Sunday, November 3, 2013

More Pretty Fall

 Yesterday Birdie had her last soccer game.  She has been resisting and complaining about soccer all season.  Her socks are too hot. The shin guards are uncomfortable.  Yesterday as Kelli was helping her get ready she said, "I think I want to do soccer again.  I like it."  Ha!  Kids.  There are way too many options these days and kids like Birdie enjoying playing at home.  I hope she DOESN'T commit to soccer next season.  
 It's HARD to walk 10,000 steps a day, at home.  I guess I like sitting around on my duff a lot more than I realized.  

 As I was out walk, walk, walk, walking I snapped photos of the sister houses.  They are pretty and just a few blocks apart.  Twins.

 I still don't have a kitten.  Sadness.  Isn't this glow-eyed cat cute?  I wish he'd come to my house.

 Reve brought these lovely mums over for Jeff and Christie. 
And finally, a little toadstool love.  The garden is bare except for the parsley.  
I am going to read a little Gladys Taber and take a nap on the squishy sofa. 
I'll be back tomorrow!  Thank you for your faithful visits.


TexWisGirl said...

i miss having a cat, too. :) love your fall colors!

magsmcc said...

Maybe after Bill is fully recovered you can fulfil your kitten dreams? I wonder about the twin houses. Would that grand front be termed to have a porch? Is doesn't tick all my porch boxes. I am very fussy about my porch ideals. Tonight I was out on the back step and I wished I had a porch to curl up on with a blanket and look hard at the black sky as I breathed in the dark air of what must surely be the advent of our winter. Your skyline still has all the warmth of Autumn! Here Advent is coming! I wish Birdie much home joy in the off-season!

Kit said...

Gladys is perfect for this weekend. :) I just decorated for Thanksgiving and am feeling cozy. Most of our leaves are down now. Enjoy some quiet time. Kit

ann said...

Denver looks really pretty doesn't it. Snow tomorrow night. Are you ready?

M.K. said...

Your trees area amazing! I'm sure it's the norm in Colorado, but here in the coastal South, we're happy for any brightness we get in our leaves. Walking is hard work, and it is hard to get 10,000 steps. Adam used a step-counter when he was teaching, and he succeeded by NOT sitting down in his teacher chair, but instead teaching while he walked around the classroom and around the students' tables. And it worked. Enjoy your nap. To get a kitty: put out food :) The kitties will come, or the possums. Or raccoons!

Gumbo Lily said...

What beautiful fall colors you still have. Our leaves are all fallen.

Pooch said...

Duff too!

libbyquilter said...

that tree with the glowing pink leaves is gorgeous~!!

i hope that the upcoming week is full of happiness and fall, sunshine and more beautiful leaves.


Happy Homemaker UK said...

I remember those soccer days - my kids didn't really enjoy it, but now that they are older, they've found sports that better suit them. Your photos are beautiful! Enjoy :)

Fat Dormouse said...

I would be happy to pass Millie on to you (read today's post about her fave sleeping position to see why!) but she might squirm about too much to be packaged up and sent to you.

I found 10,000 steps really hard to do as well. I don't think I managed very often so I gave up trying!!

Farm Girl said...

How I love going on a walk with you. It does take a lot of work to hit 10,000 every day, I think I like sitting around on my "duff" too. Susan Branch is going to be in town on Thursday. I want to go and see her, if you were here I would take you and then go out for tea. :(
Have a lovely week, I will be praying for you and Bill.

wayside wanderer said...

Fall is looking beautiful in Co! Love that pinkish/red bush. Whoa! I feel about walking like Birdie did about soccer.

Carolyn Phillips said...

Those mums are such a glorious autumnal colour.