Monday, March 30, 2009

Little Hands

"If one writes about oneself, the real motive must be, I think, to give reassurances to other people."
~Christopher Isherwood

After a noisy lunch at the Chinese restaurant we came home so April and Kelli could nurse their babies. As the little ones nursed, the toddlers played, stopping occasionally to connect with each other.
There's another Bundt cake on the counter cooling. I savored the last one and this time I added almond flavoring. Yum!
Bill and Jeff's quick stop in London provided rest and a break from long plane rides. They go from the hot, humid air of Uganda to the cold air of Belarus. So, I'm holding them in my mind and heart, praying for important conversations and lots of smiles (the universal hello) because not very many friends in Minsk speak English.
I'm off to craft a few pages in my journal. I need to feed on some sacred words. Thanks for stopping by. May you notice something hidden in the world around YOU today and have a blissful and enlightened moment.


April said...

You are a beautiful and magical writer! I love the little captions you write under your kids and grandkids. Thanks for sharing your thoughts! Love you! April

Kelli said...

Hmmm, that text box may be worse than the loveliness it's covering. Simply because it leaves the size to the imagination. Chu know?