Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Chop Chop

 Here are the haircut photos.  Sorry I'm making such a weird face (especially my mouth!) You probably already knew that I am a red face person!  
 My hairdresser is fun to talk to and good with the scissors.  Every day since I had my ponytail cut off, my hair has looked different.  Oh for heaven's sake, it's just hair.
 Here is the prettiest face and the cutest hairdo! Kim, this is one of your seeds from Field of Dreams!
 Here's another fine specimen!   
 We've been watching the birds.  They do respond to my phone calls!  They swoop in!  Bill said, "How do you know what you are saying to them with those iPhone bird calls? Maybe you don't want to say what you're saying!" He's right.  Oh well.  It's fun!  

 Speaking of birds, they did a nice job planting sunflowers around the Wendy House, didn't they?  Oh, I forgot to tell you that if you come by, you may park your inch worm in the back.
 Finn's Picnic was a lot of fun!  I only took a few photos, sorry.  My sister-in-law left today.  We had wonderful gab fests.  She's very dear.  

Do you like my yarn balls?  The summer of poetry and knitting flew by.  Sigh.  Tomorrow I must report to school for a training and I go back for preparations on Tuesday.  

 Bill and I are planning next year's garden and that makes me feel peaceful about the school year and the upcoming seasons.  August will hold beginnings and new students.  I will like them and God will give me the energy and the verve to do my job, which I KNOW is a gift.
 So this has been an owl-y, mouse-y, gnome summer with toadstools for happiness.  Of course I couldn't pack in as much as I thought I could.  Could you use a few words to describe YOUR summer?  What would they be?  I am fully aware that summer is far from over.  I guess I should say my vacation is almost over.  I had a lovely vacation.
This strawberry fairy was flitting through our house yesterday.  I did "pick" her up and squeeze her.  She's so lovely!
It's dinnertime, but Bill and I both ate hearty lunches, so I am having champagne for dinner and it tastes crisp and bubbly even though it is the cheapest champagne the wine store sells.
I am so very thankful for GRACE.  I feel it and know I am loved.  You are loved, too.


Farm Girl said...

What a lovely post and I like your hair cut!! I am a chicken, I need a haircut so bad.
I am so glad that sunflower grew. It looks pretty in your yard.
Yes, our summer is over I think. Next Thursday is my planning day. I still get scared about it. Still.
Have a nice evening, drinking champagne. :)

Patrice said...

Great haircut! What a sweet strawberry fairy. I've had a number of such beings in my house, with four daughters. :)

Lisa Richards said...

I love how the sunflower and morning glory paired up in that photo! It's also nice to know where to park my inchworm when I come to visit.
I like your attitude about hair. Mine was down to my waist and I had hubby whack off about 18 inches a while back. It does grow back. I'm kind of glad it's getting longer; easier to braid!
I finally got my paperwork into the college and picked up or ordered the books I need. Now I can kind of relax until the 27th when class officially begins! Blessings on your year as you bless many kiddos!
I do love your hairdo, by the way! :D
Your yarn balls and knitting bring to mind all of the cozy fun you'll have once winter sets in. The fun continues!

Kit said...

I love the way you think! And you look fantastic in your chic hair style. :) Kit

ann said...

I have been waiting to see which one of use said the "school" word first. I have 3 weeks--Aug. 27. I have been free since the 2nd week of May, so what do I have to moan about? No travel this year, a bed full of weeds that I could never tame, a new grand daughter, a garage that didn't get organized. What did I do all summer? Rested up so that I can go back for another year. Love your hair cut.

Betty said...

I like your haircut, it's neat and ideal for a teacher in a hurry in the mornings. I have been growing my hair for ages and had some highlights to hide the grey that is creeping in slowly! Maybe I will post a photo some time. I have just been to Devon to see my brother but am glad to be back in my own little house. Summer feels like it is ending but I have a week off so am going to do days out before it disappears all together! Betty x

Anonymous said...

Aww, sweet Pom Pom, I wish your vacation was only just beginning. But you are smart and wise to be so positive about liking your new students, and God has definitely given you a gift for teaching. How I wish you'd been a teacher of mine....but yet you are! :)

Your new hairstyle is very pretty on you! As you know, I'm trying to grow mine again, and I've been taking a pic every month to chart the progress! I hope to blog about it soon, aren't we funny about our hair? It really matters!!

Cute strawberry girl, and little birds! You always make me feel happy, love you! I'm praying your new term at school will be your happiest yet! xxx

Lynn said...

I love your hair. I can hardly believe school is just round your corner - but it will be ok - the doing is usually better than the thinking about it :)
My summer in words? Warm rain, caravan, house decorating, spring cleaning done late and the diet to end all diets!

Anonymous said...

Such a sweet post of your last vacation days. You packed a lot of goodness into your summer. The Wendy House is darling, the haircut is pert and cute on you, and I LOVE the sunflowers. A good idea to have champagne and toast the good day you had.

Cheers to a new school year full of energy and creativity.

Elizabethd said...

A very attractive haircut! I'm off to have mine trimmed tomorrow, having let it grow longer than is normal.

wayside wanderer said...

Very cute haircut! I like it! And champagne for dinner? You are my kinda gal. :) (I almost mentioned in a previous comment that I like to mix vodka with the sparkling cranberry juice. Pour it all on ice...yummy!) My summer...well it has had its struggles which I did not expect, but like you, I am so thankful for God's grace.

Bonnie said...

I always feel so peaceful and grateful for my blessings when I leave your blog. You have a gift. Thanks for sharing it.

TexWisGirl said...

i love your short 'do! AND your beautiful white hair!

M.K. said...

Champagne for supper? Ah, you live the life, Pom! You are aware, aren't you ,that you have phenomenal hair. Everybody wants hair like that, as their hair color changes. Very few of us actually get it! So beautiful -- enjoy your new do :)

My summer in a few words? New. Relaxed. Simple. Small.

M.K. said...

Pom - btw, where are the Willows? I haven't seen much about then this summer. Are they still in circulation?

Gumbo Lily said...

I like your sassy haircut. It looks very smart on you! It's hard to believe that so much summer has gone by already. Your sunflowers are so cheery. I wonder what you will plant in the gardens next year?

I like Miss Strawberry. So sweet.

Best wishes to you as you prepare your heart and lessons for the upcoming school year. I've been noticing all the nifty ideas you are looking up and pinning on Pinterest. It looks to be a fun year.


GretchenJoanna said...

You have beautiful hair, which I imagine would look nice any which way. I'm glad you won't have to fuss over it at the beginning of school.

You have a thankful heart to say that your vacation was lovely, when you might only have noticed how short it was. I'm always happy to think of you bringing beauty and love into your school.

I love that you are phoning the birds! That is just about the best use of modern technology I have heard yet.

debbie bailey said...

Your hair is really cute! It suits you. Champagne for dinner? You lucky girl! I love champagne and even have a bottle in my wine holder, but I won't open it. I'll have to wait until someone else can, because I hate loud, unexpected noises. I'm afraid the cork will fly out and I'll have a heart attack. Silly me!

I've had a busy travelling summer; Kentucky, Oklahoma, Philadelphia, Jekyll Island, GA, and Tennessee. I'm ready to stay home for a while.

Aura said...

Lovely, lovely post and I must say a delight to read at the end of the day. I'm so tired; was nodding at 7 pm. Does that ever happen to you. Love the pictures of the birds eating what nature is providing and how neat the sunflower garden they planted for you. You have had a productive summer, I can tell and I love the Owl softie you made. I will be posting soon a newborn Owl crochet hat I designed. Nice haircut you got and it will be so much easier getting ready in the mornings. Wish you a super year at school. <3

Kerri said...

Your hair is the most beautiful colour! I hope I have beautiful hair like that one day :) I loved the bird photos! And the sunflowers are gorgeous!

magsmcc said...

Oh look, you have strawberries in your house- what a great precedent to set! Slightly over half way through- that's our summer holidays (sorry!!) and would exhileratedly add sunny- woohoo! We are planning a very little weekend back up at the coast, so please let the sun stay! We have sunflowers too finally- well, we have two, with others promising colour soon! I very much love your new haircut. And I am very sorry about the Willows, and apologise to all faithful followers of your boys. Do you think it will be Christmas? Wouldn't that be too perfect??xx You are very called to that school, you precious channel of faith and fun, and much blessing awaits all who sit in your classroom. x

Left-Handed Housewife said...

Your hair is fabulous! I have very short hair and I love short cuts when they're stylish (as yours is, of course).

My summer is nothing like I had planned, but it never is. Sigh. You'd think I'd learn by now ...