Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Morning Moments

 I did drink tea on Monday and it tasted so fruity and bright.  Raspberry iced tea, too!  Betty's right (she commented that tea is so good for us!)
I'm taking Middie to school today.  We'll miss her here at home.  She's so good!  She never barks or whines at the back door.  She loves to be hugged and kissed.  She is a good guard dog.

Yesterday at school we sat in a lot of meetings.  I had little time in my classroom.  I don't even have a pulse on all the preparations that need to be made by next Monday when the eleven year old darlings arrive.  My brain goes numb when I look around.  I know inspiration will come and I'm pretty sure it'll come when I've let the clock tick far too long!  Oh well!
 Gathering Katie (An Angel in the Garden) asked me if I wound my yarn into balls and the answer is yes.  Elizabeth Zimmermann says that we should roll them differently, looser.  I'm going to try it.  I love the color here.  Delicious!
 I had to hang up my swim suit for the summer.   Just kidding!  This is Millie Rose's swimsuit (she's 20 months old!)  Isn't it cute?  She looks like a skinny little imp when she wears it!
 I'm too tired to make my bunting for school.  Please pray that I experience a great surge of creative inspiration VERY SOON, okay?
 Remember my poet fairy friend, Kerri?  Songs of Light?  This is a silk screen I bought from her shop Poetry and Cloth (Etsy!) and I do like the sentiment, do you?
 The Willows are currently missing in action.  I am hoping their whereabouts will be revealed soon, but if not, they have had a great tour so far!

 Would you please take a photo of your cookbooks or tell me about your favorite cookbook? I was snapping away down in the Pom Pom office.  I have so many books.
Here are some of my diet books (I noticed I have two copies of Jane Brody's Nutrition Book because my book buying can be a bit haphazard!)  I have so many books about eating and not eating.  It's a little ridiculous that this has been one of my hobbies.  Silly, really.  I like this collection of books anyway.
I also like playing with my computer in the morning before I have to get ready and sail out the door.  Now I am off for another meeting day at school.  Thank you for checking in on me.  


Gumbo Lily said...

I am like you...I mostly must be up against a time crunch before I get on the ball. Sometimes my creative juices flow when I'm IN the moment.

Cookbooks....I scaled them all back very severely when we re-did the kitchen and I only kept a few. I do not lean on one particular book very much, but go between several and mostly, I keep to my own tried-and-true recipes. Very soon, the Ball Blue Canning Book will be out a LOT.

Happy Back-to-School!

Anonymous said...

Good Morning Lovely Pom Pom,thankyou for your message,I missed You too and have lots of catching up to do.I drink gallons of tea and it sure does keep me going,I'm glad you enjoyed a lovely tea drinking day!Middie is so adorable and what a good pet!No barking or whining,sounds perfect :) Love all the colours in your yummy yarns all waiting to be made...
Love this colourful bunting and am sure You'll get that surge of energy just when You need it :)
I do hope the willows are ok,I wonder where they could be?Maybe stuck in customs somewhere?I know they are taking extra long over parcels at the moment :(
Love the look of all of your cookery books,I dont have many and stick to the same ones ,My old school book,I always Use and a book on rice dishes comes out quite often too,I will have to take a piccie of them for you ;)
I hope your meeting goes well today,We've another few weeks over here and its going way to fast!Results day for our son tomorrow,eek hope He does well,everything crossed and many prayers are being said.I'll let you know how He does.Take care and lots of love Juliexxx

wayside wanderer said...

Lovely morning post, PomPom. I think I would like to go missing in action much like the Willow Gang.

Cookbooks...I do not have many, but I do have recipe cards of our favorite tried and true meals. I use the internet mostly for new recipes.

I am feeling a bit blah about the new school year but I did unearth my desk yesterday so I am celebrating that accomplishment. I imagine meetings suck the creativity right out of us. I have tomorrow....and again....blah.

Lisa Richards said...

I need to be sailing out the door, too, but had to stop by and see what you're doing this morning!

Inspiration is like that...last moment...but it will come!

I have the very same copy of Willows; the green one!

I'll try to remember the cookbook photo shoot. I don't really use them much, but I have some!

Hugs to you! Hope you have/had a great day!

(I love that little silk screened sentiment you bought at the Etsy shop!)

Farm Girl said...

I will be praying for your inspiration. I have eating and not eating books too. I told myself I will not buy another one of those books ever again. I will buy wool instead. :)
I hope your day turns out better than you dreamed.

Anonymous said...

Your blog post alone was full of you must be brimming over with it. It will flow out soon, you won't be able to stop it!

My cook books seem to be mostly vegetarian, thanks to my daughter. :) Oh and baking books. I have two Jane Clarke books too, she is a wonderful nutritionist who talks sense. "Body Foods for Busy People" is a great book by Jane.

Hugs to you, xxxxxxxxx

Sue McPeak said...

OMGoodness are full of inspiring words and pictures this morning. I know that once you are at school and in your room the creative juices will flow! For inspiration...take that basket of yarn. my old ones, but now have to adapt and rework favorite recipes to accomodate my Gluten Free requirements. So a few new Gluten Free Cookbooks now grace my Cookbook shelf.

Today is CollectInTexas Gal's 3rd Blogiversary...stop by and say HI!!!!

magsmcc said...

Are they really missing? I may need to go hunting- wouldn't that be fine. Let's go and get lost in France, Pom, and see if we can't catch their trail! Inspiration would be sure to find us there...

M.K. said...

Ah, bless you, precious teaching friend! It's a little terrifying to be tired and uninspired just before students arrive. But school meetings are just about the least inspiring events imaginable, yes? I find that energy comes when the kids come. They will be excited about each other, and about you -- they won't care two hoots if every single bulletin board in your room is glistening from day one :) Take it easy. Watch a favorite last movie, or take a soaking bath. Get sleep. Inspiration will come all year long. Middie will keep you company!!

ann said...

Cook Books: Joy of Cooking, the original printing, a gift from my grandmother (paternal) to my mother and father in 1946, the year in which I was born. Then my Betty Crocker, and my very old Better Homes and Gardens. Love the yarn colors. What are you making? I do hope that you muster up inspiration--oh of course you will. Sixth graders can be most energizing or wear one totally out or both. Bless you teaching. These 6th graders are very lucky.

Floss said...

Pom Pom, the Willows have reached me! They are well and very relaxed indeed after plenty of time resting in cool, dark surroundings. They should have plenty of energy for getting out and about around Southern France within the next few days - I hope to introduce them to some hens soon...

Gabli said...

Just wanted to say that I love that cup! It reminds me of the egg cartons around here that read "This is the day that the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad in it". Lovely blog too. I am your newest follower.
Gabli of

Fat Dormouse said...

Glad to hear they arrived safely with you Floss. I have just checked with Mr D that he'd sent them on to you. I hope they all have a spiffingly wonderful time!!

Attic Clutter said...

Gravensteins oh they are so good to bake with ..
Love the silk screen..and you are getting busy with back to school prep looks like (:)

GretchenJoanna said...

I love your current banner...
My shelf holds many of the same cookbooks as yours. The idea of photographing them appeals to me - but the diet books are too depressing to even remember in the same thought!

Catherine said...

Hello Pom...thank you so much for rearranging the "furniture" just for me! I had adopted your banner pic as my faceboook photo a while ago...don't suppose you know who the artist is..I couldn't remember where I found it? AND I have been fiddling with pink spots just this week! I think I'll just stay here forever! I have a feeling it would be really nice to meet Mary Oliver...I love her frank & simple language. I love her words about prayer
It doesn’t have to be
the blue iris,
it could be
weeds in a vacant lot,
or a few small stones;
just patch a few words
together and don’t try
to make them elaborate,
this isn’t a contest but
the doorway into thanks,
and a silence in which
another voice may speak”

Pom...give away the dumb not eating books & just nourish your precious self nicely from now on ok : )
Relief to read that Floss has "them" after all YAY!!
Much love Gathering Katie who needs to roll her wool into happy balls.. x0x0x0x