Sunday, February 14, 2010

Love All Around

It's a snowy day again, but . . . .
Happy Valentine's Day!

Birdie and Bug celebrated their birthdays last night! They had many adoring guests of all ages. Their aunties and uncles, friends (big and little!) were all there to wish them a happy day.

They are too little to realize it now, but having so many nice people come out on a Saturday night to celebrate two precious little lives speaks volumes of the sweetness of the guests and I am so grateful that good and true young people love all of our grandchildren.

åslaug sent me a Valentine from Norway! I do wish we could share a REAL cup of tea!
I read so many pretty blogs yesterday (Pink Saturday) and had tea because of all that love, love, love inspiration!

My Valentine and I are going to stay inside today. I have stacks of papers to grade and a nap to take! I hope your day is filled with the simple beauty resulting from loving acts and decisions that take place in your home day after day. Love does grow and I bet you don't have to look far to see how your investment has multiplied. The warm heartbeats of people - that's what makes every day matter. We come into the world naked for a reason - we don't need much. Just love.


Gumbo Lily said...

"We don't come into the world naked for a reason. We don't need much. Just love." LOVE THIS! And you're so right. What beautiful smiling faces you've captured.

Enjoy your quiet day at home.
Happy Valentine's Day, Pom.


Michela said...

Happy Valentine's Day Pom Pom! Many congrats, you've won my giveaway! Could you please e-mail me your address at ? Thank you! xxx

Gigi said...

Happy birthday to your adorable Littles -- what sweet smiley faces! And Happy Valentine's Day to you and yours!
Beautiful snow picture -- ours is already gone ;-(.

stephanie said...

Well happy Birthday right back to your grandchildren! Guess we both have Special people making February a great month.

Thanks again for your very beautiful comment.
And the last part of your post today is so true. As I look around today at my children, fighting , crying , playing, dancing... it's all love!

Gail said...

Looks like a great birthday party and such lovely children, so sweet.
We are having a quite day here also, this last month has been so busy that I have run into myself leaving as I was coming in.
Happy Valentines Day
Happy Pink Saturday
Gail - Decorating My Tin Shack

Candi said...

Happy Valentine's Day and I hope you enjoy it. It would seem you all had a wonderful time.

Vicki said...

Hello, my dear PomPom,
Such a beautiful post! I enjoyed seeing your grandbabies. You can see that they are truly loved! I am wishing you a day full of sweetness and love! Happy Valentine's Day and have a wonderful week ahead! Vicki

libbyquilter said...

happy belated valentines day Pom Pom and enjoy your monday off~!!~


Baley Petersen said...

What lovely little peeps! Such lucky human beans, to be surrounded by so much love.

Deborah said...

Happy (belated) birthday to your little sweeties!! Love your last sentence!


Bradley Maston said...

Great times! Thanks for photo documenting!