Monday, April 4, 2011

Homey Feelings

Here I am on a Monday morning, soon off to school and NOW I have the homey feeling. I didn't have it during my spring break. I don't know why but now it's here and it's time to go to school. I think one of these spring breaks, I'd like to go to the little cabin above. My brother and sister-in-law stayed here last summer when I visited. I'd like to have a little retreat by the sea. I'm going to start planning. I don't think Bill would like the stormy cold of March in Washington. Maybe I could talk him into it but maybe I'd have to go by myself.
Bopping around on Google Images, I made a little homey neighborhood for myself (and you). Come on along!

When we knock on the door here, the housekeeper (who is now the mistress's best friend) will greet us with her rosy smile, lead us back to the kitchen, and we'll have a cup of tea while she finishes the ironing. Doesn't the ironing smell good?

When we stop here, we'll go around back. Our friend is stirring up the dirt in her herb garden. We'll sit on stools and ask her about her garden plans. After that, we'll go in the back door. She wants us to see her knitting.

As, we travel closer to the sea, we'll stop at the gate and wave at our friend who is standing at the window.

Rounding the corner, heading toward the houses with the red roofs, we'll peek over the stone walls. The lambs are playing.

Granny is watching the baby today. I smell ginger bread!

I'm glad we brought our shawls! The sweet smell of the beach is clearing our minds. Let's sit in the rocking chairs and warm our stockinged feet by the fire.

Time for supper! Would you peel the potatoes? I'll make coffee.

Yesterday I read Mrs. Tiggy-winkle to Miss Bug. I have a new finger puppet and I hid it while we began the story. I pulled her out when Lucie arrived at Mrs. Tiggy-winkle's house. Miss Bug was quite surprised.
If you ever need inspiration to iron, read Mrs. Tiggy-winkle!

My morning at home is zipping along and now it's time to iron my clothes for school. Off I go. I'll take this homey feeling with me.
I wish you a surge of homey joy today.


Betty said...

HI Pom Pom I am just doing the ironing and saw your post so am pretending I am in one of those little cottages - the one on the hill overlooking the sea reminds me of my granny's house at Porlock Hill in Somerset, UK. My little house is having a spring clean today, clean sheets, clean floors and a roast dinner on the table for the men. Amber doesn't feel well, she got chewing gum stuck on her fur and we had to cut it off - think she may have licked it a lot. Enjoy your day. Betty x

GretchenJoanna said...

You have told us a lovely story to start the day with. I love Tiggy-Winkle but I thought she was a Mrs.? You have your thumb over that part in the picture...and we never do hear anything about Mr. Tiggy-Winkle that I remember, do we?
Do you suppose that her maiden name was Tiggy and his was Winkle? She was ahead of her time with the hyphen, if so.
Now you have got me telling stories. I am far from home myself, in MD, so perhaps that is why.
Nice to see you.

Jacalyn @ said...

I do so love that nesting feel! Great little cottages of which I wouldn't mind residing in! Have a great day!


M.K. said...

What a treat! I enjoyed our trek through the village, visiting friends. Oh, how I'd like to make a trip like that, to a place like that! However, I am no ironer. Never have been. Some people love to iron. I prefer washing dishes. If you make a cottage visit to the sea, and need a companion, count me in!

Elizabethd said...

What sweet little cottages you found for us to visit.
Mrs Tiggywinkle is one of my favourite ladies!

Pom Pom said...

Gretchen Joanna, You are right! It's MRS. Tiggy-winkle. Where is Mr. Tiggy-winkle? Maybe he's out of the village for his own work. I fixed it though. Thank you.
I am thrilled with all my blog friends and your love of all things Beatrix. I wonder if she knows how we honor her memory, her profound work. We love you, BP!

April said...

I like your new finger puppet!

wayside wanderer said...

Ah, cute puppet! I love Mrs. TW, but ironing, well, not so much. I would love to go for a little respite in a cabin somewhere. We have the week off from our homeschool co-op so this week will be a nice break. Hope you have a great day back at school.

Gigi said...

Hi Pom! What a fun visit with your friends in their cosy cottages this morning. I think, even if I could afford to have a grand palatial house to live in, I'd choose a cosy cottage instead. Yes, I would. And I love the smell of ironing -- just don't want to do the ironing ;). I watched "Miss Potter" again the other night. Wasn't she just the most amazing person -- in every way? Wouldn't it be lovely to visit Hilltop Farm someday - sigh. . .
Blessings to you Pom, and remember, only about 8 weeks until school is out for summer! Hang in there Friend ;).
p.s. love your new header and blog design!

magsmcc said...

I'll have the red roofs, please- very South of Frace and all things abundant. You can all have the wilds of Donegal Irish cottages. Far too far from hospitals and affordable supermarkets!

hip-chick said...

What a lovely stroll. Now to put on the tea.

Brad M said...

Outstanding walk, good neighborhood to live in. If we could only have our colorado mountains with the Pacific Northwest ocean (having no use for the So Cal coast!). Love you loads!

debbie bailey said...

What a sweet finger puppet. I've always loved the roundness of Mrs. Tiggy-Winkle. Your new header is so cute! I love any type of cottage and head off to enjoy one by myself at least once a year. Wouldn't it be fun to get some blog friends together, rent one, and stay a few days? The hard thing to decide would be which coast to visit? I'm up for either one!

GretchenJoanna said...

Definitely the West Coast! ;-)

Pom Pom said...

Wouldn't it be GREAT to have a bloggy retreat at a very remote little island destination? We could name it "All Things Simple" and stoke the fire and dine on soup. We could take long walks on windy island roads, share stories, make things, and pray together. Sounds WONDERFUL!

Left-Handed Housewife said...

Oh, what a wonderful stroll! I love these cottages. I have checked oodles of books on growing a cottage garden, though my house is a standard 1964 suburban model.

I do like the idea of a bloggy retreat ...


The dB family said...

That was a lovely walk :o)!

Tiggey is the most adorable little finger puppet. He looks very soft not spiney.

Praying you are having a great week!


Gumbo Lily said...

That was a fun little get-away and so inexpensive! Thank you for taking me on your journey by the sea. I love Mrs. Tiggy Winkle adn the puppet is so cute.


libbyquilter said...

ah yes, home SWEET homes~!!~


Kerri said...

Yesterday when I was helping my mum and dad pick up walnuts I found THE most beautiful hedgehog under a tree. He was curled up on his side and I think he was feeling poorly from eating too many nuts. He had the most lovely human like hands. Just exactly like a little old man. I restrained myself from picking him up and giving him a cuddle, but it was difficult!