Tuesday, February 9, 2010

February Happy!

We have white stuff, too! Not at all like the east coast but it is still VERY winter here in Denver! I am staying up late because I am driving to the airport tonight to pick up Bill and Jeff! Yahoo! They're almost home!

Here's the Valentine goody I bought myself. Smile! I'll show you what's inside this lovely book soon. Isn't the strawberry journal sweet? I have so many journals but I'm going to think of a very special purpose for this one.

My sweet Italian friend, Flavia, sent me this pink granny octagon, fresh off her crochet hook! She also sent me a pink letter. She's a pink lover just like all of us!

Bear with me . . . a little book talking here. I have read this book many times. I love Miss Hickory who is a little dolly made from a nut. She lives in a doll size corn cob house at the beginning of the book and then spends some time living in a bird's nest. If you haven't seen it before, I promise you that you will love reading about the life lessons she learns.

A similar book, Strawberry Girl, also awaits a re-read.

Sew Pretty Homestyle is full of dainty, cute ideas to try.

I thought you might like a peek at Making Crosses. It's simple and lovely. I'd like to look at it quietly this weekend - I have Monday off for President's Day. Yahoo!

I love hooking away on my gigantic granny squares. Mixing the colors makes my heart sing!

I am so excited for Bill and Jeff to be home! I plumped up Jeff's bed so that he can have a cozy Colorado sleep tonight. Traveling home from Capetown to Zurich to Chicago to Denver is a loooooooooooong journey. They'll sleep well tonight!

Here's Pom Pom saying, "Stay tuned for your Valentine hello on Pink Saturday!" I hope I have the zip to carry out my plans. With all the best intentions, I often meet Friday afternoons with my pep fading, but I have a fun idea so please come back and see me Saturday.

Today, I found myself feeling very calm and kind-hearted. Some days this is NOT the case but today, I felt all full of supernatural compassion for my eighth graders. They are SO young and vulnerable. They show up for school and survive the noise of the hallways, the demands of schoolwork and the fragile state of their status among their friends. I'm filled with hope for them - AND admiration. I wouldn't want to be fourteen again, would you?

I pray that you will also find yourself bouncy and alive this week. Smiles are ageless. When I look at pictures of my face, I do see the spotty skin and the tired lines, the wiry gray, thinning hair and the wrinkly neck, but my smile hasn't changed. I can still spread happy and so can you. Here's a HUGE squeeze for your precious self! (HUG!)
I have a feeling that right behind you is a tail of light, like a comet, because YOU are sweet and open. Cheers for all you nice people who make the LOVE month so GREAT!


Gumbo Lily said...

I just love the life and joy that pours out of you. It makes me smile too! I love the pic of you with your clown nose. Your face radiates joy too.

You are so talented! Crocheting granny squares, making crosses, teaching middle school, finding fun books to read and inspire us. Thank you for sharing all these things. I love it!

Wishing you a peaceful night and a happy day tomorrow.


wayside wanderer said...

Cute picture! I love your hair and want mine to be that color, too. :) Can't wait to see your pink surprise and so glad your men will be home very soon. Hugs.

MamaF said...

I'm so happy you got the letter ! I'm always so afraid they might get lost. I can't wait to see your Valentine's pink saturday. I just realized we have few days left so i'll put the kids working on cutting hearts and flowers and all kind of lovely stuff to decorate the house for the weekend.
Btw, would it be possible to have more details about the book 'Making crosses', author or editor, you got me so curious about it.
And no, i wouldn't like to be 14 again. Actually i love being older and looking back and see my life taking the shape the Lord intended for it and waiting to see what He has in plan for me tomorrow . Why should someone wish to standby His creation ? :)
Thank you once again for being such a joyful person and sharing your joy with all of us.
My welcome back for Jeff and Bill too.


Kerri said...

You do not have wiry gray hair! Every time I've seen a photo of you I am awed by your BEAUTIFUL silvery hair! It's exactly what I want to have when I'm a wee bit older. You are gorgeous! Now I want you to tell yourself that every morning when you look in the mirror. Glad your boys are home!

SuKnitWitty said...

I want some of your PEP! My Pep is Pooped this week. I guess I'm recovering from my 9 to 5...it's no fun being a bum. Except I did sit by the fire and finished reading 'Erma Bombeck..A Life in Humor'and needlepointed on BabyBubba's Stocking. Glad you're guys are home! You GoCrochetGranny! It's lookin Good!

Gigi said...

Pom, I just love your big, warm, loving, kind, open heart!


Hello dearest
Thank you for missing me :o)
It was such a sweet kind thing to say. I am doing my best to catch up. I only went away for a week but so much happens that I don't want to miss! So, you have snow! wow! It looks so pretty, as does your granny square! I will look forward to pink saturday then for lots of lovie valentine's day treats. Hope Bill and Jeff get home safely and I'm sure they are gonna appreciate those big plumped up pillows and the warmest welcome that only you could give :o)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing all your joy! I love your crochet granny squares ~ I wish I could remember how to do that ~ yours is just so pretty!

I will look forward to your Valentine hello on Saturday! And thank you for sharing a hug!

Sweet blessings Pom Pom!

Kari of Writing Up A Storm said...

Your family should be all safely home with you now ~ how wonderful! Enjoy your day off, too. I agree with Kerri ~ your hair is all silvery beautiful!! And thank you for reminding me of Miss Hickory and Strawberry Girl ~ I do seem to be wanting to go back, back, back to my childhood these days. xo Kari

Deborah said...

Dearest Pom Pom,

I am so happy to be catching up on your blog again. I love all your photos and thoughts, the books you share and yes, even the flopped cakes. Perhaps, that's why I stick with cupcakes ;o). I'm sure it still tasted good though. You could make a pink trifle out of it, I think.

Glad to read that Bill and Jeff are safe and cozy at home again. The Engineer just arrived home tonight from Tulsa. Not as far as Capetown, but all the same, I am glad he is home again too!

Have a wonderful weekend!


Left-Handed Housewife said...

I have lots of journals and notebooks, too. I'm always looking for an excuse to buy a new one!

I'm so glad your eighth graders have you. They need your big love!

I would not want to be fourteen again, no sir.


Bradley Maston said...

Wonderful times! I'm glad the guys are home safe and I LOVE the picture of you with the clown nose in the mirror! That's great! 14 again? No. Never again.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. You have such a wonderful spirit. Thanks for reminding us to spread Happy!

Jessica said...

Hi There Pom Pom,
It's so good to get see your face-- love the clown nose! I can't wait to read the sweet book that you recommended. I've never heard of it. Have you ever read The Borrower's? I bet you have. I love books with tiny little world's.

I bet you are so happy to have your guy's back home- safe and sound. You are such an inspirational person. So sweet the way that you got Jeff's bed all cozied up for him. Tending to those small details add up to feeling nurtured & loved in a BIG way.

You have a special way of making people feel your kindness & care even over this cyber space. Thank you for that hug....... Here's one right back to you ;-) I hope you got it. Happy Valentine's POM Pom!

Mrs Yappy Dog said...

I really enjoyed your post, but the last sentence made me feel special, a comet of light behind me! I will be looking over my shoulder for ever more to catch a glimpse of it. Thankyou for being so inspiring.