Sunday, August 26, 2012

Sunflower Faces and Cookie Talk

 It's Sunflower Land around here!  I love how sunflowers usher in September.  One more week remains of this toasty hot month of August and then the lovely romantic month of September arrives, my birthday month (that's why I think it is lovely and romantic!)
 Each sunflower hangs her head a certain way.  Isn't the yellow miraculous?  
 They have surrounded the Wendy House!
 Out the back window of the Wendy House grows one green "Envy" zinnia.  She made it!  Soon she'll bloom.
 I'm still waiting for you to drop by and take a seat on a toadstool.
 The petunias I bought at the farmer's market are the prettiest white blooms I've ever had.
 Here is a fuzzy tomato photo for you!  Pick one!
 Sorry for the sideways shot, but I would like a tiny round of applause because I CLEANED OUT MY FRIDGE!  Yes, I kept thinking that my refrigerator was new (we've had it two years now) and therefore, I really didn't need to take it apart and clean every corner.  Hmmm.  Well, I have decided that this refrigerator was a GREAT purchase.  Everything comes out so I could scour the pieces in the sink and then click it all right back inside.  I know we have weird things in our icebox.  It's just the two of us now, so the contents have changed drastically.  

 Using the super powers that came from doing a big job, I decided to make cookies.  I found my most beloved and tattered cookbook because that's where the staple chocolate chip recipe lives.  A friend from college introduced me to this recipe and I like looking at my 30+ year old notes.  
 YUM!  Perfect for tea today.  I have a lot of school work to do this afternoon.

 This morning as I held my butterfly wing shawl around my shoulders I was filled with thankfulness AGAIN that I actually made something so useful.  I have knit many garments that didn't turn out so well, but this shawl was fun to knit and is cozy and comforting every morning.  Yay!

 The air was a bit nippy so I also put on my fur slippers that I ordered from Zulily for fifteen dollars.  Warm!
 I found some of last year's drawings.

 Wait!  This is a "this July" drawing.  I copied her from a magazine.
 I made a list of the essential housekeeping tasks,  so that even though I get overwhelmed with school work, I might remember how to keep our nest feathered.

 A friend sent me Streams in the Desert.  It's good to get back to a day-by-day devotional.  
 Cheers for weekends!  I'm refreshed and ready to go back to the students.  They really are sweet and responsive.  There is A LOT to teach them and it's challenging trying to figure out how to make the learning stick, but day by day the wisdom comes.  Whew.
So, I leave you with more sunflowers because they want to wrap their leaves around you and give you a welcome hug.  Labor Day is next weekend and then all the fall holidays begin coming our way.  Holidays are so sweet with families.  I like cooking holiday food for our kids and grands.  
My next post is going to feature domestic passages from three of my favorite books:  The Wind in the Willows, Lark Rise to Candleford, and Little Women.  These particular passages have warmed my heart and I think they will warm your heart, too.
 I do hope that this day holds simple joy for you and that you are looking ahead at your days and feeling alive and loved.
Thank you for poking your head in and saying hello!


Charlotte said...

Beautiful photos! Are there any cookies left? I'll be right there! :-)

ann said...

Good morning PomPom. The sunflowers are radiant. I only have a few volunteer ones since the ones I did plant didn't come up, except for one. I recognize that cook book--Betty Crocker? It is a staple in my kitchen. My first class starts at 8 AM tomorrow. I went to bed last night early, but didn't sleep well. We have a big task, we teachers, getting the wisdom and knowledge to stick, but we must have some success because we stick with it. Have a happy week.

Fat Dormouse said...

Lovely, lovely sunflowers, Pompom. They are one of my favourite flowers - I love seeing fields of them on my way to work in the summertime.

And a lovely, lovely post too, typical of your sunny outlook. God bless, my dear.

Angela said...

Love the sunflowers, and the cookies.
In total AWE of the cleansed refridgerator!!

Glad you like our hymn this morning
blessings xx

Farm Girl said...

I had to laugh as that was my first cook book too and it is all tattered and torn and I still use it the most. It taught me to cook I always say.
I love your sunflowers. I am so glad your week went well. I am so glad for the Labor day weekend too.
I have a list so long I am sure there isn't enough daylight to get it all finished.
I can't wait to see the passages you love.
I love Streams. I have read it since I first bought it over 20 years ago.
That and my Daily Light.
Have a lovely Sunday my friend,

♥ the quiet homemaker said...

I love visiting you! Such happy sunflowers and tasty cookies! I'd like to sit in the wendy house and sip tea with you! Hooray for your fridge cleaning! I did my larder feels good to be organised again! Sending hugs, xxx

Attic Clutter said...

Oh Pom your drawings are wonderful--and thanks on my scary heads''''
love the sunflowers too.. now is that cookie book a Betty Crocker COOKY BOOK from the looks kinda like mine I got for a wedding shower gift 1968-- I'll post a pic on my blog..loved this book used it soooo much it is tattered and worn..but will keep it forever me through my younger ''wife..mommy'' years (:) hugs..Patty

Carolyn Phillips said...

Beautiful photos. I love sunflowers as well. We have some on the bookcase at the moment as my parents bought a bunch for my daughter t celebrate her exam results.

M.K. said...

What a rich post, Pom :) Ah, let's hear it for super powers! You got a clean frig and yummy cookies both, and then the accomplishment of school work completed. You know, I've never thought of September as romantic and beautiful, I'm sorry to say. I have under-appreciated September. I always want it to be autumnal, and it always still feels summerish, and I'm disappointed, so I've frowned upon it. Shame on me! Julia and I start school in the morning. She'll be starting on an old copy of Little Women that my grandmother gave me about 40 years ago. Hard back with a purple cover. I hope she loves it. Blessings on your week, friend!!!

Lisa Richards said...

Congrats on cleaning the fridge!! The chocolate chip cookies look perfect and chewy good, just the way I like them. I'd love to sit on a toadstool and eat one with you! My most used recipes are usually written on grungy notebook paper and kept in a folder in the drawer!
I always love looking at your cheery drawings. More, please!
Glad your teaching is going well. I know God is guiding your loving heart.
I look forward to the domestic readings. I love that sort of thing!
I have an ancient copy of Streams in the Desert here next to my bed. My mom gave it to me. I need to discipline myself to read more of it and the Word.
Your chore list reminds me of when I used to be a follower of the Fly Lady blog. Do you remember her? I wonder if she's still doing that. Oh well, I have enough to do without feeling guilty if I don't tick all the boxes! I'll try to keep the dishes and laundry done and then go from there. :D
Thanks for a fun and thought provoking post!

Betty said...

What a packed post Pompom - love your drawings, they are delightful. Would love to visit your wendyhouse - hope you dry the sunflower heads for the birds. I notice the Willows are on their way to France - looking forward to seeing what they are getting up to soon. I have been wood staining the garden bench my neighbour gave me this evening, thinking about autumn, no sunflowers here but plenty of petunias and geranium. Betty x

Kit said...

I always come eagerly to your blog, cause it makes me smile. Sunflowers, cookies, and clean frig's, it doesn't get any better than that. :) Kit

Bonnie said...

Sunflowers and a clean fridge and then chocolate chip cookies. Can a day get any better? I think not.

Shey said...

Pom Pom! How's school going? Thank you your prayers, I will need them tomorrow, tomorrow it's my son's first day of school too, he's going into 7th grade, he's getting so tall and his voice is starting to get squeaky every now and then. =)
I'm so nervios about tomorrow, in Kindergarten I hardly ever got any criers, just 2 in the 8 years I taught it, but I would often hear the little ones across the hall crying out loud for weeks, some have even tried to run away. I hope they like our classroom, I worked zoo hard on it all week and the weekend too. I hope my son has an amazing day at school too. =) I love your toadstools, your drawing and the chocolate chip cookies look delicious! God bless!

Attic Clutter said...

hehe ya get the Halloween candy as soon as it comes out too hugs..p

Debi said...

I love sunflowers and have tried to grow them several times but the birds seem to get them before they grow! I have another week before school starts for me... sigh.. but I'm thinking that those cookies might help with my planning... will you share the recipe?

Bev C said...


You made my day with the photo's of the Sunflowers.

Happy days.

Melanie said...

Lovely Miss Pom Pom, always delightful are your posts. I am clapping at you cleaning out your fridge.....clap clap clap ! Today I looked at mine and then closed the door again ! lol I love your sweet drawings and would love to see more x

A tale from toadstool house said...

Good morning sweet Pom pom,I loved this post from begining to end...The cookies look so yummy and if only I knew you were waiting for me with that toadstool seat :) I'd have been there straight away! Can hardly wait for the next post,all of My favourites :)))Take care lovely friend,hugs,Xxxx

Gabli said...

I love September too! Its my anniversary month and it is the most romantic month of all in my mind.
Lovely sunflowers.

Happy@Home said...

Oh, those sunflowers are beautiful and the tomato looks mouthwatering. Of course the cookies look mouthwatering too. Do you mind if I hang out in the Wendy house and wait for the zinnia to bloom? I'll bring you a piece of the chocolate zucchini cake I just baked :)
Your shawl is so colorful and looks like the ideal thing to wrap up in on a cool morning.
Here's to a good school year!

Vicki said...

Hello, dear friend,
I will join you right away on those cute toadstools for a cup of tea and a delicious chocolate chip cookie (my personal favorite). It sounds like your school year is off to a good start. School started in TX today. Even though I have been retired for three years now, a part of me keeps thinking I should be up at that schoolhouse teaching those children (smile) but the other part of me loves being in bed later in the day and then leisurely sipping my coffee. Have a happy week, dear Pompom! Vicki

Thistle Cove Farm said...

Streams in the Desert is a great devotional and love the Wendy house. I'll come and sit on the toad stools but you'll have to pull me up -LOL-.

Left-Handed Housewife said...

Such a lovely post, P! I am trying to read your chocolate chip cookie recipe. I have used the same one from my mom's old Joy of Cooking book my entire life. Could I even try another recipe? It would be quite an adventure, that's for sure. I've been thinking about you and your sixth graders--I hope you're having fun with them. Here's something exciting in my life right now:

I will be sending you something soon!


TexWisGirl said...

the blooms are beautiful. the cookies are evil to my sweet tooth. :)

wayside wanderer said...

More than just a few of my favorite things. What a lovely post. So much goodness in the CO air at the PomPom abode. I am shocked that it is almost Sept. Where did August go?

libbyquilter said...

LOVE that last photo and your fun whimsy full drawings and those cookies look devinely delicious~!!~

can you believe summer is coming to a close and fall is upon us already~!?
time flies (with golden feathers).


Kerri said...

I love looking at your sunflowers! So pretty. You should get some applause for cleaning out the fridge! I always feel very impressed with myself when I do mine!