Wednesday, August 8, 2012

My New Dog!

 I bought a dog!  A sheltie of my very own!  Her name is Middie.  She is going to school with me.   
Of course Middie is short for "Woo Hoo Middle School" and I feel SURE that my students will fall in love with Middie, the literary pooch.
 She came today and I am so pleased with her appearance.  She is life size!  Isn't her face adorable?  One of the reviews on Amazon said that their own sheltie was afraid of this toy.  She is very realistic, a little less so for human eyes.  

 I'll let you know what the sixth graders think of her.
 Quite some time ago, Gumbo Lily told me about Penguin Threads.  I love these two editions of favorite books, don't you?  
 MK asked about The Willows and their progress on their Grand Tour.  Well, they got held up at Alison's because she was leaving France for England, so I THINK they have been mailed to Floss (also in France) and she is on holiday with her family.  As soon as she returns I'm sure she'll entertain them.  After Floss they go to The Provincial Housewife in Australia and then on to The Angel in the Garden in New Zealand.  It's been a year and they are still having a wonderful time.  I'm supposing that I'll see them around Christmas.
 My sister-in-law found my seventh grade class picture in some of her things.  Can you find me?  Guess which happy camper I am!
The training I had today was fun and I loved seeing some of my pals.  
I am VERY thankful for five more days of freedom.  I might clean my house.  It needs cleaning VERY much.
Thank you for all your comments.  You really make my days, friends.  
I shall give Middie a pat on the head for you.  
Thank you for calling in!


Farm Girl said...

You are going to tell us right? Maybe the third from the left? or the dark headed girl in the complete center with her hair flipped up?
I like you Sheltie. I had two that looked like that. I really enjoyed my shelties.
I hope you are having a nice week.

♥ the quiet homemaker said...

Middie is very cute! What a great idea to bring fun to your classroom! I think you're the smiling girl in the back row. The first girl, on the top left of the pic. Am I right?? :) xxx

Betty said...

I thought either the girl in the cowhide jacket or the girl in the corner with the red shirt might be you? I have just been given my 'turn' with the family photo album - I share it with my two brothers. I was surprised to see I was called by my second name of Lynette in all the pictures until I reached aged 4! then became Netty, then gradually Betty, no wonder I feel like I have a multiple personality sometimes! Anyhow your doggie is lovely - I think your grandkids will kidnap him and that he might want to have sleepovers in your fairy house. The kids at school will probably want to groom him, I am grooming some rescue dogs this weekend at the homeless dog place - we will have walks too. Bettyx

Kerri said...

AAAHHH! You must tell me which girl you are in the photo! I cannot make up my mind :) I bet the kids will love the dog. I can't believe you are talking about going back to school already!

Mary said...

Good choice, the need to carry poop bags with you lol

Love your haircut by the way!


ann said...

Middie is quite cute and the 6th graders will love her. I wonder if I should have a mascot. Oh I do. Big bear sits in my office. I put him there so that if a student needed to hug something while we discussed a failed essay there'd be a soft body hug. So far no one has had to hug the bear. I'd guess that you are the little girl in the front row with the bobbed hair and head tilted. Enjoy your 5 days.

wayside wanderer said...

Oh, Pom Pom, how can you NOT tell us which is you in this post? Please don't keep us waiting very long. I clicked on the photo to enlarge in search of your blue eyes. I am not sure....

Love your doggie. I want a kitty and I might have to resort to ordering a rather still version because of my husbands allergies. Blessings to you...

Gumbo Lily said...

Middie is so pretty! She will surely thrill the students. Give her a pat and a "Good Girl" from me.

I think you are the girl in the middle row with the red plaid jumper.

Enjoy each day. I've been cleaning today too. It feels so good when things are freshened.

Janette@Janette's Sage said...

You are such a jewel of a creative and what joy you have...may my son be as blessed with teachers like you this year

M.K. said...

Middie is an extremely beautiful Sheltie! I'm sure Sandy would be jealous :) What a magnificent bib she has!! The kids will adore her.
The books are very fine. Nice artwork!
And I guess that the Willows have found what everyone finds who visits France in August: the local residents are all gone -- poof!!! They're on vacation! We'll have to wait until the school year begins again, I guess.
Now, for your photo. I'm scared to make a guess, so I'll give a few, okay?
I was thinking the dark-haired girl on the front row, not b/c she looks like you, but b/c your hair turned so beautifully silver, and sometimes dark-haired people do. But the girl in the red plaid jumper is so smiley -- maybe our Pom? Maybe the girl in the back left corner, or the girl in pink/yellow on front. I don't know!!!

M.K. said...

Oh, and do you think you should assign your students to each write a short story, with Middie as the main character? Sounds like fun!

M.K. said...

I just enlarged the photo, and I want to CHANGE MY GUESSES!! Either the girl on the front with the scarf around her neck, or the brown-haired girl with glasses on the far right, or the girl in purple on the back row. There!

Catherine said...

Well Pom...chop chop..I notice your absence in the comments column. How long will you leave us all in suspense?!! Your hair looks great..hopefully nice & easy to care for too what with everything else you have to take care of in a day once back at school! Wow that break sure went fast didn't it. I love your wool...did you roll it all in balls like that yourself or does it come like that in America ; ) So glad that you said...I was worried about parking for my inchworm. I need to play in that Wendy house!! Especially with the sunflowers outside like that. I am thinking girl in yellow personally as "she" looks like your grand daughters?? x0x0x0x

Left-Handed Housewife said...

I agree with the others: Please tell us which girl you are! I just can't figure it out, though I have my hunches.

Will has two dogs like Middie--a Bassset Hound and another whose breed I forget. They're so life-like that Travis barks at them and if they're placed near Will's door at the top of the stairs, I give a little shriek when I see them.

Hope you're looking forward to going back to school!


TexWisGirl said...

she will be a wonderful school mascot! :)

Attic Clutter said...

hehe cute I can't find ya..POM
Spunky heads Love it ..thanks..hugsp

Nancy McCarroll - Arts, Crafts and Favorites said...

Hope that Middie learns lots and lots and that the kids will leave her alone long enough to let her get some reading in!