Sunday, March 29, 2009

Ahhhhh Spring Break

I love the gift of spring break. Days of responding to students and working at meeting their needs are both invigorating and exhausting! I am thankful for God's great grace each day, because I know the energy needed at school does not come from my own fuel tank! I'm very grateful for my job, but I sometimes resent the hours it demands. When I am home, I can read and read (and read some more!) and journal and draw and clean a little. I can exercise (after talking myself into it - this requires a variation of standard pep talks!) I can partake of long and lazy conversations with our kids and I can cuddle the grandbabies during the day if they are free to play! I can meet friends for coffee and shop for food in the morning! Anyway . . .
I miss my best friend and my sweet son while they are away in Uganda and Eastern Europe. I love what they do: encourage, teach, smile and hug, remember names that are hard to pronounce, laugh and care. Lord, bless them.
The wind is blowing and the sweet "snow day" icebergs are melting away. The sweet pea barrel in the back corner of the lawn will bear blissful blossoms in a few short months because I remembered to plant them early this year!
My house smells like coffee and my perfume. I'm happy. My prayer for you: simple pleasures today, whispers of wisdom from the WORD (ya gotta read it!) and someone to listen to you and love you, some art, some music, a hug, and maybe a little chocolate. Thank you for comin
g by!


Jennifer said...

I'm the favorite child I'm the first one let all the "others" know.

elaine said...

I love your blog! So fun, so encouraging, so YOU!!!!

Love you dear friend -

Jenny Campbell said...

Why did you have to wear that U-G-L-Y shawl for your pic?

Pom Pom said...

My shawl is NOT u-g-l-y! The yarn is lovely and it keeps my shoulders warm! It is one of my few useful knitting projects!