. I always take photos of gates and paths. I must think about this a little more!
Dear Nana Go Go, YOU are so sweet. Oh, I like imagining you living by the sea and feeling snug and content! Crocheting all day sounds like a nice way to enjoy the quiet here!

M.K. said...

You're sweet to say that I guessed correctly -- I think I guessed 6 different girls! haha :) Oh well. You had your happy, adorable nature even back then. I know exactly what you mean, when you describe how you felt, watching the dolphins. When I see beautiful Nature, full of life and energy, I'm amazed and thrilled that He made all of this for ME! For us! For Himself! That he allows me to enjoy it all, and it is His joy to give it to me! Too wonderful for words.
The last day? Hmm. I'd take a long, luxurious nap, read a favorite part of a book, watch a very favorite movie, take a bike ride. Your students are so very fortunate to have you. If Julia could have you for her teacher, I wouldn't homeschool her this year.

TexWisGirl said...

thanks for the harriet memory! that was a cool book! loved your fence photo, too and the lobster roll made my mouth water.

Attic Clutter said...

oh yummm lobster rolls an popcorn ..(:)
thanks on the sheepies.

Lisa Richards said...

Oh, oh, teacher!! (Raising my hand anxiously from the back of the classroom.) I guessed right on your photo, too! :D
I must read Harriet the Spy. How could I not with that description!
Hope you enjoy your last day at home and that your students recognize what a peach they have for a teacher! Maybe you can help them to appreciate and hang onto some of the innocence of childhood before they make the leap into junior high and think they have to be all grown up. Kids today sure could use some of that!
Happy school year and praying for many moments of quiet, solitude and creativity during your at-home time!

Left-Handed Housewife said...

I love the Elizabeth Zimmerman DVDs, too. I like sensible British women who knit and are quite friendly, which describes EZ to a tee for me.

I once wrote a piece on why Harriet the Spy was my most important childhood book. I haven't re-read it in awhile; maybe I will this week as the boys get ready to go back to school.

Happy last day of vacation! Blessings on a new year with brand new sixth graders! Oh, I love the sixth grade.


Lisa Richards said...

Well, I'll be! I could have sworn I left a comment on your school photo. I remember doing it, but maybe I got sidetracked before I could submit it? I really did know which one you were. :D

Debi said...

I love Maine and I love lobster rolls. We didn't get to go this year so I'm so glad someone got to enjoy both Maine and those yuummy lobster rolls!

Gumbo Lily said...

Hooray, I guessed you in the photo! I was hoping you would tell us which one was you. I haven't read Harriet the Spy, but I probably ought to get the book so I can read it to the grands one day.

I very much like Kelli's dishes. So pretty and unique.

Love the ocean pic and the gate and the food. I love good food.

What movie will you see today? Coke is a treat, isn't it?

Wishing you all the best in your new year with the 6th graders. They will be blessed kids.

If it were my last day of vacation, I think I'd go see the grands, take a long walk, embroider a little bit and just sit in the shade in my backyard lawn chair. I'd bring a book or the embroidery, of course.

Big Hugs,

Kit said...

For some reason I have a craving for lobster...LOL I hope your last day is fantastic! Isn't the beginning of the school year so much fun? Have a great year! Kit

Catherine said...

And what did you two see at the movies? We took Kaitiaki to the Farmer's Market with us yesterday & we found dried corn cobs that you put in an oven bag in the microwave & pop right off the cob! Sounds like fun! Actually Pom, come to think of it, the best years of my school time were when I was 11 & 12 & the teachers that I had in those to years made a huge difference in my life. I stayed in touch with them both for decades after moving on. I still constantly recall little things that Mr Heesterman talked to us about & we felt that he cared about us. You'll be like my Mr h for so many precious lives...what a blessing you are. x0x0x0x

♥ the quiet homemaker said...

So, I guessed your friend rather than you! Lol! Now that I know it's you, I can see Bradley looking back!

LOVING your new, gorgeous blog theme! I want to go and tinker with my blog now! :) xxx

Pom Pom said...

Thank you for the encouraging words, friends. TexWis and Frances, I'm glad you know what I mean when I ramble about Harriet the Spy.
Lisa, I'm sorry that I didn't get the comment with your guess! I bet you DID know which one was me! I get distracted, too! I'm always zipping from tab to tab!
Tina, I know what you mean. Brad has my eyes, I think!
Gathering Katie, thank you for sharing about your teachers. I'm making it a point to REALLY pay attention to the kids this year. Last year I was learning the ropes for a new grade level.
MK! You're so nice! I'd LOVE a class filled with Julias!
Patty, the lobster rolls WERE delicious and I could have eaten even more popcorn at the movies.
Kit, I imagine you are starting school in a few weeks, too!
Jody, we went to see Hope Springs (Tommy Lee Jones and Meryl Streep). It was good but more serious than I thought. We both liked it and it definitely led to some great conversation.
Debi, the movie took place in Maine! Funny, huh? I hope you go back to that lovely state very soon.
Thank you everyone! I'm going to come back and comment on comments more often. I feel like maybe I have neglected to acknowledge your kind words!

Bonnie said...

I loved and read and reread and owned the Harriet books... I still have never tasted watermelon pickle. And that lobster roll has me drooling. Have a wonderful last day of vacation.

Bonnie said...

I loved and read and reread and owned the Harriet books... I still have never tasted watermelon pickle. And that lobster roll has me drooling. Have a wonderful last day of vacation.