Saturday, November 16, 2013

Food Givers

 One of my friends, a mom of three of my students, two past, one present, has been helping with the reading class.  She comes on Mondays and the kids LOVE her.  She reads with us, talks to us, brings treats.  When she came for her parent/teacher conference, she brought a bag . . . full of dinner!  So last night, after a half-day of conferences and a long nap in the afternoon (I got to come home at lunchtime) we ate Hillary's meal.  Doesn't it look delicious?  It WAS!  I felt loved, eating a warm meal that someone else had generously prepared for me.  Reve had made lasagna for us last week, our friend Terry brought brisket (delicious!) and Jana and Ben sat with me at the hospital and we ate Japanese rice and veggies. Jenny is bringing enchiladas tonight and Kelli has offered over and over to bring a meal, too!  My sweet neighbor Joan brought a bottle of rum!  So cute! Jeff has come to check on Bill and made sure Bill has a tasty lunch.  April's bringing trimmings for our Thanksgiving dinner.  People are NICE, aren't they?  

 Didn't Hillary do a beautiful job on this pumpkin bread?  I know Jenny will gobble up the pumpkin bread when she comes tonight!
 I pull out my raggedy old recipe box when the holidays are near.  She's bedraggled, isn't she?  I use my mother in law's jello, sour cream, Cool Whip recipe and my mom's broccoli casserole recipe.  I sort of LOVE the old recipe cards that have served me for over three decades. 
 When I clean, I like to wash tablecloths and curtains, placemats and table runners.  I'm rearranging.  Do you like to do that?
 We're stocking up on coffee, preparing to have another coffee drinker in the house!
 When I have time, I drink tea.  When I'm very busy, I don't.  Today I dug the tea ball out of the junk drawer and made myself some peppery Earl Grey.  

 See?  More washed linens.
 Also in a pile on the sofa, a Gladys book.  I was browsing through it before I took my long nap yesterday.
 I guess I like the picnic look!
 I found a few Christmas things tucked in the closet of the guest room.
 I hope my mama likes the pink flannel sheets on her bed.  She needs a little relaxing lavender, don't you think?
 I found an apple in my lunch bag (I thought we were fresh out of apples!) and I cleaned out some forgotten things in the refrigerator and found . . . more butter!  Yum!  I had to drag a Ritz cracker across the top to taste it.  

 Brad and April have gifted me with very nice teas this year and I tend to forget about my tea stash.  I shall purpose to drink more tea because it IS tea season, this sweet holiday time.

I might go to World Market today and buy more PG Tips tea.  Lynn from England introduced me to it and it is SCRUMPTIOUS!
So, a lot of blah, blah, blah and jumping around today but a sincere greeting to you, just the same.


TexWisGirl said...

food givers - how very sweet. :)

Terra said...

You have so much energy to do so much cleaning and preparing and organizing, I like your linens and the cute pink bed sheets. Can you believe I have not read any Gladys Tabor, I hear she is wonderful.

magsmcc said...

Oh but throw away the Lipton- awful stuff! Nobody here drinks it. It's the tea you get in France if you've forgotten to pack your own!

Betty said...

You are such a happy soul and every time I see your post I could write a book of comments! I love the idea that a mum has brought you dinner to the school - I would like a chance to arise to do that for a very special teacher - my youngest has aspergers and this lady does such a lot in a secret kind of way to make him take ownership and be his own person - she is very special. I went to work and hubby cooked me baked potatos, one of my favourites, I had such a laugh at work today - it's so important to laugh - some of it was a bit below the belt, I like to laugh with the boys there - they are young, cheeky and very rude but fun. I am so glad for you that hubby is doing so well and that so much love is flowing in to your home from those around you - bless you, Betty x

Attic Clutter said...

yummy dinner..loved some bulk Cinnabon tea I bought
it was so good but $4 an ounce
so I bought some cinnamon orange tea in
bought some fresh ginger root chopped it.and added
to the pot when I steamed it honey too was really good

M.K. said...

A lovely, happy post! Pom, I love your clean, folded linens, and the happy things you've laid out for your mom. I love all the tea and cozy warmth. I've been looking for Gladys Taber books, but they are hard to find and expensive. Will keep looking. I'm sure some day one will come across my path, and we will be meant for each other - haha! You are so loved, with all the meals brought for your comfort and Bill's.

Farm Girl said...

Your posts always remind me to be happy over warm flannel sheets, clean table cloths and hot tea. I am so happy your Mom is coming for a visit. It will do you good. Someone to love you like a Mom loves. I always longed for that, to be loved that way. Since I couldn't I love my kids the way I always wanted to be loved. I have been so blessed.
You do have such wonderful friends who love you and bring you meals. That really struck me as so sweet. It all looks so good. I am glad you got to have a nap, and I have never seen that Gladys book.
Have a wonderful day what is left of it. Soon it will be time for my coffee. I am baking a cake. :)
You are just lovely.

Granny Marigold said...

Freshly laundered linens, lovely food, tea and Gladys Taber books. All things I love, I have 5 of Gladys' books and am always on the look out for more but they are rare now. Have a great weekend.

Fat Dormouse said...

A wonderful joyful post, Pompom. I would like to send you some tea...Can you let me have your address?
Mr FD loves his Assam tea, and refuses to drink anything else in the morning!

Nancy McCarroll said...

Your recipe box is a treasure. I wanted to peek inside each recipe, nosy body, yes.

The foods you were presented are scrumptious looking. You have lots of nice friends. Hope Bill is doing well.

Have a relaxing day with Earl in the cup.

Maggie said...

What lovely friends you have! We don't have a season here as we drink it all the time! In fact as I am writing this Chris is brewing a cup for our après lunch cuppa. Have you tried Lady Grey? My neighbour made me a cup and it was very nice. I felt a bit posh!! The pink flannel linen with the Russian dolls is gorgeous xx

The dB family said...

Such a cozy post. I am glad you are being well taken care of with lots of warm delicious food.