Tuesday, November 19, 2013

The Sea and a Dose of Quiet

 I remember when we went to Maine.  Ahhhhhh.  It is so beautiful and right about now I could do with a glimpse of the sea.  What do you do when you want a sniff of the salt air?  
And what do you do when you find yourself wishing for a little quiet and candlelight?  I am not exactly wishing for quiet just now because I am excited for my mom to come and visit with me for a week.  I have been thoroughly enjoying my evenings with Bill.  Sometimes school is a bit noisy, but there are breaks in the day.  Do you think we might NEED a little quiet, even if we don't think we do?


TexWisGirl said...

oh, i absolutely LOVE my quiet! i spend hours in it (except for nature's sounds and the dogs moving about). :)

magsmcc said...

I absolutely believe we need regular oasis if quiet even if, as you say, we don't realise we do. I often realise too late that my mood wants nothing more than a slump in the chair to my right with soft lighting and a magazine, or cup of tea, or slippers- or all three! Last night Jo found the last of the candles you sent me- you know the little battery operated ones? You said they were for dark days. Well, he found the last one and switched it on and set it on our dinner table. Just as I was coming in from a fraught hospital meeting. If your soul doesn't know you need quiet and candles, sometimes God sends a little thing to sort it out for you! As for sea air, luckily we just need to walk to the bottom of the hill! You'll see, and smell, our sea soon enough xx Happy preparations! I always watch these American weeks with great smiling joy!

Betty said...

Silence is golden - how very true the saying is. I like quiet, your excitement at your mum visiting is delightful! When I want to go to the sea I am lucky that I can drive to Brighton seafront in less than an hour, my favourite day out. Betty x

Anonymous said...

Yes indeedy, we all need a little quiet. Enjoy your Mom's visit and have a wonderful time together, xx

M.K. said...

Oh, we definitely NEED quiet! At least, most of us do. Today at a local luncheon, a chatty, extroverted lady sat down by Adam and another fellow, and said, "I'll sit here with the SHY people." Then she proceeded to talk at them the whole time, and wore them both out! Extroverts just don't understand :)

When I want a whiff of salt air, I ride my bike down to the river. I do wonder -- how long does it take for a cup full of salt water to get from YOUR ocean, over to my ocean? I would love to sit with you in those Adirondack chairs.

Nana Go-Go said...

I've been holed up in my boxroom for the last three days attempting a massive clear out and all the while stubbing my toes on boxes of books,cd's and dvd's which my boys, for some strange reason, don't want cluttering up their own homes - funny that!Anyhoo, I'm sure whichever lucky person buys them in the nearest charity shop they're destined for (boxes, not boys though sometimes I've been tempted!)will give them a good home. So, in answer to your question, I'm all for a bit of noise and it will come in the form of my lovely Grandaughter come the morning - she's off school with the dreaded lurgy and a bad cough to boot - poor little thing.Never mind, Nana has the medicine cabinet ready and waiting!Enjoy your quiet times. x

Farm Girl said...

I think we always need quiet, a stillness to connect and find balance.
I think with so much around us that demands our attention in order to stay sane quietness brings comfort deep to our soul.
I always think of Jesus going away to be alone with His Father and I think it is very important for us as well.
So glad you are having a nice time in your quiet home.

Susan B said...

I'm enjoying quiet right now since I'm the only one at home! It's lovely for a few hours. I hope you have a delightful visit with your mother!! :)

Fat Dormouse said...

We do all need quiet, yet sometimes I wonder if people realise this. Our ears and our souls are invaded by NOISE all the time!

I remember a saying I read once "God made us to be human beings not human doings" - so often we are so busy DOING things that we forget to just "be"

Blessings to you and to Bill, dear Pompom.