Thursday, August 30, 2012

Parents and Children

 I'd like to nap all day today because it was "Back to School Night" last night which meant a loooooooooooong day at school.
We hosted a lot of  nice parents and they looked so eager sitting in the science room, waiting to hear us tell them what their child would learn this year.  
 When our Brad went to school, I was SUCH an eager beaver parent.  I waited in anticipation for the moment his teacher would figure out how amazing his brain is.  
 When Kelli followed two years later I knew her teachers would love her.  I remember how proud I felt of our kids and I tried to look at the parents closely last night.  I sensed their loyalty to their precious offspring.
 Jeff thrived at school.  He tackled the academic  piece with finesse and he whole-heartedly used every moment of recess to be a boy.  He had the cutest freckles!  
 When Jenny went to school, I missed our morning "sofa time" and our early lunches together.  She made friends quickly and started playing soccer on the playground right away.  It's hard to leave your baby at school.  

The responsibility of 120 students, each one representing a mother who adores them, gives me the shivers.  I've always been more of a one-on-one person as opposed to a crowd person.  Sometimes standing in front of the class seems equal to jumping out of an airplane.
I sense God's HUGE grace every day at school. It's such a privilege to speak into children's lives.  When the parents were all gathered at school, I kept thinking about going home because I was hot and tired.  Home refuels me and that's why we get up so early.  Bill and I sit in our green chairs and talk and then pray together for our kids, our extended families, or neighbors, his appointments and the people he meets with, and my students.  
This reminds me to walk in faith.  It reminds me that I am a very small little heartbeat on this floating planet.  
Whatever He has for you today, that "something to do" that presents itself, I pray that you would understand  that you are blessed to do it, even if you don't understand the "why" or if you struggle with "the how".  
May our "self talk" be holy.  May it take the form of "breath prayers" and may you know unexplainable love.


Thistle Cove Farm said...

yes, Pom, may our self talk always be holy. I so miss those daily talks with Dave! God and I still meet each morning and evening but, somehow, there's something lacking. Probably, I shouldn't admit that but it's true.
My sister drives a school bus and prayers for her students; they **adore** her!

wayside wanderer said...

I had not realized that we have the same order of children boy-girl-boy-girl. I can't wait to see what they will grow up to become, but I am enjoying the process (mostly). You are a sweetheart and those families are blessed to have you teach their children.

Anonymous said...

If I was one of the parents, I'd be so relieved to have you teaching my kids. :) Your own children are lovely, I can see you in them too! xxx

magsmcc said...

I have saved this post in Favourites.

Gumbo Lily said...

Those blessed parents and kids you have! They don't begin to know how blessed they are to call you Teacher! One day they will

I like your thoughts about how we should pray a prayer of thanks for the challenges and jobs we do each day.

Lisa Richards said...

You are so insightful! One reason I homeschooled my children was that I didn't want them to get lost in a crowd of faces where nobody would realize just how wonderful and bright and sweet they were and where other children might not treat them kindly. We do, indeed, all think our children are special and want them to be appreciated for who they are. I know it's not possible for you to spend lots of one-on-one time with these children when you have so many, but you will do the best that can be done in a school setting. Thanks for admitting that you're human and want to go home, but you're also brave, and you carry through with that thing that God sent you to do, even if you don't always see "the how".
This post was such a blessing!

Farm Girl said...

I never knew you had four children. You never said since I had been reading. They look like a very nice bunch.
I imagine you have such a incredible gift in making others feel loved so I know it will be a good year.
I know I am feeling exhausted today, I can't imagine how you must feel.
I hope you have a lovely weekend.

Nancy McCarroll - Arts, Crafts and Favorites said...

I had tears in my ears when I read your last paragraph.

I spent the morning making little blankets for an unwed mommy in our circle, hoping she would overcome the stigma her parents are placing her under. That was my "something I needed to do" for the day.

Bless you for blessing all those little 120 souls with knowledge.

Left-Handed Housewife said...

Lovely post, P. Loved seeing the pictures of your beautiful family, and the last two paragraphs. I will think about the many things I'm blessed to do, including being the room parent for Will's 4th grade class. Parents' Night tonight!

Oh, how blessed your students are!


Betty said...

This is a beautiful post. My boys have been through a church school because I so want their teachers to be faithful souls and hope for God to use them to bless my boys. Every parent knows their child is precious, unique and the most special in the world - but it's a valuable teacher who keeps that same hold on the child's hopes, dreams, aspirations and spiritual development 120 times over every day!

Melanie said...

You have divine looking children and they look so happy. May you also always know love and hold peace in your heart. Have a wonderful day, those children in your class are so fortunate to have a caring soul such as yourself to teach them x

Pom Pom said...

Thank you for all your dear words, friends. Yesterday in reading workshop, the kids said, "We don't want to leave. Can we stay?" We had read a story called The Hope Bakery. They like being read to and they love being talked to. So sweet.
Each one of you offers up such encouraging words. I thank you for them. (a hug and a smooch on the cheek!)

TexWisGirl said...

your kids are so beautiful. what a great message.

Attic Clutter said...

paper bag owls..heehee
oh sure they can count (:)
thanks on my wide mouth Pumpkin (:)

Susan B said...

You have such a lovely family! I know your students are very blessed to have you as their teacher.

I hope you enjoy a wonderful weekend!! :)

Kit said...

I love this!! So glad you are there guiding a new bunch of kids. You are a star! Kit

Janette@Janette's Sage said...

Oh this was just great...from beginning to taught me a lesson, both as a mother, and then how I need to walk out my day, watching my own self talk.

Since I am doing both...public school and home schooling, I walk on both side of this, praying for my son's teachers, while needing the encouragement to do my best for the one I have at home...thanks for these encouraging words.

Teachers are a gift to all our kids...and yes, each parent desires for others to see their kids as the jewels they know they are...even if sometimes a diamond in the rough

April said...

Thank you for praying, MP! I love you!

libbyquilter said...

thank you and bless you.


Kerri said...

Aw your stories about your kids were so sweet! I loved hearing about them. And I loved your last paragraph. Thank you, I needed to hear that today x x

The dB family said...

Such a lovely and encouraging post!! Know that I will be lifting you up in prayer as you go through a new school year.