Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Poem in Your Pocket

Hello Everyone! Do you like last year's fairy garden? It's not quite time to dig and plant yet, but I'm ready to prepare for the fairies. The weeds are appearing so maybe a tiny bit of gardening can be done.

What are you having for Easter dinner? Bill will be in Uganda and Brad will be preaching so just four of our seven bunnies will be at Granny's table.

Oh, I almost forgot to offer you a cup of tea! I found PG Tips at the grocery store and my friend Lynn had suggested it months ago. She even sent me some straight from her house in England. Now I have a box full. I'll pour out.

It's also high time you sew a bug on your dress. Just a suggestion.

Love doves are spying on us.

If I had a barn (this one is in Washington State) I would keep my goats inside. Oh, and then I'd have a whole flock of chickens . . . sheep and a turkey. What would you keep in your barn?

The other day I asked my writer's workshop class to draw a poet's brain. They labeled the parts. Yesterday I asked them what a poem smells like. Smoky campfires, flowers and wine, night time, my house. What do you think a poem smells like? Tomorrow is Poem in Your Pocket Day. Try to find a little poem to carry around all day. Give some poems away, too. We are going to be poetry ambassadors today and tomorrow. Click on this link for inspiration.
I'm off for another cup of coffee and a quick stand at the ironing board. Have a bird chirpy day, friends.


Charlotte said...

What an inspiring post. Love the idea of a fairy garden but I have a black thumb :-) I would love to have a barn like this one. I have always wanted a lamb and there is a neighbor that has about 6 little ones that I drool over everytime I pass his house.

wayside wanderer said...

Oh, poem ambassadors, I like that! You are such an inspiring teacher. I bet it was fun to look over those brain drawings. I think poets look and smell like everyone else and the only thing that really gives them away is when they start to speak. =)

M.K. said...

I haven't even thought about what to have for Easter dinner! Yikes! Thanks for the reminder!

I'd love a barn too. Wouldn't it be nice to go sit there on a cool morning with a cup of coffee?

Gigi said...

Oh, another pretty new look for your blog -- love it! And sorry some of your peeps will be gone Easter. I'm going West to see my littles - yay? Don't know what we'll be cooking yet -- probably the usual hammy dinner ;).
Love the poem in your pocket idea - must go look for one for my pocket.
And, can I ask you to say a prayer for my little J who's having some scary medical tests and has been feeling bad for months now? Worry wart mom here!

Gigi said...

p.s. forgot to ask - what's the favorite poem you'll be putting in your pocket?

Angela said...

I love the idea of poem-in-your-pocket-day.

We are having a piece of lamb for Easter lunch - truly traditional round here!


SusanB-knits said...

thank you for the lovely cup of tea. I'll have to find a poem for my pocket. :)

Carolyn Phillips said...

Love that little tea set!

Now off to explore the link.

Betty said...

I like your new blog header, what a delightful picture... I don't know any poems but my grandfather used to say 'limericks' - will have to try and remember one. your class must enjoy your lessons so much - my poets brain would be full of cotton wool clouds and smell of marshmallows I think. Have a lovely poetic week. Bettyx

Left-Handed Housewife said...

I love that it's poem-in-your pocket day tomorrow and that you are having people draw pictures of poets' brains. I would like to see some of those pictures. I would also like to sew bugs on my dress!


debbie bailey said...

What beautiful asparagus! I love the idea of a fairy garden but feel like I need to get my big garden under control before doing a little one.

Gumbo Lily said...

Our Easter feast is likely to be ham, but we aren't making hard, fast plans since G. is due to deliver on Easter Sunday.

I like that barn and hope to one day have a red barn with a loft. (Our little old barn may have to come down one day).

Poetry in the Pockets sounds fun. I like silly poems. I think there are butterflies in poet brains trying to get out.


hip-chick said...

I would keep my house in a barn. I have always wanted to live in a barn that was remodeled into a house. If I couldn't have that it would be a giant room where I could invite my friends and have parties with live bands and dance the night away. Just one poem in my pocket? that will take some considering...

libbyquilter said...

love that Pooh Bear tea set~!!~ and that asparagus is a lovely radiant green ~ wow~!

what would i keep in my barn?
3 chickens
a friendly horse that i could ride
2 goats
and a calico barn cat with a nest full of sweet fuzzy babies


Lisa Richards said...

What a magnificent barn! I would have a few milking goats with a nice milking stand and a shiny stainless steel bucket for the frothy milk. Also a flock of Aurucanas (sp)so I could gather their colored eggs. A little team of Fjord ponies would live in two sturdy box stalls because my hubby loves to drive a team. Best of all, the straw would stay bright and clean and the hay in the loft would smell sweet without us lifting a finger to muck things out! Hey, we're dreaming here! LOL!

The dB family said...

Your Winnie-the-Pooh tea set is perfect! I adore Pooh Bear! That barn is beautiful too. I can imagine hours of playing in there!


Kerri said...

Dear, dear Pom pom. I really want to take your class. Do you think I will be able to sneak in and hide between the teenagers? People usually think I'm younger than I am, but perhaps that is just because I laugh so much and wear silly outfits. Love the sound of the Hero's journey.