Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Sunflower Houses

Hello posies! Have you read this book? Reve borrowed it from the library and I've been reading it this morning. It is VERY lovely. You'll want to buy some sunflower seeds AND some morning glory seeds and plant yourself a sunflower house. I don't think it's too late to plant another wall out in the leafy, hideaway corner. Maybe this morning . . .
Come on in. Let's look around.

These two can't seem to get along. One will take a leap off the bench and the other might refuse to sit face to face. At least they have a snapdragon festooning their sitting spot.

Oregano and thyme for the fairy garden. When I place the fairy bench in the tiny herbs, I'll take a picture for you.

Samantha Rose came over yesterday afternoon. She ate pears, drank bottles of formula, played happily, and snoozed. She's so nice.

I'm a little nervous for my long granny stay at Birdie and Bug's house. I don't want them to be too sad, missing their mommy and daddy. I'll comfort myself (and them) with visions of sand and surf. Mommy really needs a sweet dose of tropical air, restaurant meals, and uninterrupted naps. Daddy, too.

Before I go, I'll plant some petunias (and those herbs) and pack my backpack. I'm off to mail some packages, too. I'll take lots of pictures if I have free hands and maybe Kelli will send me some pictures of Hawaii so we can all enjoy some South Pacific delight.

Maybe I'll pull a weed or two when I am playing in the backyard of Kelli's house. I wanted the girls to plant these pinwheels in our garden, but they insisted on taking them home after all.

So it's diapers, sippy cups, toddler meals, two big dogs, three cats, humidifiers, bedtime stories, splashy baths, three dresses a day, and toy clean up for Pom Pom, for six days. I'll keep you posted.


Bradley Maston said...

I would like to contract you out to build a sunflower house for us here in Fort Fun! ;) Granny camp will go great! You are loads and loads of fun and entertainment! xoxo brad

All things bright and beautiful... said...

How I wish I lived closer so's I could help you out :)

Barbara said...

How wonderful to be a real granny for a week. Great fun I am sure but exhausting too.

Rosamund Pilcher one of my favourite authors.

wayside wanderer said...

I love Sharon Lovejoy books! I've planted some morning glories in various places but they are slow growing. We have rain the past two days so hopefully I will see them spring forth a little faster. I think something ate the sunflower seeds I planted. I've really gotten disgusted with things eating what I plant! Love the tour of your grounds, too!

I will say a prayer for you as you embark on a week of caring for your little ones. I think it must be one thing to have them visit and quite another to be there on full time duty for almost a week. You are a totally rockin' grandma! I remember the spells of relief from my mom and various friends when my children were little and that is the best of gifts because I know it is a sacrifice when you aren't used to that sort of thing! Hugs from Texas.

MamaF said...

You're so so so lovely. I'm sure the little ones will love have you there, it will be real fun, i'm sure :))
I can't wait to get some pic of your week ( and maybe of Hawaii too !!! lol )

Mrs Yappy Dog said...

That is a lot of hard work ahead for you Grandma, you will need a holiday yourself after this! I am looking forward to seeing your fairy garden bench. Hope hubby is home now and on sleepover duty, must be hard when he is away - Betty xxx

Gumbo Lily said...

Pom Pom,
I've read about those sunflower huts and I always forget to plant them until it's too late. I think it's too late for me.

Your flowers are so pretty and coming right along. I love seeing the progression of flowers as the spring ones fade and the summer ones splash forth their color.

You'll have a wonderful time with those littles, I just know it. Granny Camp is a good name for it and if it's a good camp like any other, everyone will be tired when it's all over.

Keep us posted!

Green thumb said...

Good luck PomPom! I'm sure everything will go smoothly! xxx

Firefly said...

What a good mommy/granny you are!

The dB family said...

I'm sure you are having a great week! Can't wait to see the fairy bench!

Love and prayers!

♥ the quiet homemaker said...

Pom Pom, I can't imagine a nicer Grandma to have than you. Lovely, lovely, lovely. Big hugs, xxx

Left-Handed Housewife said...

We didn't plant morning glories or sunflowers this year, and now I'm feeling sad about it. In particular, I miss the morning glories. The Man planted black-eyed Susans in the same area last year, and we thought we'd give them a little more room to thrive. But they're just a sloppy clump of flowers, while the morning glories would have been, well, glorious. Sigh ...

Have fun at granny camp!


magsmcc said...

Oh you are the most wondrous of women! I've been away from Blogland too long, and you go and embark on a beautiful adventure- so brave, so you! We have two sprouting sunflowers straining to get over the front railings and smile at all who pass by- I can't wait! Oh, I do hope you'll all sleep well!

Kerri said...

Oh, you know what? I always have meant to build a sweet pea house or teepee. Wouldn't that be the best thing ever?

Charlotte, Cottontails said...

What a gorgeous looking book. Just had a 'look inside' on Amazon.

I'm actually writing a guest post for someone else's blog about nice things to do in the garden at the moment!I love the idea of nature tables and so on. Nature's Toyshop. I like that!

Love Charlotte