Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Aftermath

It seems like Easter took forever to come. I have just six weeks left of the school year. I can feel it. I am tired of driving down the highway every week day and I am very tired of grading student work. I wish we could go outside and run around every day for the remainder of the school year. I have waves of zero creativity and I'm very thankful that they don't last long. Tomorrow we have testing in the morning and I'll think of something jazzy to add to the afternoon. I hope.

Something I want to do: write and write and write in my journal. After I grade five more projects, I am going to write like a crazy scribbler.
Easter dinner was colorful and tasty. The dishes are whirring in the dishwasher and the sink is shiny white.
Easter dresses adorned pretty little girls.
With all my talk of what to wear (dumb, I know) I wore jeans and a turquoise tee shirt with grease spots I choose to ignore. I guess I'm tired of dressing up, too. Well, dressing up is a big stretch because my wardrobe borders on resort wear. Some teachers look fancy but not me.
But I have something really fun to show you tomorrow or the next day.
I can't wait!
Because I long for summer when I can stay home, I keep thinking about The Wind in the Willows. I will get my homey bearings and reacquaint myself with a mop. I don't know why I love Ratty's house, Mole's house, and Badger's house so much. But I do.
I was watching Angelina Ballerina with Birdie today and Angelina's grandpa had the coolest outfit on. He had a bright blue jacket, a red shirt and a yellow tie. I watched "The King's Speech" and I adored the tweedy clothes. I would be too hot in wool, but I do like it. Beatrix Potter wore a lot of wool, too. I'm conflicted: wool or resort wear? The truth is, I don't care about clothes that much anymore. Don't worry. I shall keep wearing them.
I care about the words of those I love. I care about individuals. I hate parties. Have I ever told you that? I really loathe parties and big groups. I like one-on-one tea parties and informal sitting around on cushy sofas.

Maybe it is because I did some heavy duty cooking today, but sometimes (brace yourself) I think "dinner" is over rated.
Bed is not over rated though. Five more papers, a half an hour of mad scribbling in my journal and off to bed.
Guess what? It's a brand new week!
Search around for some very inspiring words of love. I know where you can find them. Mine is big and black with golden edged pages. Inside: lots of colors and notes and DEPTH.
Unlike this silly post.
Thanks for reading, nice person.
Oh, and guess what? I lost my diamond. I have had it for 33 years and yesterday I looked down and it was gone. I have no idea when it fell out of my ring. Bill said, "A diamond is just a thing." He's right. I've never been big on gems. I am a little sad that it's gone though.
(BIG HUG and three pats on the back because YOU are a good soul)


Kaye Swain - SandwichINK for Grandparents and Caregivers said...

Ohhhh, I'm so sorry to hear about your ring. I had the same thing happen years ago. And only a week after I had thought of having the prong tightened, then forgotten it. But as you say, it's just a thing. And praise God it sounds like your sweet husband was as good as my husband was about it. Now, my husband is snug in heaven. So definitely give yours a huge hug! :) And have a blessed end of the Lent and Easter season for 2011 and a nice day in between tests this week - my granddaughter had hers last week. :)

GretchenJoanna said...

Just a thing...well, things have great meaning attached to them, so they aren't only, or merely things. But you are right not to forget that if the symbol is damaged, it doesn't affect your love and marriage -- unless it is by making the most of this chance to affirm the eternal intangibles!
My son's fiancé "lost" her engagement ring the same day it was put on her finger, because it hadn't been sized properly yet. His calm and loving response helped them find it, and so impressed her, because she might have been blamed.
Yours is a sweet story that tells how your husband loves you. Now get that ring fixed!
Happy Easter!

Kerri said...

I hate parties and big groups too! I go out of my way to avoid them. I'm sorry about your ring :( but Bill is right, it's just a thing and you still have him to hug thank goodness. How exciting to have the school year coming to a close! I can't wait to see your summer adventures x

Catherine said...

what a fun post..thanks : ) At least the girls wore pretty dresses. I have come to a point where I would entirely agree with the dinner thing. Stuffy & parties are yukky old things. A tea party my dear sounds just the ticket. Actually, I sold my engagement ring years ago & now we both just wear a gold band. Don't know why, but diamonds like nail polish, just fail to impress me. I have handed on the Kreativ blogger award to you in my latest post. Pop in sometime & all will be explained. Much love Catherine x

MW said...

I think you are beautiful everyday!!! I love seeing your smiling face and your cheery clothes! Maybe some sweet little soul will find your diamond and be the happiest person alive! Maybe it was just another Easter gift you happen to give out without knowing it. SO glad we are only 6 weeks away. But I will miss these little guys. I have grown attached! I am off to grade some papers myself! Sweetest Dreams. See you in the AM. <3

Lynn said...

I didn't think this a silly post at all - it spoke to me. Everything you wrote I found myself nodding and saying "Oh I know, me too" etc :)
I know how you feel about the diamond - I lost my engagement sapphire.
Praying for you.

Angela said...

Sorry about the diamond - it may yet turn up somewhere. It may be covered by your home insurance policy, so you could get it replaced.
Only SIX WEEKS left of school? we are going till mid July [-but the Royal wedding means an extra day off this year]
Do NOT wear wool like BP - it is way too hot - remember she lived in the Lake District where it is often cold and damp.

hugs and blessings
ps you sparkle so much that a diamond is not really necessary!

M.K. said...

Some days, dinner IS overrated! Yesterday we didn't get back from church until after 1:00, and didn't eat "lunch" until after 2:00, so I wasn't hungry in the evening. I suppose the children snacked if they wanted to!

School will be over soon, and you'll have weeks and weeks to do all those things you're longing for. The grading WILL get done, and you WILL be home, and your wonderful creativity will return :)

wayside wanderer said...

So so sorry about your diamond. Perhaps it will turn up? Weirder things have happened. =)

You made me laugh describing your wardrobe as "resort wear" (I think I am close behind you). Vacation can be a state of mind! =) Hugs.

laruelapalooza said...

I hear you about wanting school to be over and longing for summer. I just heard that we Chicagoans made a record this month for the cloudiest April and the most consecutive days of rain!
And I am sorry to hear about your ring. It is just a thing but I'm sure it was sentimental to you. Maybe it will miraculously turn up when you least expect it!

Carolyn Phillips said...

Sorry about your diamond, but love his response.
I was reading and nodding all through this as well...clothes are for warmth, modesty and comfort and if all that is taken care of and they are clean then that is all I bother about.I also hate crowds and parties and much prefer a small group of a few friends.

Gumbo Lily said...

I thought about doing an Easter Remains of the Day post, with dirty dishes, unmade beds and such (I still could!). I'm with you...I do not like big crowds and parties, but instead a tete a tete. When all of my family comes home certainly IS a crowd. But I like that kind of crowd.

Lost your diamond? I did too when we were married about 10 years. Lost it in a grain bin as we were feeding bulls. You know where that diamond went, don't you? We couldn't afford to replace it for awhile and the diamond that is still in it is a very inexpensive one that has a big flaw in it. Hubby has since asked if he could replace it but no, I want the memory.


Sara said...

I love your "silly" posts because I learn more about you. We share a distaste for parties, big gatherings, thinking too much about clothes, and also we share the experience of lost diamonds.

Can you believe I never read Wind in the Willows until a couple of years ago? Found a lovely illustrated copy at a used bookstore. In fact, perhaps I need to get it off the shelf and read it again....

Brad M said...

Lovely post. I'm sorry that you are feeling daunted. Another opportunity to rely on the Shepherd. I agree, bed is not overrated. Neither is poetry, poetry is underrated. I love you. You could never be overrated to me, you are blessed.

The dB family said...

Hang in there my friend! Summer is just around the corner. I think resort wear is the better choice. Here I love my T's and jeans. Or -- in the summer, my T's and skirts.

I bought a new journal for in the Philippines. I want to remember every moment of our trip there.

Saying a little prayer for you today.


Left-Handed Housewife said...

So much to respond to in this post, P.! I hope the last six weeks of school goes rapidly. I know it will for me, but that's because I have so much to fit in before the boys are home full time again.

I am reading The Pilgrim Inn, and everyone in it refers so often to The Wind and the Willows I'm going to re-read it with an open heart. Maybe I'll love it this time.

I think dinner is overrated, too. I love lunch. It's my favorite meal. I love to go out to lunch, and I love to eat lunch at home and read the lifestyle section of the newspaper, which I always save for lunchtime so I can read the advice columns. If I could have lunch for dinner, I'd be happy the rest of my days.

I lost the diamond out of my ring a long time ago--ten years ago or so--and guess what? I think I've lost the ring, too, though for awhile it was stored in A Very Special Place. Now I can't remember where that place is! I'm very bad with jewelry, and have lost (or maybe had stolen--we had some parties in grad school where that was possible) a great deal of it. But I always loved the look of just a plain wedding band, and that's what I've ended up with.

I like journaling, too, though I haven't done much of it lately, or any drawing, either.

I'm going to send you something soon!