Tuesday, April 5, 2011

What Do YOU Like?

How long does it take to make a sock? I go around and around and around and look . . . just a little bit finished and a lot more rounds to go. I am such a sloooooow knitter. I try to go fast but I just can't do it! I read in a sock knitting book that when people knit for money (a long time ago) they were expected to knit two pair of socks per day. How?

I've been doing a bit of online shopping. Bill says I am a hoarder. I say I am a happy and cheerful picker outer.
This lotion (stress relief it says!) smells like mint and hippies. I like.

80 tea bags = 80 cups of yum (actually purchased at the grocery store)

summer bulbs soon to be buried

Leslie at Wayside Sacraments suggested this book. It's my little Lenten gift to myself. It came today.

The last little gift to myself . . . another finger puppet.

So I guess I like smelly lotions and sprays, tea, books, flowers, and finger puppets. What do you like?


Elizabethd said...

I could fill my bathroom with gorgeous scented things! Your look lovely.

Kerri said...

I think it's amazing that you can knit at all! And socks look so hard! How do you turn the corner into the heel? You are very clever and stripey socks are always the best x

wayside wanderer said...

Oh, very pretty socks! I want to learn to knit them but all those needles intimidate me. Oy. I will one of these days.

I hope you like the book. I love it. It is somber, thought provoking, and filled with the evidence of God's great LOVE for us.

Have a blessed day,

Michela said...

It looks like your garden will look very cheerful next Summer!

Betty said...

Yes I like a cup of tea too, we have ours in big mugs, the kids too - especially at breakfast. I like the little finger puppet, the grands will love being entertained with him. Betty x

Brad M said...

Wonderful things! There is a lovely tea shop up here that I must take you to. It is so nice they brew and custom blend teas of deliciousness, and freely share much tea lore.

I have to admit this post is the first time I have ever heard the smell of hippies stated as a positive thing!

I love you so very much!

Left-Handed Housewife said...

I like yarn for socks very much. My elbow has been bothering me for the last couple of months, so I haven't been able to knit and it makes me sad.

I like lotions, too, and Aveda hair wax which smells divine. I like books! And clean sheets! And peppermint tea.


debbie bailey said...

I have some of that lotion. I love it! I ordered the same book on Lent and got it today. Can't wait to read it tomorrow morning during my morning worship. Your little finger puppets are adorable!

April said...

I love that Eucalyptus Spearmint scent. I find it very calming. I like to keep a candle of that scent on the window sill over my kitchen sink and light it when I do the dishes, every once in awhile, to help me calm down and feel peaceful.

I like knitting, especially toys, foaming hand soaps, cooking and I love you!

libbyquilter said...

i like ranunculas and gladiolas ~ i hope you share those once they've bloomed~!

i like hot cocoa (made with milk rather than water) on a cold day.

i like working in my studio, especially as i make progress in getting it better organized.

i like the look and feel of handknit socks and really wish i knew how to do that~!

i like visiting your friendly blog~!!~


Anonymous said...

I need to learn to knit ~ making socks looks like such fun! I like tea, old books, making things, red geraniums in my window boxes, and sweet friends! I'm thankful for you!

Blessings on your weekend!