Sunday, March 29, 2009

Sweet Sunday Night

I am completely ruining my sleep schedule by staying up late and reading and writing all day. I loved seeing my friend Elly tonight. I brought her along to worship and take communion with the little SOMA group, but I didn't tell her where we were going. She was sick of March Madness and wanted to get away. Her cute daughter, Keely was dying of curiousity, "Pom Pom, where are you taking my mom?" Ha ha! Elly's so great! She fits into any group and we laughed at each other and ourselves. We're weird and wrong and silly, us humans, but it feeds the soul to KNOW each other and honestly share our hearts. Brad taught at three churches today before coming to SOMA and leading us in song and communion. We had bad wine and too much bread, but I was blessed by it. We laughed about how awkward communion can be. When do we go forward? Do we all take the bread first and then the wine? Dip or sip? Jesus - so true with his friends, so hospitable and intimate.
I'll never forget my Sunday school teacher who told of the elation she experienced at communion. She said it filled her with joy. I loved her exuberance, her breathless reading of the scriptures. I thought of her today as I have so many times. She made an imprint.
Elly and I went to dinner. We had so much to say and what she said to me resonated, soothed, inspired and entertained me. What a sweet, spontaneous time it was.
Sophie and Cadence love playing with April. They do crafts and pound around the big room in the basement of the church. We finish praying just as they bound up the stairs. Finn smiles. Clara sleeps. We get to see each other again.
Tomorrow (after I sleep in again!) Jenny and I will go out for a Chinese food lunch. Kelli and the girls will join me for dinner. Bliss.

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