Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Because of Bunnies

I received that fun thing in the mail. Isn't the mailer it came in cute?

Drum roll . . .

My Easter shoes!

I had a poetry class after school and it was so inspiring that I stopped on my way home to buy pens (I am very picky about pens) and other inviting supplies. I indulged my love for smelly stuff and purchased scented markers. I can't wait to smell them.

Have you smelled the sweet smell of crayons lately? Oh, do. It's a whiff you'll savor.

Guess what? I get to teach sixth grade next year! I asked earlier this year, but you don't always get what you ask for. I'm thrilled. Is there anything cuter than an eleven year old? It means I have to move classrooms. That sort of makes me want to say, "ugh". I DO like to decorate classrooms, though.

I'll share some of the poetry ideas. I can't wait. The teacher is my favorite kind of presenter. He's articulate, humble, full of ideas, and NICE. I like nice people very very much.

I have been picking up the pace as I pad around the house. I figure I can scurry a bit in appreciation of my bunny slippers. Hop! Hop! Hop! Well, more like hip hip hitch shuffle.

It's cold here. We're having a bit of a break from spring weather. It's okay. It makes bed feel more snugly.

April showers bring May flowers. Whee!


Gumbo Lily said...

You make me smile.
Where did you find those bunny slippers? Fun.

Yes, I love the smell of crayons, but I don't have scented markers. Just washable markers for HP's coloring pleasure.

It's colder here too. I think I'll make soup for lunch tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Cute bunny slippers! And yes, I love crayon-scent too! Reminds me of little ones at home, and the shhh-shh sound of busy, colouring-in. Bliss. xxx

Yay for a new direction with your teaching! Fun times ahead!

Aisling said...

Just took a few moments to compose a reply to this post, and Blogger ATE it! lol.

Just wanted to thank you for sharing YOU... so colorfully, so beautifully, so vibrantly... through your blog. You lift my spirit!

wayside wanderer said...

Love those cute bunny slippers and I smile picturing you hopping around your house.

It has been a while since we have had crayons and scented markers here (that's sad, isn't it?), but we do have lots of Prismacolor pencils and markers, but they are boringly unscented.

Gigi said...

Oh Pom - those bunny shoes are the cutest things in the world! I must copy you and have some immediately ;).
And so glad you're getting to move to the grade you asked for. My favorite was 4th grade -- sweet and lovable little things.

GretchenJoanna said...

I think it's lovely that you can teach 6th grade next year. It will be refreshing - your students will love you!

Michela said...

Congratulations for your job then!

no spring chicken said...

You totally make me smile! And I like people who make me smile. :)
From your bunny shoes to your homey classroom and appreciation for the scent of crayons, you make me smile!!

Blessings, Debbie

no spring chicken said...

After I posted my comment, I noticed that your first comment also begins with, "you make me smile". Obviously this is your gift!

Still smiling, Debbie

Lisa Richards said...

Your classroom reminds me of Patricia Polacco's book called "The Lemonade Club". The teacher in the book decorated her room a lot like yours. It must be a lot of fun to be your student! Have tons of fun teaching 6th grade!
I also love your picture of Badger and Frog in your header! :)

libbyquilter said...

hooray for bunny slippers and GORGEOUS glowing tulips~!!~


Betty said...

aahhh, that's better - haven't had a chance to visit you this week - just popped in to drink up some peace, tranquility, goodwill - all the good things that your posts fill me with Pom Pom. I have been working a lot and am working overtime right over Sat/Sun but looking forward to a UK bank holiday monday with the men at home. Today I watched the royal wedding, such a fabulous dress, beautiful couple, hope for the future, a new injection of life for our British monarchy. Lovely stuff. Am off to the allotment now to sow cauliflower seeds. Bettyx

Betty said...

p.s. and yes, aren't 11 yr olds cute, until they turn 12 like my youngest and become opinionated, determined young men in childs' bodies! it takes some adjustment to these men in the house growing and changing but they are always little boys to their mums (and teachers).x

debbie bailey said...

Adorable shoes! I love your quirkiness. Congrats on getting the 6th grade position.

Anonymous said...

It's always so sweet & cheery to visit you! What lovely slippers - perfect for you.

I hope your day is filled with sunshine!


Kerri said...

Oh I bet you'll be the best 6th grade teacher! Can't wait to hear about it all! Love the bunny slippers!