Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Here's Looking at YOU

Hello to YOU! Oh man, Pom Pom is tired after the picture taking experience! Birdie was funny! Kelli read somewhere that twos sometimes ignore others and she did. She snooped around behind curtains, found old ratty things that could not join her in the photos. The sweet photographer was so patient and skilled at adjusting the prints so that the house baby doll was cut out of the pictures. Birdie loves EVERY baby doll. Miss Bug, on the other hand, enjoyed her photo shoot! She looked right at the camera, obediently perched on the pillow and sweetly stayed awake! It resurrected memories of mine. I took Brad and Kelli to Sears or Kmart for their milestone photos but Jeff and Jenny had their baby pictures taken at school. Thinking back, that was very nice of the school to include little brothers and sisters!
We enjoyed (!) a crazy dinner at the food court, stopped to buy sweet smelling stuff at Bath and Body Works, picked the pictures, and headed home. Kelli's a good mommy. She speaks so sweetly to her girls. I'm so proud of her.
Oh! I'm excited for April because she is considering practicing music therapy again in the future. I love this idea! She sings to people and soothes and teaches with music - songs, tunes, games. Art and music do wonders for the soul and I hope April is able to bless people with her special talent. Jenny is feeling a little woozy at work, so barely pregnant. I get to see her on Thursday when I go to the dentist for my new golden tooth! I'm going to bring Because of Winn Dixie to watch while he drills. I watched part of it (again!) today while I rode the exercise bike. India Opal and Winn Dixie cheer me.
Bill and Jeff are enjoying friends in Minsk. I'll post some photos when they return. Jeff will also have photos on his site www.thewindsweptsky.com when he gets home.
I am going to spray lavender on my pillow and rub chamomile oil on my wrists before I go to bed tonight. I don't sleep as soundly when I am not teaching all day.
Did I mention I rode the bike today? Time for some pound cake and a cup of peppermint tea! Thanks for listening. Blessings!

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Kelli said...

Miss Bug and Bird loved their trip to the mall even though I thought we decided that taking children to malls is forbidden! I guess we can't drop them off at granny's when granny's along for the ride!