Monday, April 18, 2011

How Do You Like Your Eggs?

Hello, Bunnies! Today I asked the writers in Writer's Workshop to answer this question: How do you like your eggs?
I loved hearing their responses (we always share out) and I came home at 6 pm and made an omelet. They made eggs sound so delicious!

Are you feeling spring-ish?

See how cute bunny slippers can be?

The blossoms remind me of brides.

Eggs for sale! Eggs for sale!

Fancy golden bunnies for sale, too!

Samantha Rose came over yesterday. We strolled to the park so she could swing!

Now it's night time. I'm not sure if the moon will shine on us as we sleep. Last night the moon was glorious! The night before - also, glorious!
I am very sad for those who are suffering in the south as a result of violent storms. I'm also worried about the fires in Texas.
We are still following the disaster in Japan and our neighbor across the street is very sick.

I am thinking of how painful this week was for Jesus when He walked the earth not so long ago.

Thank you very much for stopping by.
I am very curious . . . how do you like YOUR eggs?


Michela said...

Hello sweet lady!
I think we're not going to have any Easter celebration as my grandfather is unwell, anyway in Spring we use to have hard-boiled eggs with asparagus.
Enjoy the run up to Easter!

Carolyn Phillips said...

I love how your header picture changes so frequently, and always such wonderful images.

Eggs....boiled or chocolate! ;)

hip-chick said...

I like mine cookies!
We are still cold and rainy here. I am so ready for spring but she is a bit late this year. She is ever so fickle and moody!

The dB family said...

I just LOVE eggs! Boiled, fried, in omlets. I also love candy eggs. Yesterday the children and I shared chocolate mini eggs. Delicious!!

Such pretty photos. Those are the cutest bunny slippers and your sweet Samantha Rose in the swing. What a dollie!


Helen said...

Oh, no doubt about it. With no hesitation at all I can say that I definately like mine chocolate. After that, next best egg is soft boiled.

wayside wanderer said...

Scrambled with spinach, onions, red peppers and a little bit of sausage. Yum.

Your post caused me to recall this quote by Anne Lamont, "We are Easter people living in a Good Friday world."

If I were chasing spring I would be headed your way. It goes by too quickly here in tx.

libbyquilter said...

yep, it's chocolate eggs for me as well~!

the blossoming tree is just breathtaking. so far i have crocus in my garden and a very few daffodil buds . . . still to early for the flowering trees so it's a treat to see yours.


Left-Handed Housewife said...

I like eggs scrambled in lots of butter! But if all you have is chocolate eggs, I'll take one of those, too!


Kerri said...

Scrambled or poached thanks! Miss Samantha looks so adorable, I love her little grin. But no, I am not feeling spring-ish at all sadly. There is snow on the hills and I am very chilly! Oh well, at least we are both enjoying the same moon :)

♥ Tina said...

Chocolate eggs for me too, sweet Pom Pom! But I would say omelette is my fave way of cooking eggs. :)

Those bunny slippers ARE cute! :) xx

Brad M said...

Poached, fried or boiled. Love all of the eggs in all of the ways. I love YOU more than eggs!

M.K. said...

Well, I won't "cheat" and talk about eggs in cookies (or meatloaf!), or even chocolate ones :) I went through a Julia Child Omelet style egg. Now I have lots of poached ones, on toast. I also love them soft-boiled!


Hello dear Pom Pom ... I like my eggs runny so I can dip soldiers in them and I'm rather partial to white chocolate ones ... but they are hard to find these days!

A lovely spring post ... full of cheerfulness and sunshine

Have a lovely Easter weekend
Spring blessings and love
Carolyn ♥

Bumpkin Bears said...

awww Samantha Rose is so adorable. Happy Easter, Catherine x

Gumbo Lily said...

I like bunny slippers on little, chubby baby feet -- very much!

Sam is growing so fast!

I like my eggs homegrown. Make mine over-easy so I can mop the yolk up with my toast. MMMmmmm! I like me an omelet too with lots of veggies and cheese melted over.


*❀*ℳḯʟʟḯ℮ ℳεα∂☺ωSẘℯℯ☂*❀* said...

soooooo much Cuteness! :o)

my word verification is lentease! lol