Monday, February 1, 2010

Queen of Crabby Land

First of all here is a promise: Daffodils from the grocery store are very special but REAL daffodils WILL come because SPRING IS going to come. It will. It has to and all this shivering we are doing even on the first day of the LOVE month will pass away and new, sweet blooms and longer days await us. That promise was completely for my benefit.

Even if Mr. Groundhog says that we are going to have more winter, Miss Bug was born on Groundhog Day one year ago. She is a ray of sunshine. So there. She has grown into such a sturdy little girl and she says that soon we'll be running in the green grass and having big messy tea parties in Granny's back yard. Happy Birthday, Miss Bug!

Today, I was feeling very Monday-ish, so I really should have given my students a "heads up" at the beginning of class. When almost half of them did not have the homework that was due today, I got REALLY crabby and went on and on (and on) about it. Now I'm trying to think about why it made me so mad. I think it was one girl who often slops through her writing assignments, gets lazy with her spelling, and never goes into any kind of detail. I think she's the one that made me mad. Ridiculous. I must apologize tomorrow. I promise I will.
Mondays are always hard because my work muscles are all relaxed and unwilling to shape up after my "do whatever I want" weekends. Tuesdays are often better and each day of the week gets easier. I don't think I've ever really liked Mondays. Any ideas to help make my Mondays nicer?
I have my student/teacher book club tonight. The book we read . . . well, I won't mention it because it is by a highly respected young adult writer and frankly, I was bored. It had no point. I'm sticking to juvenile fiction. I'm not sure what's happening in the young adult fiction world, but I know that most of it is so forced, so fake "hip" and just plain risque. I'm a granny and I don't like it. I want to steer kids toward innocence and pure delight, characters with fresh hearts and original humor, not "desperate for romance" teenagers that set a bad example. Grrrrrr. See? I really am grumpy.
To all my bunny loving readers, if you haven't read this book you are in for a treat. It will make you want to buy a bunny doll for yourself.

I'll be back soon with a nicer face and a few more kind words. Thank you for reading and understanding. Oh and by the way, I hate my hair today and all my clothes. Shallow. So shallow.


wayside wanderer said...

I am really sorry you had such a bad day. They are no fun, but without them we might not really appreciate the good days. I hope your sweet baby grand-girl has a great birthday. And here is to tomorrow, and to spring, and to daffodills. Sending hugs to you from Texas, PomPom.

MamaF said...

Mondays are always hard. Ok actually i had an incredibly almost-calm-almost-good homeschooling monday, but usually ... lol
Edward Tulane !!! I read it to the kids last year, there is the italian translation too, and i loved it so much; kids loved it too, but they where so young they mostly focused on the story and not the meaning. And yes, then we bought a rabbit :)

Charlotte, Cottontails said...

Oh! Thank you so much for the mention of Humphrey in the pink Saturday post. I am thrilled to bits - thank you thank you thank you. (Although it has gone to his head a bit - he is now demanding biscuits because he is 'famous'... I can see I am going to have trouble with him today).

And I loved your Monday post. It was so honest. I have days like that too - when nobody can do anything right really, because I am in a funny place in my head, looking for external things and people to 'fix me' and it's not possible is it. It needs to come from the inside... It usually passes, with a bit of prayer, maybe some reading, sleep and just time.

I too am having a 'I hate the way I look' phase. Ugh.

Anyway. Here is to Tuesday :-)

Love Charlotte

ps Humphrey is loving the way he looks. Wish I just had great fur that didn't need blowdrying in the mornings, lol!

Gumbo Lily said...

I'm sorry Pom Pom, but I've actually been giggling through your Monday Post. I can't help it. I feel that way every so often too -- especially the "I hate my hair" part and the "what's the matter with kids these days?" part. Also I can commiserate about the crappy books these days too. Right now I am reading a really wonderful children's book called Understood Betsy by Dorothy Canfield Fisher. I have thought of you many times as I read it since I know you are a teacher and lover of good books. When I read your post about The Hundred Dresses, I thought to myself....."A teacher who reads aloud to her students! What a breath of fresh air!" I had one teacher (in 4th grade) who did and I loved her for it.

Chin up and God bless you, Granny.
It's your grandgirl's birthday!
Spring will come.


Michela said...

Happy Birhday to Miss Bug!
Aren't your Daffodils (even if they come from the grocery store) a good reason to smile on a bad Monday? ;-)
Sending you some sunshine xxx

Kari of Writing Up A Storm said...

Oh, those Mondays! The only cure for Mondays is to start the week on Tuesday, I'm afraid. But would that work?? When I was teaching I was able to start my mornings with phonics, which was very calming for everyone. We would write ten words on a half-sheet of paper, "fat, cat, sat," for first-graders, "bought, sought, taught," for third-graders. Letters and sounds for about 15 minutes. It helped begin the day quietly, almost musically. But I'm not sure that you could do this with your students. Also, we had DEAR at my school (Drop Everything And Read), and it was so wonderful to pull DEAR out of my hat at opportune moments, when everyone needed a good reading break. Well, it's Tuesday already. Tomorrow is Wednesday. Hang in there!! Oh, Edward Tulane looks wonderful ~ going right on my book list ~ thanks! xo Kari

Kerri said...

You're so funny! I don't like Mondays either! I go to bed really late on Sunday night because I am in denial that Monday is coming, I don't want it to come! It's not shallow to hate your hair and all your clothes either, that happens to me too. We can't help being human. And I think you have a right to be grumpy if half the students didn't do their homework! That book looks amazing! Might have to find myself a copy.


Your comments made me chuckle. I'm sorry, but your bad day made me smile-probably because we've all been there, hating our hair, our clothes, and the little snot who flew through her homework! Hope Tuesday was better for you. And thanks for being real.

Have a great week,

Kelli said...

What a sweet picture of the brand new Miss Bug. She is so blessed to have such a granny as her very own. <3

Left-Handed Housewife said...

I wish I knew a way to make Mondays better. It helps to stay home, and helps even more to sleep in. In short, if Monday could be more like Saturday, how happy we'd all be!

I've been reading a little YA fiction myself (and am dying to know what book you read for your book club) and have run back fast to middle-grade. I find contemporary YA way too hip and dark for me. It's irritating, really!


scrappy quilter said...

I was one of those students years and years ago. I turned out okay!! I had some great teachers who encouraged me and others who couldn't care less. You show that you truly care for your students. They know that...I sure did!! Hope today is much better for you. Hugs

Summer Gypsy said...

Hi Pom! After reading your post, I want to run right down to the store and get some daffodils. We do have sun, but it's shining down on 38 degrees!!! Have a blessed day. Thanks for visiting today, and have a super Wednesday...It's over the hill on the way to FRIDAY!!!

Vicki said...

As a retired teacher after 34 years, I can say Mondays were always my hardest days. Especially as I grew older, it was hard for me to "get back into the swing of things" after the weekend. Don't be too hard on yourself. We all have those days. Thank you for encouraging reading of excellent books among our young readers!!! Vicki

debbie bailey said...

You're so honest and funny! What do you think of Madeleine L'Engle's sci-fi for juveniles like A Wrinkle in Time or the books about the Austin family?

I very much agree about new fiction for kids. That's why I examine everything my girl wants to read. I try to say yes as much as I can but end up saying no a lot too. I don't want her reading that crap, pardon my french!

Hope the rest of your week goes better than Monday.

Heart Felt said...

Hope your week has improved. Lovely to see the daffodils. xx

Gigi said...

Oh Pom, you're so cute and funny and so REAL -- even on grumpy days.
And "Out of Africa" -- a family favorite here too. My kids and I speak a 'secret language' of movie lines, and many of them are from this movie, e.g. -- "Have you had trouble?" . . . "Now and then, have you?" . . . ;-).
And I so agree about children's lit. I'm a total granny and stuck in the sweet & lovely classics -- currently reading "Little Women" to one of my homebound students.

libbyquilter said...

good news Pom Pom~!~ it's almost friday~!!~ i apologize for being so slow sometimes but hope your week has improved substantially.

the newborn miss bug = ~!~SWEET~!~
the growing up miss bug = ~!~ADOREABLE~!~
and the idea of summer tea parties is making me smile. you are right; spring will come.


Bradley Maston said...

I'm sorry you had a rougher than average Monday. I love your clothes. You have great style. xoxoxo