Sunday, June 27, 2010

Garden Center and Book Winner

Reve and I went to the garden center today and I had too many pretty pictures, so I made a couple collages. You can click on them to enlarge. The flowers were astonishing and the garden doo dads were abundant. I bought some petunias, a fairy bench (I'll show you that later), two pinwheels and some tiny herbs for the fairy garden. On the way home we stopped for . . . you got it! Ice cream cones!

Here are the sweet new friends from the class I took last week. We had so much fun being table mates. Pam is an English teacher, too. She's on the left. Both Ann and Karen teach second grade. They made the week so bright and sunny.

This is the ocean of Cambodia. Our earth is good. So pretty. Bill is coming home Tuesday! That's the day I go over to live at Kelli's so she and Bryan can go to Hawaii. Lucky ducks! Bill will come over to sleep with me. He leaves for Brazil and Uruguay very soon.

It rained and greened the grass and plants!

Reve called late yesterday afternoon to alert me of the marvel below. Thank you, God.

Here's what I'm reading. My sweetie pie Irish friend, MM, suggested it to me. It's pretty amazing, so it needs a candle and a pretty book mark.

Drum roll please . . . Kelli was over working on some of Bill's paperwork, so I had her pick a winner for my favorite descriptive novel, The Shell Seekers. The winner is Gumbo Lily! I'll get it in the mail as soon as I can, Jody! Enjoy!
I hope you've all enjoyed a relaxing Sunday. I've been spending a lot of time lying on our bed reading. I've watched some movies. No cooking since the boys are off camping and Bill won't be home until Tuesday. For dinner tonight . . . frozen pizza? Peanut butter toast? Popcorn?
What did you do over the weekend? (BIG SQUEEZE AND SMOOCH!) We'll talk again very soon.


wayside wanderer said...

Oh my, what fun at the garden center. That looks like a wonderful place where my pocketbook would be in some serious danger. Now, where do I find such a place??? Are there any here in Texas?

I love the trees in your yard. I know I've mentioned this before but they are just soooo different from what we have here and I think they are so lovely.

I've been watching Lark Rise to Candleford on your recommendation and I have really enjoyed the first three episodes. Even my husband has been enjoying it!

libbyquilter said...

looks like there were many treasures to be found and seen at the garden center today~!~

congrats to Gumbo Lily/Jody on the win~!

Pom Pom, how about some ice cream for dinner? or is that only a lunch time indulgence?


Aisling said...

What a perfect day! There are two Rainbows amid the strolls today; Jena at Married to the Farm has a beautiful one to share also! :)

Thank you for sharing part of your pleasant day.

CollectIn Texas Gal said...

Oh I dare not go to a Garden Center...I've been resisting all spring and early summer as I've been away so much and not around to care for plants. Now, I am home for awhile and so I planted the pots at my front door. Love all your pictures made into mosaics. I loved reading the Shell Seekers, and the movie. Have a wonderful week with the Grands...your a sweet Granny!

Mrs Yappy Dog said...

What a lovely weekend you had, we did too, I surprised a new friend at a fair, had a family picnic in a field amongst cow pats! and went to our church anniversary service (131 years old). Have fun with the grandchildren Pom Pom, Betty xxx

Bradley Maston said...

I'm glad you got to look at the beautiful flowers! Hooray for Dad returning home and granny boot camp!

Green thumb said...

Good morning PomPom and happy new week! :)
Thank you for inviting me to drool over your collages..tons of lovely stuff and flowers!

melanie said...

What a lovely garden centre. :) xxx

Gumbo Lily said...

Good Morning, Pom Pom!
What fun to peruse the garden center with you. Glorious blooms. I love nothing more than admiring gardens and flowers.

I am so happy and thankful to have won the drawing for the book! You are so nice to share your favorite book with me. ((Squinch))

Have a fun week with those grandangels.



Hello Pom Pom dearest

Thank you so much for pointing me in the direction of your beautiful gardening mosaics. They are lovely!

I am so pleased to hear how much you enjoyed the Shell Seekers. It is one of my favourites

Lots of love
C xoxo

Firefly said...

Oooo, lovely photos! I love plant nurseries, and I want to buy everything. But then, I remember I have to take them home and plant them all. Which reminds me, some evil stripey caterpillars ate all my parsley and dill -- mean things! But good news is, I've got a couple of peaches on the new tree and we've gotten several good tomatoes from our huge tomato plants - yay! Guess stripey caterpillars don't like peaches and tomatoes ;-).

Baley Petersen said...

Pom, won't you please remind me what your husband does? He seems to always be overseas. I don't know what job he has, but I want it! ;)

The Homesteading Apartment said...

Oh, it looks like you ladies had a ball! So many beautiful things and such bright lovely colors.

This weekend was a lazy one and so wonderful. The Hallmark Channel had the Shell Seekers on Sunday and it's become a new favorite (:


debbie bailey said...

Congratulations, Gumbo Lily! Such a good book. Last weekend was spent practicing the piano. I played in church yesterday for the first time in a LONG time; a bad case of the nerves. God got me through with not too many mistakes.

The dB family said...

Such glorious photos! In your header too! When I take the kids to the library, I am going to get out the Shell Seekers and savor it over the long weekend.

I used to eat popcorn for supper when Murray traveled. Now I have to behave. Although, last time he was gone, we had ice cream for supper. YUM!


marcia @Child in Harmony said...

love the rainbow

happy day!