Friday, November 8, 2013

Perfect Fall Air

 The air outside our home today is practically perfect.  It's cool but not cold and smells fresh.  Did I mention how much I love being home?  I like the buzz of the streets and sidewalks and I completely miss this when I am in my classroom all day.  I teach about thirty minutes from home and I wish I could teach at my neighborhood school.  Well, then I'd see my students at the grocery store and some teachers say that isn't fun.  I really don't think I'd mind.
 See how lovely the blue sky is in Colorado?  I slept longer last night and I'm not quite as irritable as I felt yesterday.  Yay for restorative sleep!
 Bill is doing well.  He's so motivated to take charge of his recovery.  You can tell what kind of a person he is when you see our Christmas lights up before Thanksgiving.  He's a "get her done!" kind of person.  My sweet next door neighbor said to me, "He is a great man." I agree.  He's the best!
 Did you know foxes are "the thing" these days?  Well, I guess they are!  I still like owls and I want an owl to come into our yard.  April (my honey pie daughter in law) and Brad gave me this little owl "tea for one" set for my birthday.  SO CUTE!  They also gave me a tea chest.  Don't you like chests?  I tend to put things in them and forget where I put them, but it's a nice surprise when they are found later.  Ha!
 I hung over the fence and took this photo of my neighbor's garden.  She has grands, too!
 Do you see the bright and sunny tree up in the right corner?
 Thank you for hanging around, sweet autumn.
 I truly hope the bunnies are eating the parsley.  It is the only crop still growing.  Isn't it a pretty shade of green?
 The toadstools are ready for Wendy house visitors.

 I'm still waiting for you to come through the garden gate and sit awhile.  When are you coming?  
 I tidied up the clobber at the back door, too!
 I'll give you some tea and a little something like a piece of the butter toffee Bill's travel agent sent.  I don't think she knows that toffee-like candy is my favorite and I will eat it all.  I have cookies, too.   And cheese!  Get on your bike and pedal on over! 
What are you up to this Friday in November?  Are you planning holiday food?  In the new British Country Living AND Country Homes and Interiors there are beautiful photographs of Christmas puddings.  Do you remember my fruit cake disaster from last year?   Yes, well let's just enjoy our UK friends' endeavors instead.  A friend is bringing us dinner tonight.  Yay!  I'll take pictures for you.  
Thank you for reading my ramblings as I blog every day for Mag's challenge.  You're awfully kind to do so.  


TexWisGirl said...

beautiful skies. glad you're getting more rest!

magsmcc said...

I'm coming over RIGHT now!

Granny Marigold said...

I'm enjoying your daily posts and the pictures too! I'd LOVE to come for tea and sit on your porch and look at that glorious sky.

Kezzie said...

Ooh, I'd love to come over! Gorgeous skies!!! What a lovely post!! I feel like I'm there!X

puttermuch said...

You are just the cutest little thing...I love your bright and cheery attitude. Best wishes to your husband in his recovery. My husband is putting our Christmas lights up tomorrow :) Normally, he waits until the weather turns blizzard like !!!
Have a wonderful weekend,
Thanks for sharing!


Bonnie said...

Your posts make me happy. I can tell you are a happy person, someone I like to be around. I am knitting Christmas stockings for my daughter and her new husband. I cleaned the garage first so I am rewarding myself with more knitting time.

Nancy McCarroll said...

Glad Bill is doing well. Your tea ...looks inviting. Even better with toffee.

M.K. said...

I do enjoy your outdoor photos, Pom. Such brilliant skies and happy leaves. Glad Bill is mending so well. i'm assuming he put up those Christmas lights BEFORE his surgery, right??
I'd love to come for tea and all those lovely nibbles, but I live so very far away, and i don't know when I'll get to Colorado. Oh, I do hope someday we may have tea together. Sigh. I like your dishes :) Save that seat for me. Now, I must go make some tea.