Friday, June 25, 2010


Some of my favorite films are my favorites because I like the sets. I love the glimpse into houses. This picture is from The Holiday. Look at all that clobber at the door. Mmmmmmm.

This set is also from The Holiday. A blue velvet bench/coffee table. White book shelves. Pillows. I'm jumping in.

You've Got Mail is an old favorite. The soft bed. The quilt. The lamp light spilling onto the pillow. Gorgeous.

Look at this little apartment interior. Open door sporting an old and worn knob. Blue/green paint. Fruit. Scones. Tea.

Another set from You've Got Mail. Wreath on the window. Old table with a stout lamp. Wooden dish rack.

Some other favorite "house" movies: One True Thing, Father of the Bride 1 and 2, Home Alone, Sense and Sensibility, Anne of Green Gables, The Secret Garden (simply because of Scottish Martha), Harriet the Spy, Tara Road, Sleepless in Seattle, Mama Mia. Can you think of any others?

What do you think makes a house warm and comfortable?
I like a fire in the fireplace, candles, flowers, and lamp light.
Soft pillows, quilts at the ready,stacks of books, baskets of knitting, fruit bowls, brightly patterned rugs.
Red. Ribbons tied around pillars and posts. Rows of small pitchers. Simple, gathered curtains made of cotton.
The smell of coffee and toast.
Soup on the stove.
A clean floor.

Do you feel like dancing now? Let's put on our soft calico dresses, our apron pinafores, our bonnets. Let's hold hands and laugh, squeal, stomp, and fill our homes with JOY!


wayside wanderer said...

I love the sets you have shown. I have not seen The Holiday. I will to look for that. I think books and photos help warm up and cozy a room. Also, things that don't match too well. You can tell a lot about folks by the books on their shelves and a few pictures set around dispel rumors of being in the witness protection program! :)

bj said...

I posted about that first photo last year...I just LOVE it..covet it...drool over it every time I see a photo of it..sigh.....

You have an adorable blog..I am signing up to follow. Come by to see me when you can..:))
xo bj from Texas

libbyquilter said...

not up to the squealling and stomping this evening . . . but that quilt in the lamplight looks like my kind of cozy for sure~!!~

i think a home should be full of the smell of baking bread and have flowers, candles, color and sunshine . . . one should hear lots of laughter . . .


Mrs Yappy Dog said...

My best memories are of grannys cottage - a glass jar of our beautiful marbles, her silk painted blackbirds, her familiar plates on the dresser, the shiny cream Raeburn (like an Aga) the beautiful old Waterbabies book always waiting on my bed. Well used, much loved things make the home I think.

Heart Felt said...

Love this post are so imaginative. xx

♥ the quiet homemaker said...

Lovely Pom Pom, as always. Hugs. xxx

Green thumb said...

Great taste PomPom! Hope you're having a lovely weekend in your beautiful garden! xxx

Firefly said...

Ooooo, me too Pom - love all those same movie settings. Also, love N. K.'s house in "Bewitched", the interior scenes in "Practical Magic" and "Green Card". Do you ever go to the Hooked on Houses blog? She has almost every great movie house interior shown on her site.
Oh, p.s. I did get a calico Laura Ashley dress on Ebay after all -- afraid I'm going to look a little eccentric wearing it ;-)

Gumbo Lily said...

I really liked this post, Pommy. And I like that homey lived-in feeling in an interior.

One thing I rarely see in home interiors is empty plates and glasses lying around on the coffee table from having supper in front of the TV.

I'm taking a quick break from scrubbing my floors. I cleaned the rug under my kitchen table and have it drying in the sun outside.


melanie said...

I love The Holiday and The Secret Garden :) Your piccies are fab, and I love everything that you love, which makes a house a home. :) xxx

How you getting on with The Darling Buds Of May? xxx

Charlotte, Cottontails said...

Love this post. What a great theme!

I love the cottage in The Railway Children, and the cottage at the end of the old old black and white film Random Harvest.


The dB family said...

I think I would like your home very very much! These photos speak of coziness and lived in. That is how I like my home too.