Thursday, June 24, 2010

Admired or Known?

It's almost time for me to get organized and dash out the door. I wanted to pop in and say hello and ask you something.

Come up and sit in my nest a minute.

You can snuggle in with one of my birdies.

Here's the question that formed in my morning mind as I read in one of my devotionals.
Most of the time, do I want to be admired more than I want to be known?

Most of the time, even though I feel compelled to be gregarious, I really want to be shy. Simply being admired (and we admire everyone for something, really) is easier than letting people really know me. I find myself controlling how much people know about me. This is largely because most people don't push too hard. Bill does. He asks great questions and keeps asking. He knocks at my private little hide-away of a heart. He knocks and knocks and finally I come to the door all exasperated like Rabbit when Winnie the Pooh persists at his little rabbit hole, and really I'm quite relieved that someone loves me so much and cares about my thinking so much. Our kids know me. They ask questions and pay attention. So I care more about being known than being admired on the family front. But other fronts . . . I am not sure. I'm pretty sure I could use a little more vulnerability. Just wondering a bit. What do you think?

As I've been arranging my little Pom Pom den, I've been admiring my books. I love them so. I haven't read all of these. I'm going to choose a few to read closely this summer. THEN, I'm going to roar through pages of my journal and write and write and write and write.

I miss this little flower girl. After I stay with Bird and Bug for a week while their parents go to Hawaii, I'm going to tool up to Ft. Collins to see this happy family. Next Tuesday, Kelli and Bryan leave and Granny shall move into their house. Grampy will be home from Cambodia and pop in and out.

Oh, let's just look at flowers now.

I'm out the back door to water a bit and then I shall have a quiet weekend because Jeff and some of his friends are taking a road trip around Colorado. The class I'm taking has been happy. The women at my table are VERY fun and we've been going out to lunch together (the best part of the day, I think!) I'll see if I can take some photos of them today. They are nice so I think they'll say yes.

I wish you a blissful day. Maybe you will really enjoy the tea berry taste in your cup today or maybe your peanut butter sandwich will assault your taste buds with an extra special zing. Maybe your kids will say something funny or maybe you'll create something you like today. Whatever little encouragement comes your way, I hope you'll bump up against someone who really wants to know you. I know someone who already does.


The dB family said...

Ah! Your blog is a breath of fresh air! Admired or known. I think I'm much like you. My family knows me. I try to be truly honest on my blog, but when it comes to facebook (which I finally got up the nerve to quit) and live social situations, I always tell the Engineer that "I put on my mask." I am usually reserved and only tell people what I know they want to hear. They don't see or know who I really am. Is that bad? I'm not sure...

Your music is beautiful So relaxing. It sounds like you will have a good week coming up! Enjoy your last two days of class!


Anonymous said...

So thought-provoking....I think only my husband really knows me, and I think that's because he just loves me for who I am. He accepts me, just like the Lord does.

Have a lovely weekend dear Pom Pom. xxx

Mrs Yappy Dog said...

I think to be known rather than admired is good, our church have car stickers to describe how we feel about being in the fellowship , the sticker I chose was 'accepted' I think that's good in all aspects of life. Being admired is not as good as it sounds because people then have an image/expectation for you to maintain whatever it is they admire!. This is quite a deep conversation but I enjoyed having it (with myself I think!) Enjoy your ladies lunches. Betty x

Vicki said...

Hello, dear PomPom,
and thank you for this thought provoking post today. I am very much a people pleaser type so I am sure I want to be admired. However, I feel like I can be myself with my family and friends. They, after all, have seen me at my worst and my best. Of course, God know me the very best of all. I am grateful for His love and thankful that He loves me just the way I am! Enjoy your lazy summer days as you catch up on reading and relaxation. This is very important for a teacher. Love and blessings to you, my friend~ Vicki

melanie said...

I think a little bit of both is good, been known a little and admired a little, too much of both, for me, would not be good. :) xxx

Firefly said...

Lovely thought provoking post, lovely you!

Bradley Maston said...

I am so thankful to know you, mama. you are such a wonderful friend and mother. xoxo

Gumbo Lily said...

To be known as I am. Just as I am. Jesus knows me and loves me just as I am....flaws, sins, and some good parts. My family knows me and I'm glad for that.

God loves you just as you are, and I do too.


Pom Pom said...

Thank you for your wonderful input. I love you, you active readers. I love your hearts and your brilliant minds. Isn't honesty holy? Thank you for sharing so truthfully, investing in eternal things. Your comments (each one) on this post gave me warm portions of encouragement.

GretchenJoanna said...

I feel from your blog that you are just being yourself and are willing to be known, not just wanting admiration. You are constantly reaching out in friendship. It is impossible, really, to present ourselves without some bias, because choices must always be made about what information to divulge. Even when we want to be honest, pride is ever rising up. Lord, have mercy!