Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Lots of CREATIVE Women

I love to look at blogs. There are a gazillion talented women in the world and I find such inspiration blankets me when I read them! I am completely inspired by photos of knitting projects and gardens, recipes and organization tips, photography that blows my mind and play lists on blogs that bring new music into my heart! I must say that I do not feel the same inspiration from teacher sites. What does that mean? I must consider this. When I read about ideas teachers have used, I don't feel the wave of encouragement that I feel from the creative ones who write and post photos from the beauty of their lives. Maybe, as a teacher, I am NOT operating from my talents, maybe I function as a teacher using skills I've learned and because of this, I hunger for creative inspiration way outside of the education world. I experience dissatisfaction every time I have a break from school. Every time. I shall keep praying for wisdom. I believe that the Lord has a map for me, a game plan, a bend in the road. I do feel guilty saying that I am not 100% content working outside my home. That's weird, huh? I am grateful for my job. I am fascinated by eighth graders and I love reading their writing. I function better one on one, though. The big God I love gives me some supernatural confidence every time I stand in front of the classroom - it's outside of my natural talents and somehow I stay afloat. Occasionally, I say something that makes them laugh and they are a TOUGH crowd! But, it exhausts me. The day, the adults there, the "shushing" all day, the clean up, the grading, the redistribution of graded work (hate this part) and ultimately missing the day in my home and in my neighborhood. Five years of teaching, I still feel this. So I continue to sniff around for answers . . .

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