Friday, February 26, 2010

Friday Snaps

Happy Friday, Dear! I'm dashing off to school for a full day of parent/teacher conferences. We had them last night, too. I was so tired from the school day and a bit short on words, but now I feel revived and ready to tell them happy things about their cherub/teenagers ALL day! It's snowing here! I sort of wish I could stay home and watch a lovely film like Hoosiers (my basketball hoop being so snowy and all!) but maybe you could instead. If you are staying home today, you might want to. It is the sweetest small town movie I've ever seen. Maybe you have read about the school shooting in Colorado (VERY sad face inserted here) that occurred this week. Two middle school students were seriously injured and a math teacher tackled the gunman. The school is a little ways away from my middle school and everyone is sad. Thank you for your prayers, friend.

On a happier note: I won this darling pixie hat at Heart Felt! Jannelle is a lovely New Zealand mother of three who manages to make these up-cycled knits in her "spare" time! When I won I told her to "pick a head" and listed all my grands. She chose Sam (she has a darling baby Sam's age!) and this came in the mail. Yes, I know - you want to march straight to Pixie Land now, don't you?

When I pulled into the driveway, I remembered that it might be a book package day and it was! I took these three wonders to bed with me last night. Skating Shoes is one of the "shoe" books I haven't read! I've never read The Saturdays! All-of-a-Kind Family is a favorite from my book reading youth. When Bill is traveling, I sleep with books. They are piled all over and I read myself to sleep.

Shooting the Moon is my friend Frances' work of art (among MANY others) and I have two copies. One is on the shelf above my teacher desk. See the fan from Japan and my teacher apple that I got when I'd weathered three years as a teacher? The lamb is to remind me of my friend Gumbo Lily AND the fact that I am a sheep. Gumbo Lily is still mothering the bum lambs on her farm. I admire her so. You can see her blog featured on my side bar.

Yes, I am missing Bill. He is in Faro, Portugal. It is 85% as wonderful to LOOK at the sea but this Pom Pom would rather BE at the sea, I admit. Our friend Ben is on the right. Ben and his wife are taking us to Australia in a couple weeks. My principal said I could go (she's so nice) and I'll be gone the week before my spring break so I'll get TWO weeks of R and R! I'm so thankful!

Thank you for popping in for a visit today. I'd like to serve you a cup of tea, sit knee to knee and ask you a million questions (we tend to do that in this family)! Maybe I'd make you a muffin. Pink Saturday and A Pause in Lent are coming up. Please come on over this weekend!
Have a great Friday! I will, too! (BIG HUG and SMOOCH!)


Mrs Yappy Dog said...

Hi Pom Pom, I have just been preparing my Pause in Lent offering. I do admire you being a teacher - my brother is a teacher, has just returned from Thailand after teaching English there for 10 years and is now trying to get a necessary qualification to teach in UK schools. You have to have so much patience for that job! Anyhow, sounds like you are having a good day, blessings. yaps xxx hey how strange - my word verification is abath (aba, get it? for those that may not, it is a name for God!)

wayside wanderer said...

Ah, Sam is adorabibble!!! Those cheeks! Australia sounds fabulous! I am excited for you. You are such a blessing to your students. Have a great day!!

Charlotte, Cottontails said...

I sleep with books... they are all over the bed during the night. Sometimes they fall off and Humphrey nibbles them.

Hope your parent / teacher day goes okay today.

If I ever had children (unlikely) I would love them to have a teacher like you. Truly.


Gigi said...

Oh so glad to hear all is well with you!
Love, love that little hat -- almost as cute as the one wearing it.
And so happy to hear you get an extra long Spring Break -- and in Australia -- almost fall there, isn't it? Lovely!

The Artful Paper Doll said...

Hi Pom Pom,

Sam is just adorable in that pixie hat. I had to chuckle out loud.

I too would rather be at the beach than look at it but I'll take the picture until I can. :)

I will definitely be by to visit you for Pink Saturday. Till then, sending creative fairy magic for a beautiful day.

Cheers! =D
~Kitty Kellie

Bradley Maston said...

I love you mama. Adorable hat. Great pics. I always miss Dad when he is away, even from up here. But what he is doing is too important to consider my feelings much more than an urgent reminder to pray! I love you and can't wait to see you!
xoxo brad

Jessica said...

I'm so glad you are well Pom Pom!!! So So glad. What a precious hat on such a precious girl!Sam looks like a little cherub.

Chloe and I walked to Ritas resale bookstore today with a wish list of books that I have found on your blog and from your profile. I scored. I found Winter Solstice and The Shell Seekers. I'm looking forward to cuddling up tonight with The Shell Seekers.

I hope you get to cuddle up soon and watch a comfort movie, Hoosier's (LOVED IT)! I need to rent it again, it's been a long time.

YAY, for a vacation with your hubby!! You deserve it Pom!

Gumbo Lily said...

Oh that lil pixie is so adorable in the hat! Thank you for remembering me with your lambie, Pommy. You're so sweet.

So excited to see all your pics from your upcoming trip to Australia!


Kerri said...

Oh how exciting to get your little pixie hat in the mail! That Jannelle is fabulous! Sam looks so sweet in it too :)


zing zing zing ... all that green and those bright juicy oranges hit me woweeeeeeeeeee. I've just zipped through everything all the gorgeous photos and all your very important thoughts and I love it all, especially Sam in the pixie hat. Now I've said it before and I'm saying it again ... Sam and you are two peas in a pod! It's those eyes! Now, I hope you get through the days very nicely and happily until you can have some R*R, so deserved, and I hope that pink cake tasted as good as it looks. I would give it an "A" for looking so "Appealing"

Have a fabulous week dear one :o)


Amy said...

Sam and her hat are amazing! So cute. Hope loved the "All of a Kind Family" books and read them all last year! She's a big fan of them. I love that we love the same books! Patricia Polocco is my favorite picture book author. Go and read "Tikva Means Hope" and think of us here in the Bay Area :) So sorry about the shooting. It's horrible. Erik had a former student (sweet 30 year old special ed teacher) shot on Friday in her classroom by a stalker. So tragic. Lord, protect our schools and our teachers!