Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Little Chambers

2 Kings 4:10 says, "Let us make a little chamber."
Reading a book called A Gentle Spirit, I found today's words by Lilian Whiting charming. She quotes a man named Phillips Brooks and he discusses the moments in our faith journey when we felt "a blaze out of the midst of its dull drudgery" or "the delight of a perfect friendship". We tuck these experiences into a little chamber of our hearts. I've told you about my camp experiences, but I've also had other miraculous surges. When I first realized that Jesus had always been there and took a bigger step toward Him, I often felt like He was holding my hand as I trudged up and down the hills of my college campus. After I had Jeff, our third baby, I felt nervous and afraid when my mom had to go home and leave us all alone to adjust to our larger family. I sat on our weird old water bed and opened to the Psalms and out popped, "out of the mouths of nursing babes comes strength". I took this literally and I claimed that promise. I knew that every time I nursed Jeff, I would become stronger. I did. I have other moments like these tucked into chambers of my heart and I like to picture my heart like a little house - a cozy and snug domain for Jesus to inhabit. I thought about tiny houses today and I found some for you to look at. Could you live in a VERY tiny house? I think I could.

On to thoughts of spring and EASTER! I have bunnies on the brain. You may want to go see Charlotte. Her bunny named Humphrey is adorable and he'll hop around for you. I am finding myself thinking of lambs (thanks to Gumbo Lily!) and bunnies, OFTEN.

I'm having a fun time writing on random pages in the morning. I have a new ecojot notebook for rambling words, my big journal where I draw and cut and glue and another note taking journal that I like to bullet point "ah ha" moments and things from books I want to remember. I like being all over the place with my writing. I'm the one who loves reading it all!

This is how the sky looked when I got home from school today. Isn't it incredible? The days are longer and I am looking forward to walking after work very soon. It is so nice to hear that you are all eager for spring to come, too. The snow in the mountains around Vancouver, BC is LOVELY, but I think my Texas friends are feeling quite satisfied with the abnormal snow they've had so far and my British friends are a bit tired of snow, too. So, I'm just going to keep thinking of lambs and bunnies and YOU!


wayside wanderer said...

I love the tiny houses and especially all the woodwork in the first picture. We live in a fairly small house in comparison to most people and seem to make do fairly well. I think if I were to live alone I could live in a very tiny house. I am pretty minimalist and don't require a lot of stuff. One of my hobbies is to get rid of things though not everyone in my family appreciates this trait. :)

MamaF said...

Thank you for sharing Pom Pom, the idea of building in our heart a little house for Jesus is so inspiring. He is talking to me lately, showing me my own way to follow. I feel like i am growing someway.
The pics of little houses are lovely. We used to live in a small apartment when we lived in Rome. Then 4 years ago we moved to this big house. Now that we're moving again i'm looking for a small apartment ( at least for a while ) because i feel the need to have the family gathered together more often, in the same room working and having fun together,it doesn't feel good anymore to be alone in a room while all the others are scattered around. Does it make sense :) ?

Have a very blessed day !

åslaug abigail said...

My dear friend!!

I think I could live in a VERY small house,
though, I'll cope well living in a slightly bigger one too... as long as it's WITH the right people =)

I've been moving around much of my life, and I've realised that home is not so much the house/place as it is people, the special people that on their own or together with others make your heart feel like it's HOME =)

Oh, but I love tiny houses! I like the idea of Jesus having a cozy cottage to live in: my heart.


Elizabethd said...

We often call these 'Wendy houses'in England, and children use them as play houses. I'd love to have one just for quiet moments!

Kari of Writing Up A Storm said...

I would love to have a tiny playhouse in my backyard where I could go and sit by my lonesome. But of course I do that inside in my boxroom! Yes, I am tucking this post into my heart for safekeeping. I need these words, thank you for writing them. And I, too, have many different kinds of notebooks, one for poems, one for quotations, one for lists, one for library books, one for ideas, etc. I love jumping in and out of my notebooks, or just leafing through them. xo Kari

libbyquilter said...

you really are a bit "all over the place" and i love it~!~

reading your bible quote regarding nursing babes reminded me of my own treasured memories of nursing my wee daughter in the dark hours of the night and early morning and the total awe and peace that i always felt at those moments . . .

the tiny houses are oh. so. charming~!!~ and i think any one of them would make a very nice art studio space but i definately prefer a bigger house to live in if only to hold all of my books and quilts~!~lol

love the bunnies and seeing them reminds me that i really MUST get a shot of mine into my blog~!~

i hope that your day is as beautiful as you are Pom Pom~!~


p.s. absolutely LOVE seeing my dear husband in your Nice People Hall of Fame~!~ he certainly is an amazing man in every way~!~
thank you.

Gigi said...

Oh yes please, a tiny cottage in the woods to escape to!
I'm grumpy and hate my job this week, plus I think I'm suffering from lack of snow syndrome ;-(. I want to live in Colorado -- in spite of the fact that I fall down a lot and nearly run over mooses (moose?) occasionally. I think I need to clean the house of my heart and make room for Him, don't you?
Oh, and the bunny -- love! Reminds me of Gilda Radner telling the story of her father suggesting she say 'bunny bunny' when she was scared of things as a little girl
;-). Bunny, bunny, bunny. . . ;-)

GretchenJoanna said...

I am captivated by the thought of living in a tiny house, probably because it is so foreign to my experience. The houses I live in seem to get bigger, so dreaming of a tiny house is a sort of escape, not that I go there very often.

The idea of my soul as a little house, now that is worth dwelling on. Remember "My Heart, Christ's Home"? Lord, come in, and bring Your broom!

Kerri said...

I LOVE those tiny little houses!

debbie bailey said...

I adore tiny houses. Our library has a book called Tiny Houses that I check out ever so often just to look at and dream. We built one out of that book modeled on a Sunday house in Fredericksburg, TX. My husband's office is in the bottom and my art studio is in the top. I love looking at it and working in it. That is when I can get my son's gun collection out of it! But since he's in Iraq, I'll cut him some slack.

melanie said...

What a delightful post. xxx

Gigi said...

Pom, last night I saw the awful news (I usually don't watch -- too scary) about the terrible school shooting in CO. Please tell me it wasn't your school. Even if it wasn't, it's much too close for comfort I think! Are you okay?
Bless you Dearie,

Jessica said...

I love everything about this post."I have other moments like these tucked into chambers of my heart and I like to picture my heart like a little house - a cozy and snug domain for Jesus to inhabit." What a beautiful picture you paint with your words!

I love all of the tiny houses in the woods. Dreamy!

& You are absolutely right!!! Your Texas friends are loving this snow!

Jessica said...

You're in my thoughts today,friend.


Heart Felt said...

What incredible little houses ~ I want one! So sweet. x

Charlotte, Cottontails said...

Thank you for the mention :-)

I think I would love a tiny house. When I was a little girl we used to drive past this tiny, weeny abandones cottage (it's still there... still abandoned... swallowed up in the grounds of a huge new built house) and I used to tell my mum I wanted to live there.


Gumbo Lily said...

I have those "little chambers" in my heart too. I like the word picture. I think I could live in a tiny house. I lived in a 14x70' mobile home with four children and a husband once upon a time.

I'm thinking about lambies too. Time to go prepare the bottles for the bum lambs. A new one overnight. Mama doesn't want him.


Bradley Maston said...

I like the homeyier, more rustic looking dwellings. They are so sweet and kind, and I'm sure there are streams and rivers to fish near each of them! It was also nice to see the beautiful bunnies that have graced our family home for so many years!