Thursday, June 17, 2010


Hello and welcome! I've been thinking about your stories. I see blogs that way. You tell your stories and I gobble them up because I am so interested (some would call it nosy, but why rain on my curious little parade?) So, when I want to hear a story from a really good person, I pop over and check up on you. For example, Sue at Collect in Texas Gal is a Texan through and through, so all her stories delight me. She's my personal cowgirl. Susan B writes about knitting and she puts the socks she's knitting right on her feet and takes pictures. It makes me smile because I do love knitting stories. Left Handed Housewife is a money making story teller in real life and I've been ultra-blessed by her work, but I really like the stories she tells at home. She tells stories of her two boys, her husband, her quilts, her travels to her mountain home, and I love every word. Last year she took fiddle lessons and I just couldn't wait for the next installment. Leslie at Wayside Sacraments is such a pretty mom. She tells stories of home, homeschooling, and love. I really like her stories. Kari from Writing Up a Storm is a gifted story teller. I think she could make a paper clip come alive! Kerri from New Zealand is young and bright, bedecked in adorable hippie clothes and she shares her artist's journey with her readers and I thrive on it. Gumbo Lily tells stories of the farm. My spring was completely enhanced by the birth of the lambs on her farm. I'm not kidding. Because I try to remember that I am a sheep every day, I really connected with her baby lamb pictures and stories. I wish she'd post two times a day. See how greedy I am? Oh, and Lynn from All Things Bright and Beautiful, she is so humble and vulnerable. She is the perfect housewife and I never tire of hearing about her doings. Angela is a vicar's wife in the UK and she reminds me of a columnist that writes for a daily newspaper. She is interested in everything and she tells good, good stories. Elizabeth from France shows lovely French scenes and she has a very practical, true writer's voice that I thoroughly enjoy. Charlotte from Cottontails Baby talks about her rabbit all the time and I tell you, I am in love with her rabbit. Flavia tells about her family moving from Rome to Helsinki. I love the pictures she posts of her children. She lets them make big messes! I really didn't know what a mixed media artist was until I met Carolyn from Love Stitching Red. She's so personal even though she has a gazillion readers. She remembers me which I find absolutely astonishing. She's REALLY nice. Her stories take place in St. Ives, so I am transported there quite often. I have a new friend named Melanie from Cozy at Home. She tells domestic, little stories of her life and it's just so satisfying. Her friend, Neen, is also interesting. They are young and VERY happy to respond to their homemaker calling. Mrs. Yappy Dog is another new friend. She's very kind. She is a busy mom and she crafts an impressive amount. She shares in such a true way - I like those kinds of friends. Sara at Shiny Red Houses is super funny. I even called her once when Sam was struggling with nursing and Jenny was trying to figure it out, because Sara is a breastfeeding expert. Isn't that handy? She introduced me to Dear Daisy Cottage and that happy, friend Kim over there is DELIGHTFUL and her stories and pictures are top notch. Wow! Fraise Lachrymose lives in the UK, she teaches French and raises boys. She's so loving! I read her stories and chuckle. She's interested in EVERYTHING. I adore her words. Gigi from Firefly Cottage is lovely and her stories are dear. I relate to her in so many ways and I met her daughter and I love her stories when she has time to blog. They are amazing people and I've learned so much from them. Helen from A Life Worth Living is getting a puppy! She used to have a greyhound named Lady and I loved reading Lady stories. I have a Canadian friend named Deborah. She is one of the dearest, sweetest mommies I have ever met. She is a photographer, too. I am blessed to partake in her happy tales. Jannelle from Heartfelt posts incredible pictures of her children and tells stories of growing up in New Zealand. I love those kids! They are precious and reading Jannelle's blog is like reading a story book. Aisling is my teacher-to-be friend. She shares a Sunday stroll each week. Her blog is called The Quiet Country House. She's SO kind. Libby Q writes Paper Napkin Poetry. She is a mixed media artist, too. Some of the pictures she takes are breathtaking. I feel so fortunate to enjoy HER stories. Andrea is a pastor's wife. She is my age, a former English teacher, a grandmother and a homemaker. She shares from her heart and reveals her walk with God in such a personal, helpful manner. She's a vivid writer. Our son Brad tells great stories on his blog. Of course I've always loved his stories and our son Jeff tells stories through his camera lens. He's taken amazing photos all over the world. My niece Laura teaches school in Washington and I feel like I know HER story because I read her blog. Gretchen Joanna of Gladsome Lights draws from a deep store of thinking. She's so well read, so devoted to God, and a highly qualified expert on home and hearth. Ellen from A Happy Wonderer writes her blog in Washington State. I've just recently found her and I enjoy her pictures and her tales of every day life. Renaissance Vintage Notebook is VERY fun. I pop over to their three blogs often. Aslaug is a sweet young woman from Norway and she WRITES her faith in a fresh, vibrant way. Baley from The Reader's Book Blog is an avid reader and an excellent reviewer. She tells stories about stories! Gwen is a happy homemaker and keeps a bouncy conversation going with her readers. I'm always interested in what she has to say. Sharon's from Washington, too. She is kind and dear and shares her heart so willingly. Vicki is a retired teacher and she fills Bunny Cottage with her sweet vision and her love for others. It's a fantastic place. You guys know of Beverly from How Sweet the Sound. She is all about connecting people and all those Pink Saturday participants share their stories each week. Mary from Piles of Smiles is very honest and always points her hope toward the King of kings. She's shared some painful struggles and she always shines. You can feel her smiles. I'm so glad I met Debbie from Artful Aspirations. She's about my age, too. She has a beautiful home and we exchanged photographs. The photograph she sent me is lovely, a weeping willow. So, as you can see I feel like I've hit the story jackpot. Don't you love the pictures, the sharing of discovery, the unique and personal words? Delicious!

Having everything to do with stories, the book above is a handbook for spiritual direction with an emphasis on the arts. I'm enjoying navigating through it and I'm sticking with it (it's a bit wordy) because of the vision statement of Spiritual Directors International . . . they believe everyone has a sacred story. The book at the top of this post is an old juvenile novel. It's about kids having fun. I find it a refreshing change from some of the young adult literature currently available. The new stuff is often full of emotional angst. Sad. Anyway, books and people provide the stories. I'm so glad you are my story tellers. Thank you.

Another full of gems book I'm reading is the one pictured below. I am learning so much from it.
Have you read this? It's one of the best "home" books I've read in a while. It's about the story created in families and the woman's privilege as a guide at home.

Below is my favorite novel. She's a unique and incredible story teller.

Still with me? See? You are SO nice! Here's my neighbor, Frannie.

The "tutu" peonies have come inside.

I dug in the attic and found some little clothes I had made for Kelli, so we tried this kitty overall on Birdie yesterday. She's a nice model.

Peony buds!

Signing off, my story telling friends. Do you mind if I don't make links? Most of my favorites are linked on the side, but I do not update that as often as I should. Thank you for reading all the way to the end. I love you.


Saleslady371 said...

This was so interesting, Pom! I love stories too. What was that strange font in the middle? Was it a funny story???? Too cute for sure!

Thank you for your kindess, love and prayers!


Blogging is a bit like writing stories.. .well , not mine so much,but others... and also some are like looking at a wonderful interior magazine. All blogs have something sweet to offer. I am loving the floral pictures you have shared here.

Gumbo Lily said...

It was fun to hear about all the other bloggers' stories that you read, and I thank you for the kind bloggy love.

I meant to tell you I liked your gnomes out where they belong in the gardens doing their gnome work.

Beautiful outdoorsy pics today.


Baley Petersen said...

PomPom, you are tooo sweet to take time to acknowledge everyone. You are one special lady. And I must say, you have a darling little neighbor! I love the way the fur flies in the wind when small pups run!

MamaF said...

You're so so sweet, I'm so happy to have known you !!!

Big hugs for you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

wayside wanderer said...

Pom Pom, I love the stories YOU tell! I heard someone on the radio recently discussing how difficult clowning is and I am immediately thought of you. So much I never knew! You know?

I love Frannie!!!! What a fun bundle of bouncy fur.

debbie bailey said...

Hi Pom Pom,

It's been a while since I posted but will probably be back in a day or two. Lots to tell!

There's something weird going on with this post. There are strange characters in the middle and two songs playing at once. Thought you'd want to know!

SusanB-knits said...

Thanks for the mention! I love checking out your blog to see what you're up to and check out your lovely pictures. I read blogs while sipping my tea in the mornings.
p.s. my green m&m is a she. We had to tape a bow on her mother's head when she was this age too, lol.

Vicki said...

Hello, dear PomPom,
You are a sweetheart, and now I must read all of these wonderful stories that you have shared with us. You are an encouragement always. I love to see pictures of Miss Birdie (I love her name). Your garden is looking oh so pretty, the peonies are breathtaking. I, too, love Rosamunde Pilcher. Enjoy your summer. Love and blessings~ Vicki

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous flowers, lovely stories and such a sweet blogger you are! Have a beautiful day.

Angela said...

Thank you for the sweet comments - but like saleslady 371, I am concerned about the chunk in the middle of the post [were you speaking in tongues??] I think you must have used a fancy font which wont translate for many of us!!
AHA - i HAVE WORKED IT OUT - cut and pasted the section and then chose an alternate font.

The odd bit says "The book above was delightful. It tells of some old houses that were a resort, but the lake they surrounded dried up, so the homes were abandoned. A couple of fascinating children find the old houses and also some other very dear things. Read it. It's a story extraordinaire. Another book I'm reading (below) tells that Spiritual Directors International has this mission, "Helping people tell their sacred stories every day." Isn't that a PERFECT mission statement? Well, that's what blogs do. They give opportunity to the story tellers. I am so glad you are MY story tellers. Thank you."

Thank you Pom Pom!!!

Pom Pom said...

Sorry about the weird font in the middle of this post. I think it's actually in Norwegian or something and because I always copy and paste aslaug's name in order to get that accent right, it messed up the text. So, fret not - there isn't some weird problem in my blog. I've had this kind of thing happen before when I copied and pasted quotes from the Internet. Thank you to my sweet blog friends who let me know. Angela = SMART!

Mrs Yappy Dog said...

oh hope the gobbledegook gets sorted out. Thanks so much for mentioning me as a friend! I love your blog for heartfelt Christian guidance - hope it's ok to say that. I love that you have all your family around you and do so much together, that you have raised sons to be so proud of, that you love children so much, that you see beauty in everything and most of all, that as a Christian you can talk about fairies and the 'magic' that is seen through a childs eyes whilst keeping it in the correct perspective - where all glory still goes to God! ankyou.

April said...

i liked seeing sam's big blue eyes at the top of your blog

Pom Pom said...

Okay, whew! I think I finally repaired all the crazy font! I rewrote some of this post and now it is a bit different, but at least it's fixed. It bugged me!

Heart Felt said...

You are such a doll, I adore your love of people and life. I always love receiving your comments ~ they are so encouraging and sweet. Thank-you. xx

Anonymous said...

So good to visit you dear Pom Pom, you scatter sunshine! :)

Kerri said...

Oh my goodness! So many friends, so many blogs! How on earth do you have time to read them all? Your description of me cracked me up! P.S. I love you too!

The dB family said...

My Dear Friend,

You are very well read! So many blogs from so many parts of the world. Wonderful! I am going to get The Shell Seekers out of the library the next time the children and I go. Thank you for sharing your lovely list with us!

Is your phlox blooming already? It's stunning!


libbyquilter said...

i think you are so right; blogging is all about sharing our stories and sometimes they are told with words,sometimes with the creative fruits of our hands and sometimes we get to see the story with beautiful photography. it's always fun and interesting to come to your blog and see what you have to tell us. thank you for the sweet mention and i'm always happy to see you've visited and read my own most recent story.

your peonies and other garden shots are so pretty and it really does look like a fresh new summer has begun at your house.